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Issue 71 of the Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine was the December 1989/January 1990 issue.


The Cry of the Onlies review
Interview – DeForest Kelley
Interview – Ricardo Montalban
Interview – Barbara Alyn Woods
Interview – Rob Bowman
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Background information

This issue has made an interaction with a Star Trek parody and pop culture production. In television sitcom Young Sheldon (Season 4 Episode 2: "A Docent, A Little Lady and a Bouncer Named Dalton"), it was seen being received over the mail by the empathetically challenged principal character Sheldon Cooper. It was the second time an issue of the magazine made an appearance on a non-Star Trek live-action production after an earlier appearance of issue 73 on the same show.

Issue 70 Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine
Issue 71 – December 1989/January 1990
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