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Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion was a CD-ROM which included scripts and television trailers for every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Each episode was also accompanied by a summary and behind-the-scenes information written by Larry Nemecek, originally included in the book of the same name. The text throughout the content of the database was programmed to search for the word clicked upon, and also housed a separate search field which included the entire contents of the disc. Majel Barrett provided the voice of the computer, which was designed in a standard LCARS display. The Companion was later included as part of the Star Trek: Federation Gift Pak.


For seven seasons, Star Trek: The Next Generation® captivated audiences with its eye-popping special effects, exciting storylines, and the triumphant return of legendary creator Gene Roddenberry's optimistic vision.
Now, you can relive each of this seminal science-fiction series' 178 ground-breaking episodes with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion.
It's the only comprehensive, fully-interactive resource available on CD-ROM for the Next Generation fan!
With an ultra-user-friendly interface, context-sensitive searches and hot-linked results, you, the user, can access:
  • FOR THE FIRST TIME – A COMPLETE FULL-TEXT LIBRARY of the original shooting scripts for EVERY EPISODE, fully-searchable!
  • PLUS VIDEO TRAILER'S for all the episodes – each week's "Coming Attractions" as they originally aired!
  • EPISODE SUMMARIES with full listings of actors, writers, directors, and other creative credits!
From every encounter with Q, to the harrowing battles against the Borg, to the power struggles within the Klingon Empire, the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion has it all!

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