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The Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force expansion pack is an add-on to the earlier of the two Elite Force games, Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force. It was created by Raven Software and published by Activision in May 2001.

The pack added three main features to the game. The first was a voice pack that added Jeri Ryan to the main game as Seven of Nine - the original featured a replacement voice artist.

The second feature was a "Virtual Voyager" sub-game, accessed separately from the main game, but taking place shortly before the game's final level. It allowed players to explore various decks of the starship, in great detail – accurately portraying areas of the ship seen on the televised series, but also expanding on the Elite Force universe as well. Areas that could be explored included main engineering, bridge, mess hall, sickbay, astrometrics, and the cargo bay. The "aim" of the sub-game was to find various hidden objects and achieve objectives, while giving the player an opportunity to interact with characters – including the main cast – and use certain ship functions, such as the landing struts, the holodeck (where you could use a new weapon, the Captain Proton ray gun), transporters and others. It also provided a sort of "history" (in the form of log entries) as to what happened during the formation of the Hazard Team.

The layout of Voyager shown in the sub-game differs slightly from that established in the series. For example, Harry Kim's quarters are established as being on Deck 6 in "Waking Moments", while in the sub-game they are on Deck 2 (together with the quarters of Neelix and Alexander Munro). In addition, some decks are only partially accessible, with others completely inaccessible.

The final feature added more multiplayer maps and playing modes.

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