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"Star Trek: Waypoint Special" is a one-shot special issue in the Star Trek: Waypoint series. Published by IDW Publishing, it was released in December 2018.


Solicitation blurb
The anthology series spanning 50 years of Star Trek returns in this oversized annual! These weird and wonderful stories – set during the Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and more – expand on rarely explored corners of the universe or provide closure for long-forgotten plot threads. But they all remind us of why we love Trek. This volume features your favorite characters, including Data, Q, and Ezri Dax, handled by the top creators of today and the future!

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Background information

  • The one-shot was announced in August 2018 at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention. [1]


  • Writers:
    • Dave Baker ("Only You Can Save Yourself")
    • Brandon Easton ("Consider Eternity")
    • Jackson Lanzig & Collin Kelly ("My Human is Not")
    • Matthew Dow Smith ("Histories")
  • Artists:
    • Nicole Goux ("Only You Can Save Yourself" interior art)
    • Miquel Muerto ("Only You Can Save Yourself" color art)
    • Josh Hood ("Consider Eternity" interior art and cover art)
    • Thomas Deer ("Consider Eternity" color art)
    • Sonny Liew ("My Human is Not" interior art)
    • Matthew Dow Smith ("Histories" interior art)
    • Shaun Steven Struble ("Histories" color art)
    • Neil Uyetake (letter art and production design)
    • David Garcia Cruz (cover color art)
  • Editor:
  • Publisher:
    • Greg Goldstein
  • Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry
  • Special thanks to Risa Kessler, Marian Cordry and John Van Citters at CBS Consumer Products.

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