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Star Trek: Voyager was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics (as part of a licensed line called "Paramount Pictures Comics"), running for 15 issues from November 1996 until March 1998. The company also released a miniseries called Star Trek: Voyager - Splashdown after the regular series concluded.

The stardates of these stories place the series beginning during VOY Season 2 and continue until a point in VOY Season 4. Several canon characters and concepts were included in the stories, but much of the history and details were devised solely for these stories.



  1. "The Storm"
  2. "Under Ion Skies"
  3. "Repercussions"
  4. "Homeostasis, Part One"
  5. "Homeostasis, the Conclusion"
  6. "Relicquest, Part One"
  7. "Relicquest, Part Two"
  8. "Relicquest, Conclusion"
  9. "Dead Zone"
  10. "Ghosts"
  11. "Leviathan, Part One"
  12. "Leviathan, Part Two"
  13. "Cloud Walkers" – Part 5 of the Telepathy War crossover story arc
  14. "Survival of the Fittest, Part One"
  15. "Survival of the Fittest, Part Two"


As part of the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection:

  • Volume 21 - Voyager, Volume 1 (collects #1-8)
  • Volume 38 - Voyager, Volume 2 (collects #9-15)


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