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Star Trek: The Pod Directive is a podcast that airs on, as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms, beginning on 14 September 2020. It is co-hosted by Tawny Newsome and Paul F. Tompkins. [1]

The podcast was originally announced under the title Prime Directive: The Official Star Trek Podcast, and was supposed to begin airing in late 2019. [2]

It is the second official Star Trek podcast, replacing Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast.

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Join Tawny Newsome (Star Trek: Lower Decks) and Paul F. Tompkins (BoJack Horseman, Comedy Bang Bang) in a wide-ranging and often hilarious take on the Star Trek universe.
With unparalleled access to Star Trek luminaries, celebrity superfans, and behind-the-scenes creative professionals, The Pod Directive takes a smart, witty and thoughtful look at all things Trek – both old and new. Offering a high-level discussion of the themes, ideas, and characters that resonate across the history of the franchise's storied universe, episodes will also explore the brand's 50-plus year legacy and influence.

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Production staff[]


Season 1[]

Title Episode Production number Guest(s) Runtime Original airdate
"Introducing Star Trek: The Pod Directive" 1x00 1 None 1 2020-09-01
"Ben Stiller" 1x01 2 None 47 2020-09-14
"Reza Aslan" 1x02 3 None 53 2020-09-21
"Michelle Hurd, Angelica Jade Bastién & Kendra James" 1x03 4 None 78 2020-09-28
"Mike McMahan" 1x04 5 None 41 2020-10-05
"Stacey Abrams" 1x05 6 None 36 2020-10-12
"Tig Notaro" 1x06 7 None 49 2020-10-19
"Samantha Cristoforetti" 1x07 8 None 28 2020-10-26
"Bill McKibben" 1x08 9 None 50 2020-11-02
"Jeff Russo" 1x09 10 None 54 2020-11-09

Season 2[]

Title Episode Production number Guest(s) Runtime Original airdate
"Introducing: Season 2 of Star Trek: The Pod Directive" 2x00 11 None 2 2021-03-22
"The Wrath of Khan with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson" 2x01 12 None 81 2021-03-29
"First Contacts with Anson Mount and Dr. Doug Vakoch" 2x02 13 None 56 2021-04-05
"Exploring The Next Generation with John Hodgman" 2x03 14 None 73 2021-04-12
"The Incomparable Michelle Yeoh" 2x04 15 None 61 2021-04-19
"Phil Yu's Talking to All the Asians on Star Trek" 2x05 16 None 62 2021-04-26
"Tawny Newsome's Moms" 2x06 17 None 73 2021-05-03
"Newcomers Come to Star Trek" 2x07 18 None 60 2021-05-10
"Star Trek Science and Lizard Babies with Erin Macdonald" 2x08 19 None 74 2021-05-17
"Creating Utopia With Talia Lavin" 2x09 20 None 65 2021-05-24
"Star Trek Nostalgia with Justin Simien" 2x10 21 None 62 2021-05-31
"TV Book Club With Emily VanDerWerff" 2x11 22 None 77 2021-06-07
"Alex Kurtzman is Building the Star Trek Universe" 2x12 23 None 39 2021-06-14
"Lower Decks! Lower Decks! Lower Decks! (With Jack Quaid)" 2x13 24 None 65 2021-06-21
"Happy Summer Vacation! (Season Finale)" 2x14 25 None 47 2021-06-28

Season 3[]

Title Episode Production number Guest(s) Runtime Original airdate
"The Actor's Director with Jonathan Frakes" 3x01 26 None 56 2023-03-07
"Into the Stratosphere with Swapna Krishna" 3x02 27 None 56 2023-03-21
"Marrying a Trek Fan with Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero" 3x03 28 None 63 2023-04-04
"The Possibility of Life with Jaime Green" 3x04 29 None 52 2023-04-18
"Comics and Klingons with Christopher Cantwell" 3x05 30 None 59 2023-05-02
"Building Character Inspirations with Michelle Yeoh" 3x06 31 None 62 2023-05-16
"Meaningful Asian Representation with Phil Yu" 3x07 32 None 65 2023-05-30
"Sir Patrick Stewart (Extended Cut) - The Late Show Pod Show with Stephen Colbert" 3x08 33 None 29 2023-06-13
"John Hodgman's Favorite Episode of The Next Generation" 3x09 34 None 74 2023-06-27
"From Fan to Science Fiction Consultant with Erin Macdonald" 3x10 35 None 75 2023-07-25
"The Creation of the Klingon Language - Unsung Science with David Pogue" 3x11 36 None 38 2023-08-08

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