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Star Trek 30 Years was a special anniversary edition magazine published by Paramount Pictures and TV Guide in 1996 as a celebration of the franchise's 30th anniversary.


From the back cover
  • An exclusive interview with Leonard Nimoy
  • TV Guide goes behind the scenes and tracks the making of a Star Trek episode from script to screen
    • US edition: An intrepid writer goes behind the scenes...
    • UK edition: Radio Times goes behind the scenes...
  • The Canadian connections in Star Trek
    • US edition: America's role in space exploration
    • UK edition: Britain's role in space exploration
  • A private chat with Majel Barrett zaps some of the myths surrounding the late great Gene Roddenberry
  • 100 influential people in the Star Trek universe – from directors and producers to actors and fans
  • The real Star Trek story – the show that almost didn't make it!
  • Nearly 400 comprehensive descriptions of Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation®, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine® and Star Trek: Voyager™ episodes, plus a special section on the Star Trek movies
  • Stars of the galaxy – Star Trek cast share special moments on and off the set
  • One fan's private collection of Star Trek memorabilia and hot tips on what to look for
  • TV Guide readers pay tribute to Star Trek with personal letters, anecdotes and humor
    • US and UK editions replace this with: Speaking Klingon™: Linguist Marc Okrand explains the origins of the Klingon language.
  • Plus a special pull-out bonus: our first ever map of Star Trek space in the 24th century!


Background information

  • There were at least three versions of the magazine. Two separate editions were published in North America: the Canadian version was published as a special edition of TV Guide and included a feature on "The Canadian connections in Star Trek", resulting in a eight page longer edition. A second version for the United States removed all references to TV Guide, and replaced the feature on Canadians with a feature which focused on "America's role in space exploration". Both versions were produced in Canada.
  • A version was also published in the United Kingdom, as a special edition of the TV listings magazine, the Radio Times, though the publication was treated as a book, and as such did receive an accompanying ISBN number. Like the Canadian TV Guide version, the UK edition featured a prominent RT logo at its top. The additional feature in this instance was "Britain's role in space exploration". The magazine saw a translated version in the form of the German language 30 Jahre Star Trek: Offizielle Sonderausgabe für Sammler.
  • All versions came with a pull-out Star Trek space map poster which consisted of a picture of the galaxy divided into quadrants and including Earth, DS9, the Bajoran wormhole, and the Barzan wormhole.

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