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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Shadowheart was a comic book miniseries, published by DC Comics.


On a Klingon world on the frontier, the natives begin to rebel against their Klingon masters, led by a mysterious man named "Shadowheart". Meanwhile, the USS Enterprise-D crew mourns with Worf for the death of his brother Nikolai Rozhenko, killed defending the colony he lived at. Jean-Luc Picard learns that "Shadowheart" may indeed be Rozhenko, and dispatches Worf and Riker. Gowron sends Worf's brother Kurn to join them on their mission.

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  1. "The Lion and the Lamb"
  2. "Dealers in Darkness"
  3. "My Brother's Keeper"
  4. "The Prince of Madness"

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