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Star Trek: The Stardate Collection continues to collect the many comic-book iterations of Trek "as they happened"... by stardate! Helmed by Trek experts Scott and David Tipton, and featuring special commentary, creator interviews, and more, Volume 2 completes the early voyages of the Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, and wraps up with two lost adventures from Pike's career. For new and old fans alike, there’s never been a Star Trek collection like this!

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  1. "The Flat, Gold Forever"
  2. "Immortal Wounds"
  3. "One of a Kind"
  4. "The Fallen, Part One"
  5. "The Fallen, Part Two"
  6. "Futures, Part One"
  7. "Future Tense"
  8. "Futures"
  9. "Now and Then"
  10. "Thanatos"
  11. "Nemesis"
  12. "Alien Spotlight: Orions"
  13. "Captain's Log: Pike"


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