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DVD release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 20
Director: various
Region 1 release date: 4 October 2005
Rating(s): MPAA PG-13 CHVRS PG
Reference: ASIN B000A6T262
Year: various

The 2005 version of Star Trek – The Motion Pictures DVD Collection is a Region 1 exclusive DVD collection containing the "Special Editions" of the ten Star Trek films released to that point.

The Canadian version of this collection has DVD case inserts that are bilingual (English and French). The Motion Picture is the exception, as the film itself does not include French language tracks. Customers purchasing were warned of this by a label affixed to the shrink wrap.


A follow-up to the 2001 release, and released on the same day as Star Trek Nemesis  (Special Edition), the collection contents are identical to the previous individual releases. Please refer to the following pages for the individual discs' arrangement,

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