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Star Trek Adventures - Red Alert Skirmish Rules is a supplement for the Star Trek Adventures role playing game.


With Star Trek Adventures: Red Alert, your gaming group can add an exciting three-dimensional tactical experience to your RPG encounters. Now, Federation away teams can do battle against Klingon warriors, Romulan strike teams, Borg drones, or any number of other threats on far-flung worlds across the Galaxy. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of tabletop campaigns or a fresh-from-the-academy redshirt, you’ll soon be controlling your own away team and battling over the fate of worlds or the entire Galaxy!
This is a FREE PDF chapter of the Operations Division supplementary rulebook, for the Star Trek Adventures role playing game, and contains rules for miniatures combat.
You will also need:
  • The Star Trek Adventures core rulebook
  • Star Trek Adventures miniatures
  • Star Trek Adventures tile sets
  • At least two 20-sided dice (d20) per player
  • Several 6-sided dice (d6) to serve as Challenge Dice
  • Two sets of six chips or tokens for Momentum and Threat

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