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The Star Trek 50th Anniversary Special was a special edition magazine published by TV Guide in September 2016.

Celebrating TV's Greatest Sci-Fi Legacy


Live Long and Prosper
TV Guide Magazine senior critic Matt Roush looks back at the enduring legacy and appeal of all things Star Trek.
William Shatner
The charismatic Captain Kirk weighs in on a 50-year odyssey.
George Takei
Sulu's groundbreaking impact continues today.
Nichelle Nichols
As communications officer Uhura, she delivered a powerful message.
Walter Koenig
Setting the record straight on Chekov's origins and life on the Trek set.
DeForest Kelley and James Doohan
Paying tribute to a pair of true originals.
Spock and Awe
Leonard Nimoy's son on the touching documentary For the Love of Spock.
Legacy of Hope
The son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry celebrates his dad's vision.
Saturday Morning Mission
How Star Trek: The Animated Series continued the voyage and charted new ground.
The Movies
The final frontier has expanded through 13 feature films.
The Trek Effect
The sci-fi juggernaut has influenced the course of pop culture from The Simpsons to The Big Bang Theory.
Out-of-this-World Art
A vibrant exhibit celebrates "50 Artists. 50 Years."
From the TV Guide Magazine Archives
Highlights from our long history of chronicling Trek lore.
Star Trek Cover to Cover
We have a long history of "covering" this fantastical phenomenon.
A New Frontier
What we know so far about the next Star Trek TV series.

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