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Star Trek: The Original Series 365 is a large-format reference book, written by Paula M. Block, with Terry J. Erdmann, and featuring a foreward by D.C. Fontana. Focusing solely on Star Trek: The Original Series, the illustrated coffee-table book was released in September 2010.


Publisher's description
Star Trek: The Original Series 365 is the definitive, authorized guide to Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry's groundbreaking television program that first aired from 1966 through 1969 and went on to become a cultural phenomenon. A visual celebration of the original voyages of the Starship Enterprise, the book covers the entire series in unprecedented detail, combining in-depth commentary, behind-the-scenes histories, and interviews with writers, cast, and crew, with synopses for each of the series' 79 episodes.
In addition to a wealth of never-before-seen images and newly commissioned photography, Star Trek: The Original Series 365 presents a treasure trove of remastered stills from the CBS archives – bringing to vivid life the famous five-year mission of Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, Doctor McCoy, and count­less other beloved characters for old and new fans alike.

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Background information

  • Though published after the 2006 remastered release of the Original Series, very few images were taken from that production. "Most of those wonderful TOS photos that had never been seen before came from a very expensive project that the licensing department conducted many years ago. In order to find new images for the licensees, the department struck new 16-millimeter copies of the TOS masters—which were then carefully cut up, frame by frame, and mounted into slides.", the authors clarified. [1] Unbeknownst to the authors however, and therefore misguided in their belief, they were actually referring to the "digitally mastering" for the 1992 Japanese Star Trek - Log 1 LaserDisc release.
  • Still, a few of the newly produced visual effects shots were featured, though restraint was observed where they were concerned, as not to digress too much from the originally aired visuals as perceived by audiences, only used where they did not distract from the originals.
  • The book features several previously unpublished behind-the-scenes stills that originated from Curt McAloney's and Gerald Gurian's restoration projects, both otherwise unrelated to each other.
  • The book utilizes a somewhat odd page count of only numbering the left page, with its accompanying mirror page left uncounted. In total 365 pages are counted (hence the "365" in the title) and referenced as such in the (unnumbered) index, though the actual number of pages is more than double that.

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