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Star Trek: Voyager has been released on VHS in several countries since its launch in 1995.

UK releases Edit

The first five seasons of Voyager were released by CIC Video, with covers designed by Feref; the last two by Paramount Home Entertainment.

German/Dutch releases Edit

Releases in these two markets were largely identical to those of the UK and like in that country were distributed by CIC Video and later Paramount Home Entertainment with two episode tapes and some seasons being available in boxed sets. The two countries also got both volumes of The Seven of Nine Collection.

US releases Edit

It was not until 1998 that a full series release of Voyager began in the US. Prior to this, a few episodes of the series had been released in box sets with episodes from other series. "Caretaker" was included on the Star Trek - The Captains Collection and the Star Trek - The Premiere Episodes box sets in 1996, "Maneuvers" was issued on the Star Trek - The Greatest Battles set and "Time and Again" was released on the Star Trek - Time Travel Collection set, both in 1997.

From 1998, Columbia House began releasing Star Trek: Voyager - The Collector's Edition on a subscription basis, each tape typically containing two episodes.

A retail release from Paramount Home Entertainment commenced on 4 April 2000. Episodes were released in production order, one per tape. Only sixty volumes were released, with the release ending with the third season episode "Darkling". Voyager ended up being the last of the Star Trek series to see a VHS release in the US.

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