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Star Trek: The Original Series - Season One was a trading card set produced by SkyBox and released in 1997. The first of three series focusing on the episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, the set featured several chase card sets, and a special challenge.

Each episode was represented by nine cards – three from the base set, two "Character Logs", two "Behind the Scenes", one "Profiles" card, and one "Gold Plaque". Each card had an additional number which identified the episode and the position that card held within the nine-card series – the episode was identified by a compressed image on the right-hand side of the card, Trelane for "The Squire of Gothos" for example. Autograph cards were also part of the set, a first for an Original Series release.

The Autograph Challenge consisted of a series of lettered cards, inserted one per pack. The goal was to collect cards to spell out "STAR TREK AUTOGRAPH SERIES". The letter "I" was the "key card" for the challenge – only fifty were produced, each one with a unique printed code. Any collector to redeem a full set of the challenge cards won a full set of autograph cards from the series, as well as a voided version of the "I" key card.

Base set | Chase cards | Character Logs | Behind the Scenes | Profiles | Gold Plaques | Autograph Challenge | Autographed cards

Base set

Card # Title Card # Title
1 (EP 1.1) "The Cage" 46 (EP 16.1) The Menagerie
2 (EP 1.2) The Cage 47 (EP 16.2) The Menagerie
3 (EP 1.3) The Cage 48 (EP 16.3) The Menagerie
4 (EP 2.1) "Where No Man Has Gone Before" 49 (EP 17.1) "Shore Leave"
5 (EP 2.2) Where No Man Has Gone Before 50 (EP 17.2) Shore Leave
6 (EP 2.3) Where No Man Has Gone Before 51 (EP 17.3) Shore Leave
7 (EP 3.1) "The Corbomite Maneuver" 52 (EP 18.1) "The Squire of Gothos"
8 (EP 3.2) The Corbomite Maneuver 53 (EP 18.2) The Squire of Gothos
9 (EP 3.3) The Corbomite Maneuver 54 (EP 18.3) The Squire of Gothos
10 (EP 4.1) "Mudd's Women" 55 (EP 19.1) "Arena"
11 (EP 4.2) Mudd's Women 56 (EP 19.2) Arena
12 (EP 4.3) Mudd's Women 57 (EP 19.3) Arena
13 (EP 5.1) "The Enemy Within" 58 (EP 20.1) "The Alternative Factor"
14 (EP 5.2) The Enemy Within 59 (EP 20.2) The Alternative Factor
15 (EP 5.3) The Enemy Within 60 (EP 20.3) The Alternative Factor
16 (EP 6.1) "The Man Trap" 61 (EP 21.1) "Tomorrow is Yesterday"
17 (EP 6.2) The Man Trap 62 (EP 21.2) Tomorrow is Yesterday
18 (EP 6.3) The Man Trap 63 (EP 21.3) Tomorrow is Yesterday
19 (EP 7.1) "The Naked Time" 64 (EP 22.1) "The Return of the Archons"
20 (EP 7.2) The Naked Time 65 (EP 22.2) The Return of the Archons
21 (EP 7.3) The Naked Time 66 (EP 22.3) The Return of the Archons
22 (EP 8.1) "Charlie X" 67 (EP 23.1) "A Taste of Armageddon"
23 (EP 8.2) Charlie X 68 (EP 23.2) A Taste of Armageddon
24 (EP 8.3) Charlie X 69 (EP 23.3) A Taste of Armageddon
25 (EP 9.1) "Balance of Terror" 70 (EP 24.1) "Space Seed"
26 (EP 9.2) Balance of Terror 71 (EP 24.2) Space Seed
27 (EP 9.3) Balance of Terror 72 (EP 24.3) Space Seed
28 (EP 10.1) "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" 73 (EP 25.1) "This Side of Paradise"
29 (EP 10.2) What Are Little Girls Made Of? 74 (EP 25.2) This Side of Paradise
30 (EP 10.3) What Are Little Girls Made Of? 75 (EP 25.3) This Side of Paradise
31 (EP 11.1) "Dagger of the Mind" 76 (EP 26.1) "The Devil in the Dark"
32 (EP 11.2) Dagger of the Mind 77 (EP 26.2) The Devil in the Dark
33 (EP 11.3) Dagger of the Mind 78 (EP 26.3) The Devil in the Dark
34 (EP 12.1) "Miri" 79 (EP 27.1) "Errand of Mercy"
35 (EP 12.2) Miri 80 (EP 27.2) Errand of Mercy
36 (EP 12.3) Miri 81 (EP 27.3) Errand of Mercy
37 (EP 13.1) "The Conscience of the King" 82 (EP 28.1) "The City on the Edge of Forever"
38 (EP 13.2) The Conscience of the King 83 (EP 28.2) The City on the Edge of Forever
39 (EP 13.3) The Conscience of the King 84 (EP 28.3) The City on the Edge of Forever
40 (EP 14.1) "The Galileo Seven" 85 (EP 29.1) "Operation -- Annihilate!"
41 (EP 14.2) The Galileo Seven 86 (EP 29.2) Operation -- Annihilate!
42 (EP 14.3) The Galileo Seven 87 (EP 29.3) Operation -- Annihilate!
43 (EP 15.1) "Court Martial" 88 Checklist 1
44 (EP 15.2) Court Martial 89 Checklist 2
45 (EP 15.3) Court Martial 90 Checklist 3

Chase cards

Card # Episode/Character/Crew Card # Episode/Character/Crew
Character Logs (2:pack)
C1 (EP 1.4) The Cage
Christopher Pike
C30 (EP 15.5) Court Martial
C2 (EP 1.5) The Cage
C31 (EP 16.4) The Menagerie
James T. Kirk
C3 (EP 2.4) Where No Man Has Gone Before
James T. Kirk
C32 (EP 16.5) The Menagerie
C4 (EP 2.5) Where No Man Has Gone Before
C33 (EP 17.4) Shore Leave
James T. Kirk
C5 (EP 3.4) The Corbomite Maneuver
James T. Kirk
C34 (EP 17.5) Shore Leave
Dr. McCoy
C6 (EP 3.5) The Corbomite Maneuver
C35 (EP 18.4) The Squire of Gothos
James T. Kirk
C7 (EP 4.4) Mudd's Women
James T. Kirk
C36 (EP 18.5) The Squire of Gothos
C8 (EP 4.5) Mudd's Women
Dr. McCoy
C37 (EP 19.4) Arena
James T. Kirk
C9 (EP 5.4) The Enemy Within
James T. Kirk
C38 (EP 19.5) Arena
C10 (EP 5.5) The Enemy Within
C39 (EP 20.4) The Alternative Factor
James T. Kirk
C11 (EP 6.4) The Man Trap
James T. Kirk
C40 (EP 20.5) The Alternative Factor
C12 (EP 6.5) The Man Trap
James T. Kirk
C41 (EP 21.4) Tomorrow is Yesterday
James T. Kirk
C13 (EP 7.4) The Naked Time
James T. Kirk
C42 (EP 21.5) Tomorrow is Yesterday
C14 (EP 7.5) The Naked Time
C43 (EP 22.4) The Return of the Archons
James T. Kirk
C15 (EP 8.4) Charlie X
James T. Kirk
C44 (EP 22.5) The Return of the Archons
C16 (EP 8.5) Charlie X
C45 (EP 23.4) A Taste of Armageddon
James T. Kirk
C17 (EP 9.4) Balance of Terror
James T. Kirk
C46 (EP 23.5) A Taste of Armageddon
C18 (EP 9.5) Balance of Terror
C47 (EP 24.4) Space Seed
James T. Kirk
C19 (EP 10.4) What Are Little Girls Made Of?
James T. Kirk
C48 (EP 24.5) Space Seed
C20 (EP 10.5) What Are Little Girls Made Of?
C49 (EP 25.4) This Side of Paradise
James T. Kirk
C21 (EP 11.4) Dagger of the Mind
James T. Kirk
C50 (EP 25.5) This Side of Paradise
C22 (EP 11.5) Dagger of the Mind
C51 (EP 26.4) The Devil in the Dark
James T. Kirk
C23 (EP 12.4) Miri
James T. Kirk
C52 (EP 26.5) The Devil in the Dark
C24 (EP 12.5) Miri
Dr. McCoy
C53 (EP 27.4) Errand of Mercy
James T. Kirk
C25 (EP 13.4) The Conscience of the King
James T. Kirk
C54 (EP 27.5) Errand of Mercy
C26 (EP 13.5) The Conscience of the King
Dr. McCoy
C55 (EP 28.4) The City on the Edge of Forever
James T. Kirk
C27 (EP 14.4) The Galileo Seven
James T. Kirk
C56 (EP 28.5) The City on the Edge of Forever
C28 (EP 14.5) The Galileo Seven
C57 (EP 29.4) Operation -- Annihilate!
James T. Kirk
C29 (EP 15.4) Court Martial
James T. Kirk
C58 (EP 29.5) Operation -- Annihilate!
Behind the Scenes (1:2 packs)
The first card for each episode features Robert Justman, the second D.C. Fontana
B1 (EP 1.7) The Cage B30 (EP 15.8) Court Martial
B2 (EP 1.8) The Cage B31 (EP 16.7) The Menagerie
B3 (EP 2.7) Where No Man Has Gone Before B32 (EP 16.8) The Menagerie
B4 (EP 2.8) Where No Man Has Gone Before B33 (EP 17.7) Shore Leave
B5 (EP 3.7) The Corbomite Maneuver B34 (EP 17.8) Shore Leave
B6 (EP 3.8) The Corbomite Maneuver B35 (EP 18.7) The Squire of Gothos
B7 (EP 4.7) Mudd's Women B36 (EP 18.8) The Squire of Gothos
B8 (EP 4.8) Mudd's Women B37 (EP 19.7) Arena
B9 (EP 5.7) The Enemy Within B38 (EP 19.8) Arena
B10 (EP 5.8) The Enemy Within B39 (EP 20.7) The Alternative Factor
B11 (EP 6.7) The Man Trap B40 (EP 20.8) The Alternative Factor
B12 (EP 6.8) The Man Trap B41 (EP 21.7) Tomorrow is Yesterday
B13 (EP 7.7) The Naked Time B42 (EP 21.8) Tomorrow is Yesterday
B14 (EP 7.8) The Naked Time B43 (EP 22.7) The Return of the Archons
B15 (EP 8.7) Charlie X B44 (EP 22.8) The Return of the Archons
B16 (EP 8.8) Charlie X B45 (EP 23.7) A Taste of Armageddon
B17 (EP 9.7) Balance of Terror B46 (EP 23.8) A Taste of Armageddon
B18 (EP 9.8) Balance of Terror B47 (EP 24.7) Space Seed
B19 (EP 10.7) What Are Little Girls Made Of? B48 (EP 24.8) Space Seed
B20 (EP 10.8) What Are Little Girls Made Of? B49 (EP 25.7) This Side of Paradise
B21 (EP 11.7) Dagger of the Mind B50 (EP 25.8) This Side of Paradise
B22 (EP 11.8) Dagger of the Mind B51 (EP 26.7) The Devil in the Dark
B23 (EP 12.7) Miri B52 (EP 26.8) The Devil in the Dark
B24 (EP 12.8) Miri B53 (EP 27.7) Errand of Mercy
B25 (EP 13.7) The Conscience of the King B54 (EP 27.8) Errand of Mercy
B26 (EP 13.8) The Conscience of the King B55 (EP 28.7) The City on the Edge of Forever
B27 (EP 14.7) The Galileo Seven B56 (EP 28.8) The City on the Edge of Forever
B28 (EP 14.8) The Galileo Seven B57 (EP 29.7) Operation -- Annihilate!
B29 (EP 15.7) Court Martial B58 (EP 29.8) Operation -- Annihilate!
Profiles (1:4 packs)
P1 (EP 1.6) Vina P16 (EP 16.6) Christopher Pike
P2 (EP 2.6) Elizabeth Dehner P17 (EP 17.6) Ruth
P3 (EP 3.6) Balok P18 (EP 18.6) Trelane
P4 (EP 4.6) Eve McHuron P19 (EP 19.6) Gorn Captain
P5 (EP 5.6) James T. Kirk P20 (EP 20.6) Lazarus
P6 (EP 6.6) Robert Crater P21 (EP 21.6) John Christopher
P7 (EP 7.6) Spock P22 (EP 22.6) Marplon
P8 (EP 8.6) Janice Rand P23 (EP 23.6) Mea 3
P9 (EP 9.6) Romulan Commander P24 (EP 24.6) Khan Noonien Singh
P10 (EP 10.6) Ruk P25 (EP 25.6) Leila Kalomi
P11 (EP 11.6) Helen Noel P26 (EP 26.6) Horta
P12 (EP 12.6) Miri P27 (EP 27.6) Kor
P13 (EP 13.6) Lenore Karidian P28 (EP 28.6) Edith Keeler
P14 (EP 14.6) Ferris P29 (EP 29.6) Leonard McCoy
P15 (EP 15.6) Areel Shaw
Gold Plaque (1:12 packs)
G1 (EP 1.9) The Cage G16 (EP 16.9) The Menagerie
G2 (EP 2.9) Where No Man Has Gone Before G17 (EP 17.9) Shore Leave
G3 (EP 3.9) The Corbomite Maneuver G18 (EP 18.9) The Squire of Gothos
G4 (EP 4.9) Mudd's Women G19 (EP 19.9) Arena
G5 (EP 5.9) The Enemy Within G20 (EP 20.9) The Alternative Factor
G6 (EP 6.9) The Man Trap G21 (EP 21.9) Tomorrow is Yesterday
G7 (EP 7.9) The Naked Time G22 (EP 22.9) The Return of the Archons
G8 (EP 8.9) Charlie X G23 (EP 23.9) A Taste of Armageddon
G9 (EP 9.9) Balance of Terror G24 (EP 24.9) Space Seed
G10 (EP 10.9) What Are Little Girls Made Of? G25 (EP 25.9) This Side of Paradise
G11 (EP 11.9) Dagger of the Mind G26 (EP 26.9) The Devil in the Dark
G12 (EP 12.9) Miri G27 (EP 27.9) Errand of Mercy
G13 (EP 13.9) The Conscience of the King G28 (EP 28.9) The City on the Edge of Forever
G14 (EP 14.9) The Galileo Seven G29 (EP 29.9) Operation -- Annihilate!
G15 (EP 15.9) Court Martial
Autograph Challenge (1:pack)
S Spock U Uhura
T The Talosian Keeper O Organians
A Andrea G The Gorn Captain
R Ruk P Christopher Pike
as he appeared in "The Cage"
E USS Enterprise over Miri H Horta
K James T. Kirk I USS Enterprise command division arrowhead
Key card - only 50 produced, 1:11,500 packs
I Voided version of I card
Given to collectors who completed the challenge
Autographed cards (1:36 packs)
Approx. 800 produced (unless otherwise stated)
A1 William Shatner
400 produced
A14 Bruce Hyde
A2 James Doohan A15 William Campbell
A3 Nichelle Nichols A16 Gary Lockwood
A4 George Takei A17 Ricardo Montalban
A5 Grace Lee Whitney A18 Stewart Moss
A6 Robert Justman A19 Madlyn Rhue
A7 Barbara Anderson
At least one signed as Barbara Burnett
A20 Malachi Throne
A8 Anthony Call A21 Morgan Woodward
A9 Robert Brown A22 Meg Wyllie
A10 Paul Carr A23 Joan Collins
400 produced
A11 Kim Darby A24 Michael Pollard
A12 Gene Dynarski A25 Majel Barrett
400 produced
A13 Clint Howard A26 Sherry Jackson

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