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First, an ENTERPRISE story by Vivek Tiwary and Artist TK. Captain Archer's pet beagle Porthos takes center stage in a Temporal Cold War tale that sees the beloved pooch traveling back in time in order to save a young Jonathan's life. Then, a NEXT GENERATION story by Scott Bryan Wilson involving double trouble – quite literally – for an away team when they explore a strange new planet!

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Background information[]


  • Writers:
    • Vivek J. Tiwary ("The Fragile Beauty of Loyalty")
    • Scott Bryan Wilson ("Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror")
  • Artists:
    • Hugo Petrus (interior art – "The Fragile Beauty of Loyalty")
    • Caspar Wijngaard (interior art – "Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror")
    • Fran Gamboa (color art – "The Fragile Beauty of Loyalty")
    • AndWorld Designs (letter art)
    • Zachary Baldus (cover art)
    • Cat Staggs (subscription cover art)
  • Editor:
  • Production designer:
  • Publisher:
  • Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry
  • Special thanks to Risa Kessler and John Van Citters at CBS Consumer Products.

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