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* NCC-2036 {{USS|Fearless}}
* NCC-2036 {{USS|Fearless}}
;[[Constitution class|"''Enterprise''"-class]] XII [[cruiser]]
;[[Constitution class|''Enterprise''-class]] XII [[cruiser]]
;{{ShipClass|Constellation}} XII [[heavy cruiser]]
;{{ShipClass|Constellation}} XII [[heavy cruiser]]
;''Decker''-class X transwarp [[destroyer]]
;''Decker''-class X transwarp [[destroyer]]
;''Royal Sovereign''-class XV [[battlecruiser]]
;''Royal Sovereign''-class XV [[battle cruiser]]
;''M'Benga''-class VII rescue/[[hospital ship]]
;''M'Benga''-class VII rescue/[[hospital ship]]
;[[Oberth class|"''Sagan''"-class]] V science research vessel
;[[Oberth class|''Sagan''-class]] V science research vessel
;''Wellington''-class XI transwarp [[light cruiser]]
;''Wellington''-class XI transwarp [[light cruiser]]
;''Paine''-class IX transwarp [[frigate]]
;''Paine''-class IX transwarp [[frigate]]

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Cover Image
Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual
Authors & Illustrators: Rick Stuart, John Terra, Dana Knutson et al.
Published: September 1988
Pages: 144
Reference #: ISBN 1555600794

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual was a role-playing game supplement released by FASA in 1988. It was reportedly the focus of a licensing dispute which precipitated the end of FASA's license to release Star Trek material.


Rank insignia

The first section of the manual describes non-canon Starfleet rank insignia to include three Admiral shoulder boards including a special rank known as "Branch Admiral". The manual also describes the "five pip" collar insignias for Commodore and Fleet Captain, as well as a starburst collar insignia for the rank of Midshipman.

Evolution of the transwarp fleet

Fleet of tomorrow 
This introduction explains the expansion of a transwarp based Starfleet based on the FASA ships and references to the Star Trek movies era.

Fleet ship designs

Template:ShipClass XIII transwarp battleship
Enterprise-class XII cruiser
Template:ShipClass XII heavy cruiser
Decker-class X transwarp destroyer
Royal Sovereign-class XV battle cruiser
M'Benga-class VII rescue/hospital ship
Sagan-class V science research vessel
Wellington-class XI transwarp light cruiser
Paine-class IX transwarp frigate
Moscow-class IX transwarp scout
  • NCC-60000 USS Moscow
  • NCC-60001 USS Argana
  • NCC-60002 USS Leningrad
  • NCC-60003 USS Balthamar
  • NCC-60004 USS Jursinia
  • NCC-60005 USS Kincara
  • NCC-60006 USS Kloris
  • NCC-60007 USS Mattermaine
  • NCC-60008 USS Oslo
  • NCC-60009 USS Chirpenitar
  • NCC-60010 USS Murigami
  • NCC-60011 USS Quiberon
  • NCC-60012 USS Loris
  • NCC-60013 USS Hadsenn
  • NCC-60014 USS Silimari
  • NCC-60015 USS Hadley
  • NCC-60016 USS Florence
  • NCC-60017 USS Milano
  • NCC-60018 USS Stockholm
  • NCC-60019 USS Ambergris
  • NCC-60020 USS Oudinard
  • NCC-60021 USS Petersburg
"S-20" standard administrative shuttle
SC-22 "Sphinx"-class cargo shuttle
"Ambassador Hardin"-class transwarp heavy cruiser
SW-21 long-range warp shuttle
Template:ShipClass exploration cruiser

Galaxy-class exploration cruiser

Friends and foes


Noonien Soong
Simone Van Gelder
Koren Anastas
Jean-Luc Picard


Similar Books

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