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The Star Trek trading card set released by A&BC in 1969 was the first full-color card set produced based on the franchise. Produced in the UK, the cards were based on the episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", and were packaged with chewing gum, one card per pack. There are no chase cards with this set.

The set featured images from the episode, with reverse-side captions following the storyline (containing numerous errors - "Roger Kirk", "Corby", "Rock", and others) and including "Space Facts" on certain cards.

Base set

Card # Title Card # Title
1 Captain Kirk 29 Speedy Attack
2 Mr. Spock 30 Escape and Hope
3 Dr Corby's Fiancee 31 Kirk Escapes
4 Contact with EXO III 32 Which Way to Go
5 Beaming Down 33 Rock in Pursuit
6 Deserted Planet 34 Kirk in Hiding
7 Mysterious Follower 35 Rock in Control
8 Dr. Corby, I Presume 36 Kirk's Life Spared
9 Andrea and Dr. Brown 37 Spock Awaits Kirk
10 No Radio Contact 38 Android Kirk Arrives
11 Brown Draws His Gun 39 Return of the Android
12 Kirk Moves Quickly 40 Kirk in Captivity
13 Kirk Shoots 41 Face to Face
14 Shattered by Rays 42 Rock Takes Action
15 Pinned to the Wall 43 Counter Attack
16 Transistorised Stomach 44 Kirk Retaliates
17 Perfect Robots 45 Shocking Discovery
18 Rock Imitates Kirk 46 Corby Explains
19 Experiments Unfolded 47 Androids Are Called
20 Heart of Metal 48 Fateful Meeting
21 Corby's Demands 49 Another Killing
22 Android Manufacture 50 Andrea Reports
23 Operation Duplicate 51 Corby Fears the End
24 Switch On 52 And Now Only Two
25 Which is Which 53 Spock Rescues
26 Christine Puzzled 54 Back on Course
27 Kirk and Kirk 55 Star Ship Enterprise
28 Corby Pleads for Time

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