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Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary is a reference book produced by Dorling Kindersley. The book features information from Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise and the first ten films, from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Star Trek Nemesis. The foreword is written by John de Lancie. provided an update on The Visual Dictionary on 3 January 2013, that it would make use of "rarely seen material from the CBS archives."[1] released an exclusive look at two additional pages on 15 February 2013.[2]


Publisher's description
Boldly go where no Trekkie has gone before. "Star Trek the Visual Dictionary" is the final frontier. Charting each and every one of the the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its mission: to explore everything Star Trek, strange new worlds (and old ones), to seek out every character, ship and series, to boldly go where no book has gone before.
Covering all of the six television series, with full coverage of favorite characters such as Spock, Bones, Scotty and Uhura, and full-color pictures of ships that would make James T. Kirk proud, this is the ultimate guide to "Star Trek" for any Trekkie. Don't be a Vulcan – live long and prosper with "Star Trek the Visual Dictionary".

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The Vulcans
Vulcan–Human Interaction
The Andorians
The Tellarites
Enterprise NX-01
Captain Archer
Captain Archer's Crew
USS Enterprise
Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk's Crew
USS Enterprise
Captain Picard
Captain Picard's Crew
The Betazoids & Denobulans
The Trill & El-Aurians
Artificial Intelligence
Allied Species & Non-Humanoids
The Ferengi Alliance
The Xindi & Suliban
The Talosians & Orions
The Tholians & Gorn
Alien Threats
The Breen & Q
The Klingon Empire
Klingon Culture
The Romulan Star Empire
Romulan Intrigue
Deep Space 9
Captain Sisko
Captain Sisko's Crew
The Bajorans
The Cardassian Union
Cardassian Treachery
The Dominion
The Jem'Hadar
USS Voyager
Captain Janeway
Captain Janeway's Crew
The Borg Collective
Borg Rebels & Renegades
The Ocampa & Talaxians
The Kazon & Vidiians
The Hirogen & Species 8472

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Though first published more than three years after the release of Star Trek, the book does not acknowledge any events or use any photos from the Kelvin timeline, though a few facts presumed to be true in both universes are included. (i.e. The Vulcan and Romulan languages being nearly indistinguishable, and Romulan's three spoken dialects, pg. 61.)

A photo of Lansor and P'Chan from VOY: "Survival Instinct" on pg. 88 is mistakenly identified as drones being sent into Unimatrix Zero.

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