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DVD release
Series: VOY
Season: 1 - 7
No. of episodes: 168 (4 feature-length)
No. of discs: 48
47 (Germany, 2011/2012 release)
Region 2 release date: 1 August 2011 (UK)
4 August 2011 (German exclusive)
16 August 2011 (Denmark)
6 December 2012 (German regular issue)
28 October 2013 (UK reissue)
5 February 2015 (German reissue)
Rating(s): BBFC 12 IFCO 15 FSK 12 NICAM 6 MCCYP 15
Reference: ASIN B004UR2750 (UK)
EAN: 7332431036208 (Denmark, ASIN B00665TG5I)
ASIN B0054NZ4U4 (Germany)
ASIN B00F37VHVQ (UK reissue)
ASIN B00QLW6F0U (German reissue)
Year: 2371-2378
Voyager Complete DVD (Danish) Voyager Complete 2013 DVD cover
Concept Danish box set version
UK 2013 reissue
Voyager Complete German 2015 DVD cover
German 2015 reissue

Star Trek: Voyager - The Full Journey is the fourth offering in the "Full Journey" re-releases of the Star Trek television series. The region 2-only DVD box set is essentially a repackaging of Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete Collection, the previously marketed complete box set edition. While the German release was initially an "retailer exclusive", it was reissued a year later as an otherwise identical, regular release, though lacking the bonus disc issued with the other Region 2 releases.

Like with the previous "Full Journey" release, the producers of the Danish edition (serving the whole Scandinavian market) originally opted to change the box art of the release and change the sub-caption to "The Complete Box". At the last moment however, that decision was reverted and the box was released as the slightly adjusted UK version, including the extra disc. [1]

The box set was re-released in the UK in 2013 with the same contents in different packaging. The 2011 release contained all of the discs in fold-out cardboard cases with slots for each disc, whereas the 2013 release housed all the discs across three large plastic Amaray cases. A similar German re-release followed suit in February 2015, though it now sported the German sub-title "Die komplette Serie" ("The Complete Series"), contrary to the English title on its original release, and this time also including the bonus disc, unlike the original release.


The episodes on the discs, and their arrangement among them, are identical to the Voyager season box sets. Please refer to the following entries for the individual discs' episode and special features arrangement.

Additional discEdit

The set includes the bonus disc included in the original Region 2 Season 1 release, featuring two episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series:

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