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The Star Trek: The Next Generation USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Blueprints, written and illustrated by Rick Sternbach contains the official USS Enterprise-D blueprints deck by deck on thirteen 22" × 34" poster size prints. The individual prints are folded and presented in a boxed format with an exclusive sixteen-page booklet that includes an extensive round table discussion between Andrew Probert, Robert Justman, Herman Zimmerman. Richard James, Dan Curry, Michael Okuda, Greg Jein, and Sternbach himself on the design and construction of the Enterprise-D.

The blueprints answered many questions about the layout of the ship including locations of heads or toilets.

Background information

  • Sternbach later commented in response to the question why he did not do additional projects of this kind, "(...) the Ent-D plans were an 18 month grind, but fun. Would do the whole thing on the computer today, of course, but back then it wasn't completely possible due to hardware and storage limits. The simple reason I didn't do additional ships as deck plans is that I wasn't in control of what Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster chose to publish. You'd have to ask them. However, I can predict what they would say, citing market conditions not being favorable, increasing costs, previous sales not being so great, etc. You don't see any more tech manuals for just those reasons, though I would counter the lagging sales argument with the point that they might have seen better sales had they done any kind of promotion. Such are the battles between authors and publishers. The market today really is crappy, and it's only going to get worse, seeing what's happening with the loss of SF magazines and published SF in general." [1](X)
  • Nevertheless, Sternbach did follow up in this project on behalf of another publisher, the Japanese branch of De Agostini – and unlike Pocket Books, doing considerable "kind of promotion" at the time – , when he revisited and fine-tuned his blueprints for the ambitious 2011 The Official Star Trek The Next Generation: Build the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D-project. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen and unexpected external circumstances, that project died in its infancy.
  • At least one other (international) edition is known to exist, as a by Klaus Beck translated German-language version was released in 1999 by Heel Verlag.

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