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VHS release
Series: TOS
No. of episodes: 2
No. of tapes: 1
Release date: 3 June 1996
Rating(s): BBFC - Parental Guidance
Reference: VHR 4373

Star Trek: The Original Series – Tricorder Pack was a VHS collection – catalog number VHR 4373 – released by CIC Video in the UK on 3 June 1996. The collection was created to promote the then-forthcoming re-release of Star Trek: The Original Series, and featured the episodes "The City on the Edge of Forever" and "The Trouble with Tribbles". In addition, the documentary William Shatner's Star Trek Memories was included in the set. The set was packaged in the shape of a tricorder, and came with a twelve-page collectors booklet.

The episodes were chosen as the result of a survey in Star Trek Monthly.

The box set was discontinued on 1 October 1999.

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