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Pocket Books has published a number of Star Trek novels in a variety of series. There are series based on each of the television series, and several ongoing series based around newly created characters and non-regular characters from the canon productions.

As of September 2017, the imprint began migrating over to Gallery Books, beginning with the Star Trek: Discovery series, with other series following over the next few years.

Ongoing series[]

Movie novelizations[]

The first twelve films have been novelized. Some were released as part of one of the ongoing series, but most were released individually. The only novel never planned to be released was Beyond.

Photostory adaptations of the first two movies were also published by Pocket.


A number of crossovers between series have been published as single novels or ongoing series of novels. Individual novels are often released as part of another ongoing series, with few exceptions. There are also a few miniseries that had character crossovers, but these have been relatively limited in length.

Crossover novels[]

Crossover series[]

Stand-alone novels and anthologies[]