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Blu-ray Disc release
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: The Animated Series
Star Trek films
No. of discs: 30
Run time: 6960 minutes
Director: Various
Region A release date: 6 September 2016
28 September 2016 (Japan)
Region B release date: 1 September 2016 (Australia)
5 September 2016 (UK)
8 September 2016 (Germany)
Rating(s): MPAA - Parental Guidance Suggested BBFC - 12 IFCO - 12 FSK - Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren OFLC (Australia) - Mature
Language: English (Dolby TrueHD 7.1)
Subtitles: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Dubbed: German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (DD Stereo)
Reference: ASIN B01GRW4A64 (Region A, USA)
ASIN B01ID5PULC (Region A, Japan)
ASIN B01LZAJHN4 (Region B, Australia)
ASIN B01J7NMAQC (Region B, UK)
ASIN B01HYD4GD2 (Region B, Germany)
Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection Australian blu-ray.jpg
Australian set, featuring the Blu-ray logo on its box
Box contents Region-A.jpg Box-set Contents EU.jpg
Region A (l) and Region B (r) contents; notice the variant insignia badges

The Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection (sometimes referred to as Star Trek: The Original Series - 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set) is a Blu-ray Disc boxset, containing the two television series and the six Star Trek films relating to Star Trek: The Original Series.

The Australian Region B edition was released first, and the only one to have the Blu-ray logo imprinted on its box, as that territory became the sole one to see a DVD counterpart as well. No other DVD version is known to have been released anywhere else in the world.

Largely collecting previously-released material, including the recent Director's Cut of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – albeit with new, unified disc art and repackaged into two Amaray cases in a softboard slipover cover, the two of them packaged side by side in the hardboard box. The set also includes the first release of Star Trek: The Animated Series on Blu-ray (only on region 1, region 2 has it on DVD), and a bonus disc containing an exclusive, newly made five-part documentary, Star Trek: The Journey to the Silver Screen, produced under the auspices of Roger Lay, Jr.

The boxset also contains artwork cards for the Original Series movies by Juan Ortiz, and an insignia badge (the design of the badge differing between the Region A and Region B releases).

While in some cases still being marketed as region-restricted, this release is in actuality region-free as this has increasingly become commonplace for the Blu-ray format. Furthermore, packaging (save for the language text imprints), foreign language tracks and subtitles are standardized for all regions, as is likewise becoming increasingly commonplace for Blu-ray releases.


Background information

This particular release is one of the few individual Star Trek releases followed by the professional industry site The Numbers and for which domestic US home video format sales are known; The Numbers has reported that by June 2020 domestic sales had been realized of US$2.1 million, [1] translating to about 26.250 units sold at a suggested retail price of US$80,00. While seemingly a somewhat moderate performance, it was not that surprising as most Star Trek fans already possessed the individual productions in one format or another and were loathe to, what they call, "double-dip" yet again for this release, the inclusion of a brand new documentary notwithstanding, and the sets were as a result predominantly sold to late/new-comers to the franchise as evidenced by the costumer reviews.

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