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The Star Trek Adventures - Borg Cube Collector's Edition Box Set is a forthcoming, limited-edition collection of materials for the Star Trek Adventures role playing game. Scheduled for release in September 2017, the collection will only be available through pre-orders and will not go on general sale after the game's launch.


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Modiphius Entertainment present the Ultimate limited edition collectors set for your Star Trek Adventures tabletop roleplaying game. this massive cube contains a whole host of accessories for the Star Trek Adventures game and includes the 368 page '1701-D' collector's edition core rulebook. Modelled on the iconic adversaries, the Borg, the cube is 30cm cubed – an incredible limited edition product for hobby gamers and Star Trek fans alike.
The Limited Edition Borg Cube set contains:
This special Collector's Edition features the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D on its cover rendered by The Light Works, who provided the 3D model for the Star Trek: The Next Generation Remastered series making it the most accurate model available. Spot UV varnish highlights the Enterprise and windows on a matt laminate cover with three coloured reading ribbons for extra referencing power!
  • Four sets of Star Trek Adventures 32mm scale miniatures: The Original Series crew, The Next Generation crew, a Klingon warband and a Romulan strike team.
  • Three sets of custom Star Trek Adventures dice – in Command Red, Operations Gold and Sciences Blue. Each set contains three twenty-sided dice and four six-sided Challenge dice.
  • A set of laser engraved tokens: 6 Momentum tokens in blue with the Federation emblem, and 20 Threat tokens in red with the red alert display.
  • A pad of 50 reversible, color character sheets, with character details on the front and starship details on the back.
  • A folded poster of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
  • 6 x double sided laminated reference sheets for bridge positions on one side and player aids on the other side.
  • A foam tray by KRMulticase with 40 compartments for the Star Trek Adventures 32mm scale miniatures, enough for all 4 sets contained in the cube, and then some!
  • A digital PDF bundle including the core book, plus the PDFs of the Command, Operations and Sciences division books, the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Quadrant books as well as These Are The Voyages Mission Compendium, as they are released.
  • An exclusive 32mm scale miniature of Lore (more exclusive villains will be added with each fleet of 500 Borg Cubes dispatched!).
  • An exclusive giant "Borg" Edition Gamemaster Screen.
  • Each Borg Cube is uniquely numbered with an official Star Trek Adventures hologram! There will be a fixed number of Borg Cubes based on pre-orders, after which it will not be available. Limited Edition numbers are randomly assigned to customers.
The cube itself has a sleeve compartment for the core book, storage space for future hardback books, a tray for all your accessories and the foam tray for your miniatures.

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