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Star Trek was a comic book series published by DC Comics, running for 56 issues from February 1984 until November 1988.

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The continuing voyages of Admiral Kirk and crew aboard the refit Enterprise following the events of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. (Issues #1-#8)

The shakedown voyage of Admiral Kirk and crew aboard the USS Excelsior following the events of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. (Issues #9-#37)

The continuing voyages of Captain Kirk and crew aboard the new Enterprise following the events of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. (Issues #37-#55)

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  1. "The Wormhole Connection"
  2. "... The Only Good Klingon..."
  3. "Errand of War!"
  4. "Deadly Allies!"
  5. "Mortal Gods"
  6. "Who Is Enigma?"
  7. "Pon Farr"
  8. "Blood Fever"
  9. "Promises to Keep"
  10. "Double Image"
  11. "Deadly Reflection!"
  12. "The Tantalus Trap!"
  13. "Masquerade!"
  14. "Behind Enemy Lines!"
  15. "The Beginning of the End..."
  16. "Homecoming..."
  17. "The D'Artagnan Three"
  18. "Rest and Recreation!"
  19. "Chekov's Choice"
  20. "Giri"
  21. "Dreamworld"
  22. "Wolf on the Prowl"
  23. "Wolf at the Door"
  24. "Double Blind, Part One"
  25. "Double Blind, Part II"
  26. "The Trouble with Transporters!"
  27. "Around the Clock"
  28. "The Last Word"
  29. "The Trouble with Bearclaw"
  30. "Uhura's Story"
  31. "Maggie's World!"
  32. "Judgment Day!"
  33. "Vicious Circle!"
  34. "Death Ship!"
  35. "Stand-Off!"
  36. "The Apocalypse Scenario!"
  37. "Choices!"
  38. "The Argon Affair!"
  39. "When You Wish Upon a Star...!"
  40. "Mudd's Magic!"
  41. "What Goes Around..."
  42. "The Corbomite Effect!"
  43. "Paradise Lost!"
  44. "Past Perfect"
  45. "Devil Down Below!"
  46. "Getaway"
  47. "Idol Threats"
  48. "The Stars in Secret Influence"
  49. "Aspiring to be Angels"
  50. "Marriage of Inconvenience"
  51. "Haunted Honeymoon"
  52. "Hell in a Handbasket"
  53. "You're Dead Jim"
  54. "Old Loyalties"
  55. "Finnegan's Wake!"
  56. "A Small Matter of Faith"

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