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VHS release
Series: TNG, DS9
No. of episodes: 6
No. of tapes: 3
Release date: 6 November 1995
Netherlands release date: 1997
Reference: ASIN B00005421I (UK)
Star Trek Crossovers VHS.jpg

Netherlands cover

Netherlands cover

The Star Trek – Crossovers Set was a VHS boxed set, catalog number VHR 4223, released by CIC Video in the UK on 6 November 1995 (alongside the Star Trek: The Next Generation - Data Box).

Centered around episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which featured characters from other series, the set consisted of three tapes, containing six episodes in total. Somewhat unusually, the tapes mix episodes from the two series together, instead of presenting them in a chronological or series order.

Each video case portrayed a character from one of the episodes transporting (Spock, Thomas Riker, and Koloth); when the case was removed from or returned to the storage cylinder, the sound of a transporter was heard.

A release in the Netherlands, called Star Trek – Crossovers Box followed in 1997. This set had the same episodes, with different packaging.


Volume Cover Episodes Cover note
1 Crossovers set - Spock cover
"Unification I"
"Unification II"
During the making of these episodes, the sixth Star Trek motion picture was in production, containing a guest starring role for The Next Generation's Michael Dorn, linking the two series. Reciprocating, Leonard Nimoy agreed to appear in the television series, thus also increasing public awareness of the new film.
2 Crossovers set - Riker cover
From their inceptions, new Star Trek series have always been determined to forge their own paths and find their own identities. With the exception of cameos to link and launch the new series, production crews only incorporate a character from a previous series when they feel their creation has achieved independent status.
3 Crossovers set - Koloth cover
"Blood Oath"
Character crossovers in Star Trek are now commonplace. For James Doohan's appearance in The Next Generation, the writers produced an homage with the re-creation of the original Enterprise's bridge and all of Scotty's favourite lines. In Blood Oath, the original series Klingons are brought back for one final adventure.
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