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A chilling journey through worlds beyond imagination. – Short story adaptations of seven Star Trek: The Original Series episodes, first collection in the series.


Originally titled simply Star Trek, this is the first Star Trek tie-in book ever published, pre-dating Mission to Horatius and The Making of Star Trek. Within nine months of initial publication it was re-printed five times. It was retitled Star Trek 1 after subsequent volumes in the series were published.


The stories in this volume were based on early draft scripts, and there are some significant differences between the printed version and what actually appeared on screen. Due to the lead times required for publication of print books such as these, James Blish was forced to use the only scripts available from Desilu promotions, which were draft scripts that had been discarded. As many of these draft versions have been lost in the years since the series ended, Blish's adaptations are now seen as valuable resources for those researching how the early episodes evolved from script to film.


Incorporated into The Star Trek Reader II (E.P. Dutton, April 1977) along with Star Trek 4 and Star Trek 9.

Cover gallery


Charlie's Law

A 22-page adaptation of TOS: "Charlie X".


Sam Ellis 
Medical division crewman who was temporarily sent into nothingness by Charlie.

Dagger of the Mind

A 17-page adaptation of TOS: "Dagger of the Mind".

The Unreal McCoy

A 14-page adaptation of TOS: "The Man Trap".


Robert Bierce 
Archaeologist. "Bierce" was referred to as Robert Crater in the episode.
Nancy Bierce 
Nancy was referred to as Nancy Crater in the episode.


Regulus VIII 
Eighth planet in the Regulan system. "Regulus VIII" is referred to as M-113 in the episode.

Balance of Terror

A 22-page adaptation of TOS: "Balance of Terror".

The Naked Time

A 15-page adaptation of TOS: "The Naked Time".


La Pig 
"La Pig" was referred to as Psi 2000 in the episode.


A 27-page adaptation of TOS: "Miri". Miri's planet is not an exact double of Earth.

The Conscience of the King

A 19-page adaptation of TOS: "The Conscience of the King".

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