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Star Trek - Symphonic Suites, Volume Two was a soundtrack album released by Label X Records. This was a rerecording and rearrangement of the original score of the Star Trek: The Original Series episodes "I, Mudd", "The Enemy Within", "Spectre of the Gun", and "The Conscience of the King", to form orchestral suites for each episode. The suites were composed only of original compositions from the relevant episodes, and did not include tracked library music.

Track listing

# Title/Runtime
1 "The Conscience of the King" Suite (8:43)

(Spaceship Titles/Lenore/Lenore's Kiss/Everything is Later/Ophelia Mania/Last Cue)

2 "Spectre of the Gun" Suite (15:14)

(Melkot's Warning/Tombstone/Teeth Pulling/My Name/Doc Holiday/Love Scene in Old West/Chekov Gets Killed/Ten Minutes/We're Trapped/Final Curtain)

3 "The Enemy Within" Suite (13:15)

(The Rock Slide/The Tired Captain/Bruised Knuckles/An Impostor/Indecisive/Alter Ego/Another Brandy/Double Dog Death/Help Me/Thank You, Yeoman)

4 "I, Mudd" Suite (8:37)

(Alice in Wonderland/Mudd's Series/Tired of Happiness/Stella/The Last Straw/Stella 500)

Total running time: 45:49

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