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Star Trek: The Next Generation Build The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D is a forthcoming British partwork that is slated to debut on 1 March 2021 in the UK, the US, and Europe.

By subscription, four issues per month will be published by Eaglemoss Collections under its Hero Collector imprint. The product line is a sister publication of The Official Starships Collection, Discovery Starships Collection, and Star Trek Online Starships Collection, and is authorized and licensed by CBS Consumer Products.

Ben Robinson, a veteran of the Star Trek Fact Files and a number of other popular Star Trek publications and partworks, is the senior project manager for this line.

Collectors will be able to build their own seventy centimeter-long scaled replica of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, constructed from hand-painted ABS and die-cast metal parts, and featuring an electronic lighting kit.

Assembled USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D model prototype

The model was designed as an amalgam of a number of the USS Enterprise-D studio models that appeared in TNG episodes and on film. Its sculpting most closely follows the six-foot studio model's design while its paint applications approximate the four-foot studio model's on-screen appearance.

The assembled replica is displayable in saucer separation mode with fully illuminated lighting, allowing both the primary and secondary hulls to remain lit when displayed separately.

Each release includes parts for the model within a standardized box, while its magazine contains the relevant portion of the assembly instructions for two of the weekly kits. Kit parts are designed to easily snap together and only a screwdriver, included with the first issue, is required for assembly.

Feature articles about the design and history of this Galaxy-class starship are incorporated into each (220 × 284 mm) 32-page magazine.

Magazine spread

After the limited release of two test issues to retail in select areas of southern England, the UK division of the company announced on 25 March 2019 that the partwork had been suspended but stated that it hoped to resume publication "soon".

UK collectors who had purchased the test issues at retailers were given the option of returning them for a full refund, [1] and UK subscriptions were not dispatched before the partwork was suspended. This type of test release is a common practice for partwork publishers, in order to gauge consumer interest.

Model prototype details

A second message was sent to UK subscribers on 9 May 2019, stating that the line was still suspended and that further upgrades would be made to the Enterprise-D model, adding that a "special gift" would be sent to early subscribers, if the partwork resumed. [2] Issues for US subscribers were ostensibly scheduled to ship in late March 2019 but did not reach customers.

In September 2019, Ben Robinson stated that the partwork would re-launch in "about a year", following further refinements to the model. [3] A retooled model (and a revamped magazine design) appeared on the partwork's US website in December 2020 and a relaunch date was announced.

When asked about special issues for the partwork in December 2020, Ben Robinson offered, "It will be the relevant shuttles at the original collection size in die-cast. We’re looking in to doing some art prints created by people who work on the various Trek shows." [4]

Model prototypes

This publication and its model are not directly related to De Agostini's similar but short-lived 2011 Japanese partwork. The Japanese publication's model was executed at the same scale as Eaglemoss/Hero Collector's but was an entirely different build that involved the participation of Rick Sternbach.


No. Cover Magazine contents Parts
1 Star Trek TNG Build The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D issue 1.jpg Saucer: main bridge and upper hull; nacelle: superstructure, warp engine field grilles, Bussard collector


  • Contents, pp. 2-3
  • Your Ship Parts, p. 4-5
  • Assembly Instructions, pp. 6-11
  • Designing The D, pp. 12-17
  • Probert's Progress, pp. 18-19
  • Building Bridges, pp. 20-27
  • Lost Generation, pp. 28-31

Gift premiums (UK)

Gift premiums are delivered to subscribers at specific subscription milestones. These intervals (and the products offered) vary in different countries.

No. Premium Delivery Promo image
(1) Free magazine (issue 2) First
(2) Collector's binder First Star Trek TNG Build The USS Enterprise-D gift 2 binder.jpg
(3) Screw box Second Star Trek TNG Build The USS Enterprise-D gift 4 screw box.jpg
(4) Galaxy Class Starship Development Project metal mug Third Star Trek TNG Build The USS Enterprise-D gift 3 mug.jpg
(5) USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Development Project t-shirt Fourth Star Trek TNG Build The USS Enterprise-D gift 5 T-shirt.jpg
(6) Mounted Star Trek photo print Seventh
(7) Enterprise display stand Twelveth Star Trek TNG Build The USS Enterprise-D gift 6 stand.jpg
N/A Star Trek pins 12 month pre-paid bonus Star Trek TNG Build The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D pins.jpg

Deluxe display base

Deluxe display base

US subscribers who opt for a "Platinum" subscription will receive a LED-illuminated mirrored base for the model, measuring over two feet long, for a small additional ongoing fee.

Test issues

The two released test issues and associated promotional artwork from 2019 featured images of an early USS Enterprise-D model prototype. Included with the first test issue, a folded (685 × 990 mm) glossy poster (not shown) depicted a life-sized dorsal image of the model.



  1. An A3-sized (297 x 420 mm) poster of the USS Enterprise-D was offered as an additional gift premium to early subscribers to the test release. The CGI art was created by Robert Bonchune and had already premiered on the magazine cover of issue three of the abandoned 2011 Japanese partwork, and has been reprinted in the 2019 reference book, Star Trek: The Next Generation: The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Illustrated Handbook.

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