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Issue 8 of the Star Trek: The Official Fan Club of the UK Magazine was published in the fourth quarter of 1995. The cover proclaimed it to be a "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Special".


Captain's Log
Tim Gaskill on the development of Deep Space Nine.
Subspace Transmissions
Data Bank
CIC Video press launch of Star Trek: Voyager on VHS.
News Flash: Michael Dorn to join cast of Deep Space Nine, Patrick Stewart's appearance in Shakespeare in the Park, Star Trek: The Exhibition.
Gill Marsden on the Star Trek cast's theatre work.
A Man Trapped
Fred Bronson on the impact Star Trek has had on his life.
Star Log
George Marshall.
Transmissions - The Reader's Forum
David Simons rebuts the criticism of Star Trek Generations published in 7.02.03.
Watching Star Trek for a Living
Nikki Harper details the work done by herself, Stuart Clark and Peter Tishma to create the cover copy and visual design for CIC Video's VHS sleeves.
Interview - Aron Eisenberg - "In for a Penny, In for a Pound"
by Stuart Clark.
Interview - Armin Shimerman - "Giving Free Advice"
by Tim Gaskill.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - An Uneasy Peace
Detailing the various factions in the series.
Interview - Rene Auberjonois - "The Changing Man"
by Tim Gaskill.
Books: The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, Warped, Pocket DS9 #1-10, The Search.
Comics: "Stowaway"/"Old Wounds", Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Hearts and Minds.
Audio Review: Warped, The Devil's Heart.
On Screen
Deep Space Nine volumes 3.8-3.13.
Product De-Brief
Steel Tec's Enterprise-D and Shuttle construction kit.
Star Trek Trivia
Deep Space Nine.

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