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The Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine was a magazine published by Marvel UK between 1990 and 1992. Each issue reprinted a strip from DC Comics' Star Trek: The Next Generation volumes 1 and 2, as well as articles previously published in Starlog.

Initially released fortnightly, the magazine went to monthly publication with issue 20, which also saw a significant expansion of the magazine and an corresponding increase in price, from 60p to £1.50.

The title is not to be confused with a similar UK magazine by Phoenix Press, which also reprinted DC comics.


Issue # Cover date Cover Contents
1 17 November 1990 Cover of issue 1. DC TNG volume 1: "... Where No One Has Gone Before!", part 1.
2 1 December 1990 Cover of issue 2. "...Where No One Has Gone Before!", part 2.

Articles: The sets of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mission Report on "The Arsenal of Freedom".

3 15 December 1990 Cover of issue 3. "Spirit in the Sky!".

Articles: Mission Report on "Coming of Age".
USS Enterprise-D giant poster, Wesley Crusher mini-poster.

4 29 December 1990 Cover of issue 4. "Q Factor".

Articles: Mission Reports on "Home Soil" and "11001001".
Worf mini-poster.

5 19 January 1991 Cover of issue 5. "Q's Day".

Articles: Guy Vardaman interview, Mission Report on "Heart of Glory".
Natasha Yar mini-poster.

6 2 February 1991 Cover of issue 6. "Q Affects!"

Articles: Mission Report on "When The Bough Breaks".

7 16 February 1991 Cover of issue 7. "Here Today".

Articles: Mission Report on "Symbiosis".

8 2 March 1991 Cover of issue 8. DC TNG volume 2: "Return to Raimon", part 1.

Articles: Jonathan Frakes interview, Howard Weinstein interview, Season one episode guide, Mission Report on "Skin of Evil".

9 16 March 1991 Cover of issue 9. Magazine redesign, cover price increase.

"Return to Raimon", part 2.
Articles: Michael Jan Friedman interview, A Call to Darkness review, Mission Reports on "Conspiracy" and "The Neutral Zone".

10 30 March 1991 Cover of issue 10. "Murder, Most Foul", part 1.

Articles: Starfleet uniform schematics, Star Trek conventions, Mission Reports on "We'll Always Have Paris" and "Angel One".

11 13 April 1991 Cover of issue 11. "Murder, Most Foul", part 2.

Articles: Michael Dorn interview, Star Trek fan clubs, Season two preview.

12 27 April 1991 Cover of issue 12. "The Derelict", part 1.

Articles: Gene Roddenberry interview, Mission Report on "The Battle".

13 11 May 1991 Cover of issue 13. "The Derelict", part 2.

Articles: Mission Reports on "Encounter at Farpoint" and "Justice".

14 25 May 1991 Cover of issue 14. "The Hero Factor", part 1.

Articles: Diana Muldaur interview, Mission Reports on "The Big Goodbye" and "The Child".

15 8 June 1991 Cover of issue 15. "The Hero Factor", part 2.

Articles: Season two episode guide, Mission Reports on "Where Silence Has Lease" and "Code of Honor".

16 22 June 1991 Cover of issue 16. "The Gift", part 1.

Articles: Patrick Stewart interview, make-up effects, Mission Reports on "Elementary, Dear Data" and "Haven".

17 6 July 1991 Cover of issue 17. "The Gift", part 2.

Articles: Marina Sirtis interview, Bridge blueprints, Mission Reports.

18 20 July 1991 Cover of issue 18. "The Gift", part 3.

Articles: Designing the Enterprise, Richard Krzemien interview, Mission Report on "The Last Outpost".

19 3 August 1991 Cover of issue 19. "The Gift", part 4.

Articles: Corey Allen interview, James G. Becker interview, Mission Reports on "Lonely Among Us" and "The Schizoid Man".

20 14 September 1991 Cover of issue 20. Magazine receives an expansion and redesign, with a corresponding cover price increase.

"The Gift", part 5.
Articles: Tasha Yar tribute, Michael Okuda interview, Mission Reports on "Hide and Q" and "Loud As A Whisper".
Data poster.

21 12 October 1991 Cover of issue 21. "The Gift", part 6.

Articles: Marnie Mosiman interview, The Borg, Mission Reports on "Too Short a Season" and "Unnatural Selection".

22 9 November 1991 Cover of issue 22. "The Gift", part 7.

Articles: Interview with Whoopi Goldberg, LeVar Burton, John de Lancie and Rick Sternbach; Mission Report on "The Big Goodbye".

23 7 December 1991 Cover of issue 23. "Serafin's Survivors", part 1.

Articles: Guinan, creating The Next Generation, Patrick Stewart interview, Season three episode guide, Enterprise blueprints.

24 4 January 1992 Cover of issue 24. "Serafin's Survivors", part 2.

Articles: Gates McFadden interview, Star Trek cartography, Warp factors, Mission Reports on "The Dauphin" and "Contagion".

Annual 1992 July 1991 Cover of 1992 annual. "The Hand of the Assassin!"

Articles: The Borg, Main Engineering, Romulans, special effects of The Next Generation, Klingons, Starfleet uniforms and civilian outfits, weapons and technology.

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