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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Stranded was a top-down adventure game developed by Denki for the Sky Active games channel and released August 2005.

The player controlled Data who had crashed landed on a Class M planet with Geordi La Forge and Ensign Ralfe. Contact with the USS Enterprise-D had been lost, and Data must help his injured companions escape.


Lieutenant La Forge and Commander Data have crash-landed on a Class M planet. All contact has been lost and atmospheric interference means the Enterprise has no clue as to the fate of the crew. The crew is missing, presumed dead.
On the planet surface, the shuttlecraft is badly damaged and all its critical systems shut down. Lieutenant LaForge was seriously hurt, Ensign Ralfe critically injured and Data damaged but, fortunately, still functioning.
Armed only with a Phaser, a Tricorder and an impaired positronic brain and android body, Data has to help his companions survive a hostile world while trying to find a way to return to the Enterprise...

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