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Star Trek was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics, running for eighteen issues from April 1980 until February 1982. The first three issues were an adaptation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


The continuing voyages of Admiral Kirk and crew aboard the refit Enterprise following the events of The Motion Picture.



The first Star Trek publication from Marvel was the Super Special #15 which was a magazine style release featuring the comic adaptation of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This was reprinted a few months later as the first three issues of the series.

  1. "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"
  2. "V'ger"
  3. "Evolutions"
  4. "The Haunting of Thallus!"
  5. "The Haunting of the Enterprise!"
  6. "The Enterprise Murder Case!"
  7. "Tomorrow or Yesterday"
  8. "The Expansionist Syndrome"
  9. "Experiment in Vengeance!"
  10. "Domain of the Dragon God!"
  11. "... Like a Woman Scorned!"
  12. "Eclipse of Reason"
  13. "All the Infinite Ways"
  14. "We are Dying, Egypt, Dying!"
  15. "The Quality of Mercy"
  16. "There's No Space Like Gnomes'!"
  17. "The Long Night's Dawn!"
  18. "A Thousand Deaths"


The series was collected as part of the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection:

  • Volume 13 - Star Trek: Marvel Comics, Part 1 (collects #1-7)
  • Volume 19 - Star Trek: Marvel Comics, Part 2 (collects #8-13)
  • Volume 39 - Star Trek: Marvel Comics, Part 3 (collects #13-18)



Starbase 14
The destination of the Enterprise on stardate 7523, for emergency medical treatment of Professor Fowler. (#8)