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"Prepare to be assimilated."

Star Trek: The Next Generation 2.0 is G4's special edition of Star Trek: The Next Generation which premiered on 15 January 2007.

TNG 2.0 is broadcast in a format in which an episode is shown in a mortice surrounded by fan-interactive features similar to that of Star Trek 2.0. The four sections include:

  • Trek Facts: Located at the top of the screen, this section includes a scrolling information bar at the top of the screen (similar to the ones found at the bottom of the screen on CNN or Fox News Channel) that contains obscure facts about the episode and the actors who appear in it.
  • The Spock Market: Located at the right of the screen–this section is an interactive "stock market" meets fantasy sports feature containing the changing stock prices of companies named for various TNG characters and items (such as Jean-Luc Picard = JLP) that dip and rise accordingly to certain "trigger events" that are seen in each episode. Viewers are invited to participate online on the G4 website to create an online portfolio in order to trade such stocks to amass a fictional fortune in gold-pressed latinum. Players are assigned Starfleet ranks according to their total net worth. The top Spock Market trader is named the Grand Nagus. Stocks include the following:

Main Cast
Other Characters
The Federation
JLP - Jean-Luc Picard RCI - Robots, Androids, & AI NCD - USS Enterprise-D FCU - Federation Costume & Uniform
WTR - William T. Riker BRG - The Borg Collective HOL - Holodeck Entertainment, Inc. LOG - Starship Log
DBC - Beverly Crusher CRW - Crewmembers, Inc. CPU - Enterprise-D Computer Systems UFP - United Federation of Planets
WRF - Worf PRG - Alien Humanoids, LTD. WRP - Cochrane Warp & Impulse UPP - Universal Planets & Planetoids
DTA - Data ALE - Alien Non-Humanoids, LLC. COM - Communicator & Communications, Inc.
TRO - Deanna Troi HCI - Hot Chicks, Inc. PHZ - Hand Phaser & Blade
GLF - Geordi La Forge AMB - Federation Ambassadors PHP - Starship Phaser and Photon torpedoes
MOB - Miles O'Brien TRS - Transporter
WSC - Wesley Crusher TSP - Tricorder, Sensor, & Probe
GUI - Guinan ASC - Alien Spacecraft
-Q- - Q

  • Beam Me Up Chat: This section displays a real time live chat channeled from the G4 Star Trek 2.0 chat room on MIRC. Chatters are given specific questions pertaining to the episode and have the chance for their answers to be broadcast live on television. The section is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Trek Stats: Located at the left of the screen, this section plays on recurring themes used throughout the series, by tracking the number of times a specific phrase or action occurs. This includes the following:

Trek Stats
Livingston the Fish Mackin' Corbin Bernsen Spot the Cat Phasers Fired
"Earl Grey Hot" BOOM! Beaming Up/Down Drinking Something Blue
We Are Borg In Bed Poker Night Eating Picard Maneuver
Red Alert Data Saves the Day TOS Flashback Klingon Rage "Engage"

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