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Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy is a text based game published by Simon and Schuster during the 20th anniversary of Star Trek.


While exploring a distant region of space, the Enterprise came under attack by an unknown enemy. With massive damage to all areas of the ship, the food storage areas were contaminated and unusable. It is estimated that repairs to the warp engines would take eight days. With an M-class planet in range Kirk beams down with Spock, Doctor McCoy, and the ship's xenoethnologist Hernanda Dimas, to search for a protein source to replenish the supplies.


Gameplay is text based where the player uses commands to interact with the environment. The instruction manual contains an introduction story, list of available commands and options, and a section containing notes on effective crew management by Captain James T. Kirk. All of these are used as a guide in playing the game.


  • Author and Programmer: Ron Martinez
  • Coauthor: Jim Gasperini
  • Systems Programmer: Bill Herdle
  • Cover Painting: Tim Jacobus

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