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Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Final Frontier is an "action board game" made in 1993 by Canada Games. The game is for one to four players, ages five and up.

The object of the game is to capture the Ferengi "action game pieces" and avoid the Dilithium "action game piece" so as to complete your scoring USS Enterprise-D disk.

Game components

Game equipment

  • 3-part folding "Engineering Room"
  • 1 "Randomizing Base"
  • 5 Ferengi "Action game pieces"
  • 1 Dilithium Crystal "Action game piece"
  • 2 "Tractor Beam Rescue Scoops"
  • 12 "Phasers"
  • 4 Color scoring USS Enterprise disks
  • 4 Push rivets
  • Instructions


The "gameboard" consists of a four-piece cardboard and plastic recreation of the Enterprise-D's engineering room. The "Warp Core" acts as a tower into which you insert the "Phasers" and load the "Action game pieces". The "Randomizing Base" has five "Jefferies Tube" exit ports.

Each player gets a six-wedge scoring disc; the object of the game is for each player to complete construction of the disc and thus "build" their copy of the Enterprise.

In similar style to the old Ideal game KerPlunk, players take turns pulling the "Phasers" out of the "Warp Core" one at a time, trying to get the Ferengi pieces to fall, come out of one of the "Jefferies Tubes" and catch it with one of the "Tractor Beam scoops". Each Ferengi captured earns the player one wedge toward their completed "ship". Catching the Dilithium piece, however, LOSES the player a wedge.

Once all six pieces fall out of the "Warp Core", the "Phasers" are replaced and the pieces re-loaded. Game play continues until one player earns all six wedges of their scoring disc, thus winning the game.

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