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Star Trek: The Starfleet Survival Guide

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Section 1.0: Standard-Issue Equipment – Nonstandard UsesEdit

Section 2.0: Unconventional MedicineEdit

  • Chapter 2.00: Introduction
  • Chapter 2.01: Anesthetizing Humanoids with Tricorder Signals
  • Chapter 2.02: Modifying a Type-1 or Type-2 Phaser into a Scalpel
  • Chapter 2.03: Programming a Holographic Emitter to Artificially Respirate a Humanoid Whose Lungs Have Been Destroyed
  • Chapter 2.04: Erasure of Humanoid Short-Term and Long-Term Memories
  • Chapter 2.05: Protocols for Temporary Implantation of a Trill Symbiont into a Non-Trill Host
  • Chapter 2.06: Neutralizing Denevan Neural Parasites
  • Chapter 2.07: Detecting and Removing Interphasic Parasites
  • Chapter 2.08: Treatment Methods for an Overdose of Anti-Intoxicants
  • Chapter 2.09: Proven Herbal Remedies for Mugato Venom
  • Chapter 2.10: Negating the Psychotropic Effects of Omicron Ceti III Spores
  • Chapter 2.11: Diagnosing and Counteracting Variants of the Psi 2000 Virus
  • Chapter 2.12: Recognizing and Treating Symptoms of Temporal Narcosis

Section 3.0: Dangerous Life-formsEdit

Section 4.0: Extreme ScenariosEdit

  • Chapter 4.00: Introduction
  • Chapter 4.01: Landing and Evacuating Crippled Small Spacecraft
  • Chapter 4.02: Surviving in and escaping from Damaged Turbolifts
  • Chapter 4.03: Escaping from a Malfunctioning Holodeck
  • Chapter 4.04: Transporting Through Shields
  • Chapter 4.05: Transporting to Ships Moving at Warp Speeds
  • Chapter 4.06: Creating Metaphasic Shielding to Conceal a Ship in a Stellar Corona or Similar Environment
  • Chapter 4.07: Detecting Cloaked Objects and Vessels at close and Intermediate Ranges
  • Chapter 4.08: Reversing Radical Subspatial Compression
  • Chapter 4.09: Protocols for Containing and Transporting a Protouniverse
  • Chapter 4.10: Dispersing Rogue Soliton Waves
  • Chapter 4.11: Inducing Solar Eruptions for Tactical Purposes
  • Chapter 4.12: Surviving While Adrift in Deep Space
  • Chapter 4.13: Surviving if You Are Shifted Out of Phase
  • Chapter 4.14: Detecting and Escaping Temporal Causality Loops
  • Chapter 4.15: Determining if You Have Been Shifted into a Parallel Quantum Universe

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