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This article deals with the UK VHS collection. For the similar Region 2 DVD release, see Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete TV Movies.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Full Length TV Movies was a series of VHS releases from CIC Video, released in the UK in early 1995. Each volume took one of Star Trek: The Next Generation's two-part episodes and edited it into feature-length format (with the exception of "Encounter at Farpoint" and "All Good Things...", which were already in that form) – removing the recap and title sequence at the top of part 2, putting credits for both parts at the top of Act One of part 1, and in some cases re-editing cliffhanger resolutions (for "The Best of Both Worlds", the build-up to the firing of the deflector weapon in Part II is omitted).

CIC Video and its successor, Paramount Home Entertainment, would later bring out similar releases for some of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager's two-part and feature-length episodes – collecting two per tape.

Rental versions of these releases (differentiated by their larger cases) are also known to exist.


Volume Number Catalogue Number Cover Episode Release Date
1 VHR 4101 Encounter at Farpoint TV Movie cover "Encounter at Farpoint" 16 January 1995
2 VHR 4102 Best of Both Worlds TV Movie cover "The Best of Both Worlds"/"The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" 16 January 1995
3 VHR 4103 Redemption TV Movie cover "Redemption"/"Redemption II" 6 February 1995
4 VHR 4104 Unification TV Movie cover "Unification I"/"Unification II" 27 February 1995
5 VHR 4105 Times Arrow TV Movie cover "Time's Arrow"/"Time's Arrow, Part II" 13 March 1995
6 VHR 4106 Chain of Command TV Movie cover "Chain Of Command, Part I"/"Chain Of Command, Part II" 27 March 1995
7 VHR 4107 Birthright TV Movie cover "Birthright, Part I"/"Birthright, Part II" 10 April 1995
8 VHR 4108 Descent TV Movie cover "Descent"/"Descent, Part II" 24 April 1995
9 VHR 4109 Gambit TV Movie cover "Gambit, Part I"/"Gambit, Part II" 8 May 1995
10 VHR 4110 All Good Things TV Movie cover "All Good Things..."[1] 22 May 1995


  1. This was the first release of this episode in its intended feature-length format. The first VHS release in the UK was of the two-part syndication version, and as such had certain scenes omitted.