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For the tenth movie in the Star Trek franchise, please see Star Trek Nemesis.

Star Trek 10 is a collection of short story adaptations of six Star Trek: The Original Series episodes, written by James Blish. Published by Bantam Books, it was first released in February 1974.


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As the Enterprise hurtles through space, the crew must destroy a ravening, murderous monster aboard the Starship; Kirk discovers an incredibly beautiful creature with strange powers of healing; Spock views the forbidden Kollos and goes insane; and more!

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Blish thanks his readers for their interest in him.
"The Alternative Factor"
A 26 page adaptation of "The Alternative Factor".
"The Empath"
A 26 page adaptation of "The Empath".
"The Galileo Seven"
A 29 page adaptation of "The Galileo Seven".
"Is There in Truth No Beauty?"
A 27 page adaptation of "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"
"A Private Little War"
A 28 page adaptation of "A Private Little War".
"The Omega Glory"
A 28 page adaptation of "The Omega Glory".

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