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"Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019" is a one-shot special issue in the Star Trek: Waypoint series. Published by IDW Publishing, it was released in April 2019.


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The anthology series celebrating 50+ years of Star Trek continues in this new oversized special. Featuring four all-new tales written and drawn by some of today's top creators, this new installment of the hit Waypoint Special will revisit fan-favorite characters all across the Star Trek universe.

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  • Writers:
    • Stephen Mooney ("Hearts and Bones")
    • Corinna Bechko ("Unfathom")
    • Malachi Ward & Matt Sheean ("The Swift Spoke")
    • Thom Zahler ("The First Year")
  • Artists:
    • Stephen Mooney ("Hearts and Bones" interior and letter art and cover art)
    • Len O'Grady ("Hearts and Bones" color art)
    • Daniel Irizarri ("Unfathom" interior and color art)
    • Malachi Ward ("The Swift Spoke" interior and color art)
    • Andy Price ("The First Year" interior art)
    • Mark Roberts ("The First Year" color art)
    • Tom B. Long (letter art and production design)
  • Editor:
  • Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry
  • Special thanks to Risa Kessler, Marian Cordry and John Van Citters at CBS Consumer Products.

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