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The Star Trek: The Next Generation Makeup FX Journal is a reference book produced by Starlog Press in 1992, and written in collaboration by Michael Westmore and Joe Nazzaro. It was reprinted in the UK by Titan Books in 1994.


by Brent Spiner.
Aging Effects
Featuring step-by-step application of Brent Spiner's Soong makeup in "Brothers".
Patrick Stewart on "The Inner Light".
Les Landau on "Future Imperfect".
Androids & Electronics
Brent Spiner on Playing Data.
Creating Electronic FX, by Michael Westmore, Jr.
Les Landau on "Time's Arrow".
The Borg
The Borg Locutus, by Patrick Stewart.
The Cardassians
The Ferengi
The Klingons
Michael Dorn on Worf.
The Romulans
Picard as Romulan, by Patrick Stewart.
Data as Romulan, by Brent Spiner.
The Vulcans
The Holodeck
The Bolian: Step-by-Step.
Leonard Jones in "Time's Arrow, Part II".
Humanoids and Aliens
The Traveler
The Anticans and the Selay
The Bynars
The Benzites
The Bolians
The Dremans
The Pakleds
The Antedians
The Zakdorn
The Caldonians
"Allegiance" Aliens
The Vorgons
The Malcorians
"Identity Crisis"
The Trill
Jonathan Frakes, on being a Mintakan.
The Tamarians
The Bajorans
Captain Dathon: Step-by-Step.
Les Landau on Ensign Ro.
The "Unification" Girls
The Ktarians
The Ullians
The Satarrans
The J'naii
"Time's Arrow" Aliens
The Future

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