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Star Trek – A Psychoanalysis


Star Trek has much to say about the human condition. What makes for an ideal society? When is war justified? How do we view diversity, tolerance, forgiveness? What is the proper role of our ever-more-complex technology? How will we deal with artificial life and intelligence?
These are all profound questions. Going through each richly nuanced episode of the original series, the author includes discussion about the social, political, and religious messages in addition to the psychological factors at play. He also looks at literary devices, teleplay act structure, writing techniques, scene analysis and societal trends, with allusions to literature and some physics, while commenting on social concerns as well as what children need to grow up healthy and happy.
Star Trek's best adventures have rich meanings on multiple levels simultaneously. They provide food for thought from the psychoanalytic, societal, interpersonal, and spiritual domains all at the same time. Stories that touch viewers on these interweaving planes are often deeply satisfying.

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