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No ship, no crew. The frontier pushes back.

After stopping off at Starbase Yorktown, a remote outpost on the fringes of Federation space, the USS Enterprise, halfway into its five-year mission, is destroyed by a powerful, unstoppable wave of unknown aliens. With the crew stranded on an unknown planet and with no apparent means of rescue, they find themselves in conflict with a new ruthless enemy who has a well-earned hatred of the Federation and what it stands for.



Kirk on Teenax

Kirk offering a piece of the Abronath as a gesture of peace

In early 2263, on the planet of Teenax, Captain James T. Kirk is negotiating a treaty between the Teenaxi Delegation and the Fibonan Republic who are long-term enemies. He presents a piece of an ancient weapon as a gesture of goodwill, but the Teenaxian leader asks where it comes from. When Kirk says the Fibonans acquired it a long time ago, the Teenaxians accuse the Fibonans of stealing the artifact. The Teenaxians (who turn out to be quite small creatures compared to Humans), attack Kirk. As a result, he flips open his communicator and urgently asks Montgomery Scott that he be beamed up. He is eventually evacuated to the USS Enterprise, accidentally taking two Teenaxians with him. Walking down a corridor in his torn uniform, Kirk is followed by Spock and Leonard McCoy. Kirk asks his first officer to log the artifact in the ship's archive vault. "Jim, you look like crap," McCoy says. Kirk sarcastically thanks the doctor. When McCoy asks the captain if he is all right, Kirk replies, "Never better. Just another day in the fleet."

Act One[]

USS Enterprise bridge crew 2263

The crew of the Enterprise anticipate shore leave

"Captain's log, stardate 2263.2. Today is our 966th day in deep space, a little under three years into our five-year mission. The more time we spend out here, the harder it is to tell where one day ends and the next one begins. It can be a challenge to feel grounded when even gravity is artificial. But, well, we do what we can to make it feel like home. The crew, as always, continues to act admirably despite the rigors of our extended stay here in outer space. And the personal sacrifices they have made. We continue to search for new life forms in order to establish firm diplomatic ties. Our extended time in uncharted territory has stretched the ship's mechanical capacities. But fortunately our engineering department, led by Mr. Scott, is more than up to the job. The ship aside, prolonged cohabitation has definitely had effects on the interpersonal dynamics. Some experiences for the better, and some for the worse. As for me, things have started to feel a little episodic. The farther out we go, the more I find myself wondering what it is we're trying to accomplish. If the universe is truly endless, then are we not striving for something forever out of reach? The Enterprise is scheduled for a reprovisioning stop at Yorktown, the Federation's newest and most advanced starbase. Perhaps a break from routine will offer up some respite from the mysteries of the unknown."
USS Enterprise at Yorktown

The Enterprise arrives at Yorktown

The stardate is 2263.2. It has been nine hundred and sixty-five days since the USS Enterprise began its five-year mission. The Enterprise docks at Starbase Yorktown, an extensive deep space colony containing a large city, to replenish dwindling supplies while the crew takes shore leave. Struggling to find continued meaning in his duties as captain, and becoming increasingly affected by thoughts of the death of his father, George Kirk, Kirk applies for a promotion to vice admiral.

Spock learns of Spock Prime's death

Spock learns that Spock Prime has died

Meanwhile, Spock and Nyota Uhura deal with a time-out in their relationship; Hikaru Sulu reunites with his husband Ben and their young daughter; and Montgomery Scott struggles to keep the ship operational. Spock is also distraught to find that his alternate reality counterpart has recently passed away.

Kalara in UT

Kalara rescued and brought to Yorktown

An escape pod is found drifting out of a nearby nebula and its occupant, Kalara, claims her ship is stranded on the planet Altamid, which is located past the dangerous, unexplored nebula that will block communications with Starfleet. In a meeting with Yorktown's commanding officer Commodore Paris, Kirk volunteers the Enterprise for the rescue mission, and they get through the nebula with some difficulty, and eventually arrive at Altamid, which Spock finds to be a sparsely-populated class M world. Not long after arrival, the Enterprise comes under attack from a swarm of thousands of small, heavily-armed alien ships. Kirk orders a counterattack, but the Enterprise is overwhelmed by the enemy's sheer volume and strength; the ship's phasers, navigational deflector, and warp nacelles are destroyed within minutes.

USS Enterprise's deflector dish destroyed

The swarm cripples the Enterprise

With the Enterprise crippled and helpless, several of the attacking ships breach the hull, and a boarding party commanded by the swarm's leader, Krall, boards the ship. They make their way to the ship's vault, and on the way there Krall captures and drains the life force from several Enterprise crewmen, leaving them as withered husks. Scott attempts to restore power to the ship's impulse drive by feeding it from the warp core, but Krall orders the swarm to resume its attack. They destroy the neck section of the Enterprise, separating the saucer and engineering hulls, and leaving the saucer powerless due to Scott's modifications, leaving no way of switching over to the saucer's reserve power without a separation. Spock and Dr. McCoy are in a turbolift car that is ejected into space and subsequently captured by a swarm craft, but they managed to get into the craft and overpower its occupants.

Krall boards the Enterprise

Krall boards the Enterprise

Krall arrives at the ship and attempts to get to the vault to take the artifact from the Enterprise's mission from Teenax. However, Kirk gets to the artifact first and gives it to Ensign Syl before ordering the crew to abandon ship. As the separated engineering hull begins to disintegrate, most of the crew escape in escape pods, only for the swarm ships to capture them and drag them back to the planet. Seeing this, Scott fires himself out of the ship in a advanced long-range torpedo casing.

Kirk during Battle of Altamid

Kirk on the bridge in the last moments of the Enterprise

Kirk goes to separate the saucer from the neck but Krall attacks him before Kirk can initiate the separation. Uhura goes on to separate the saucer and gets left behind with Krall in the neck section while Kirk is on the saucer side.

USS Enterprise saucer crash

The Enterprise's saucer burning up

Kirk reaches the bridge, which by now is occupied only by Sulu, Chekov, Kalara, and a few other crewmen. However, Chekov reports that the saucer is too badly damaged to keep in orbit, and will crash within minutes. Kirk orders the remaining crew to abandon the ship by Kelvin pods once it enters the atmosphere (though everyone except for himself, Chekov, and Kalara are also captured), and is the last person to leave the Enterprise. Moments later, the saucer crashes into a mountain range, and what remains of it crash-lands in a field, embedding itself into the earth.

Act Two[]

Scott, who has landed elsewhere, is saved from some of the planet's unruly inhabitants by an alien scavenger named Jaylah and taken to her makeshift home, which he discovers to be the wreckage of the USS Franklin, which went missing almost one hundred years prior. Meanwhile, the swarm craft hijacked by Spock and McCoy crash-lands on the planet, badly injuring Spock and forcing McCoy to perform some very hasty surgery in order to save his life.

Grinning spock

"God, you're getting delirious."

After discovering that the alien artifact originated from the planet on which they had crash-landed, Spock reveals to McCoy that he is reconsidering his place in Starfleet after Spock Prime's death. The two are then attacked by the swarm only to be saved by Scott, who has repaired the Franklin's transporter system.

Meanwhile, Kirk and Chekov force Kalara to admit she lured the Enterprise into a trap, claiming that Krall promised to return her crew to her in exchange for the Enterprise and her own crew. With their tricorders having insufficient range to locate the rest of the crew, the trio board the crashed saucer in order to use its sensors. Kirk pretends to go to retrieve the artifact in a corridor and Kalara turns on him and reveals that her "crew" never existed; she's been in league with Krall from the very start. Fortunately, Kirk had seen through her, and Chekov rescues him as more of Krall's troopers arrive. Outnumbered and trapped, Kirk ignites the fuel tank for the saucer's maneuvering thrusters, which allows them to escape, but also causes the saucer to flip over, killing Kalara and the troopers, and causing the fuel tanks to explode, leaving the mostly-destroyed saucer as all that remains of the USS Enterprise.

Spock and Chekov

"You gave your girlfriend a tracking device?"
"...That was not my intention."

Meanwhile, Krall demands the artifact, threatening to kill Sulu if he does not get it. Syl relents and gives Krall the artifact, which he reveals to be the final component of a weapon called the Abronath that attacks organic tissue and which he intends to unleash on Starbase Yorktown. Krall then tests the weapon on Syl, dissolving her completely in the process.

When the group consisting of McCoy, Spock, Scott, Kirk, Chekov, and Jaylah has ascertained the location of the captured crew through Uhura's vokaya amulet, the group formulates a plan to infiltrate Krall's base. Jaylah is initially fearful of this, remembering the death of her family at the hands of Krall and his people, but Scott and Kirk are able to persuade her to help out.

Act Three[]

Spock, Jaylah, and McCoy

Spock, Jaylah, and McCoy beam into Krall's base

As Krall departs for Starbase Yorktown, Kirk, McCoy, Spock, and Jaylah rescue the crew before repairing the Franklin and also setting a course for the starbase. Spock and McCoy beam aboard an attacking drone ship and discover a way to disrupt the drones' cohesion, allowing the Franklin and the starbase to destroy much of the drone fleet using discordant noise on a very high frequency (VHF), provided courtesy of Jaylah's collection of "classical" late 20th century music.

After a brief battle between the swarm and Yorktown's defenses, Krall still manages to board the starbase despite the Battle of Yorktown, which eventually culminates in the Franklin intercepting his ships in a maneuver near the starbase's central control complex.

Balthazar Edison

Krall's original identity: Captain Balthazar Edison

As they look for him, Uhura learns from the Franklin's video logs that Krall's original name was Balthazar Edison and that he was born Human. Before his sudden disappearance, Edison had been the captain of the Franklin. He had been declared missing in action by Starfleet, and had ended up crashing onto Altamid, which was a former mining colony of an alien species known as the Ancient Ones, who had left drone equipment and other technology behind. Edison, and at least two of his crewmates, had used the remains of this technology to prolong their lives, and to build new military vessels. However, the use of the life-extension technology had also rendered the former members of the Franklin unrecognizable as Humans because they acquired some of the biological attributes of the other species they lured for their consumption.

Once Krall/Edison is on board the Franklin, he steals a command division Starfleet uniform and reverts to a mostly Human appearance after draining the life force from several more Enterprise crewmembers, healing the injuries he suffered when his ship was crushed.

Kirk confronts Krall at Yorktown

Kirk fights Krall to save Yorktown

Krall/Edison prepares to deploy the bioweapon, leading to a chase through the base. Kirk confronts Krall/Edison in the life support hub, and they fight in anti-gravity and weightless conditions in the life support section of Yorktown. Krall/Edison expounds his theory that Humanity needs to be in a state of conflict in order to progress, and that the Federation has stifled this process by bringing about peace in large areas of the galaxy. The fight ends with both Krall/Edison and the Abronath bioweapon being ejected into space, where the Abronath devours him.

Kirk is rescued from suffering the same fate by Spock and McCoy in their hijacked drone. Kirk tells Spock he doesn't know what he would do without him, causing him to contemplate his decision to leave Starfleet.

Spock's group photo

Spock finds Spock Prime's photo of himself along with his crewmates from his reality

Commodore Paris closes the unsolved cases of the fate of Captain Edison and the crew of the USS Franklin. She commends Kirk for his actions and informs him that his promotion to the admiralty is assured. However, Kirk respectfully declines the offer, his experience having rejuvenated his spirit to be a Starfleet officer, stating that "admirals don't fly". Remaining a starship captain, Kirk allows McCoy to lead him to a gathering where McCoy has planned a surprise birthday party for his friend. At a loss for words, Kirk instead raises a toast to the late starship Enterprise and to their fallen comrades. Spock allows himself a look at some of Ambassador Spock's personal effects and finds a photograph of him and his prime reality comrades on the bridge of their Enterprise.

Kirk's birthday party

Kirk's surprise birthday party

Reminding himself of his earlier discussion with Dr. McCoy, Spock elects to live as his alternate self did and remains serving in Starfleet. Kirk offers his condolences on Ambassador Spock's passing to his friend, which Spock accepts and begins to renew his relationship with Uhura. A despondent Jaylah, also present at the gathering, has consumed a large number of alcoholic beverages, which she had been told would "take her edge off", but is clearly not having much of an effect. Hoping to boost her spirits, Scott presents Jaylah with an acceptance letter into Starfleet Academy, courtesy of a few strings pulled by Kirk, who also warns her that Starfleet has many rules but not to follow all of them.

Crew looking at the Enterprise-A

The crew looks at the construction of their new starship

As Kirk and Spock look out of a massive window, they view the construction of a new starship. Considering the perils that had befallen the Enterprise and her crew since they were first assembled five years earlier, McCoy questions whether or not they really should go back out into space. As the starship finishes construction, its primary hull proudly displays her name and registry: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A). Kirk, Spock, Scott, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura can be heard taking turns paraphrasing Zefram Cochrane:

"Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before."

Log entries[]

  • Kirk: "Captain's Log, Stardate 2263.2. Today is our 966th day in deep space, a little under three years into our five-year mission. The more time we spend out here, the harder it is to tell where one day ends and the next one begins. It can be a challenge to feel grounded when even gravity is artificial. But, well, we do what we can to make it feel like home. The crew, as always, continues to act admirably despite the rigors of our extended stay here in outer space. And the personal sacrifices they have made. We continue to search for new life forms in order to establish firm diplomatic ties. Our extended time in uncharted territory has stretched the ship's mechanical capacities. But fortunately our engineering department, led by Mr. Scott, is more than up to the job. The ship aside, prolonged cohabitation has definitely had effects on the interpersonal dynamics. Some experiences for the better, and some for the worse. As for me, things have started to feel a little episodic. The farther out we go, the more I find myself wondering what it is we're trying to accomplish. If the universe is truly endless, then are we not striving for something forever out of reach? The Enterprise is scheduled for a reprovisioning stop at Yorktown, the Federation's newest and most advanced starbase. Perhaps a break from routine will offer up some respite from the mysteries of the unknown."
  • Edison: "Captain's log... I don't remember the stardate. All distress calls unanswered. Of the crew, only three remain. I WON'T ALLOW IT! The indigenous race abandoned this planet long ago. They left behind sophisticated mining equipment and a drone workforce. They have some sort of technology that prolongs life. I will do whatever it takes for me and my crew. The Fed-Federation do not care about us. You'll probably never see me again. But if you do... be ready."

Memorable quotes[]

"To perfect eyesight and a full head of hair."

- Leonard McCoy, making a toast to James Kirk a few days before his birthday

"You guys break up? What'd you do?"
"A typically reductive inquiry, doctor."
"You know Spock, if an Earth girl says, uh, 'it's me, not you', it's definitely you."

- Leonard McCoy, witnessing Spock and Uhura end their relationship at Yorktown

"I am Lieutenant Nyota Uhura of the USS Enterprise. And you have committed an act of war against the Federation."
"Federation?! Federation is an act of war."

- Nyota Uhura and Krall, on Krall's actions

"Your captain... why did you sacrifice yourself for him?"
"He would have done the same. And if he made it off that ship, he will come for us."
"I am counting on it, Lieutenant Uhura."

- Krall and Nyota Uhura, regarding James T. Kirk

"Yeah, I say it hurts less when it's a surprise."
"If I may adopt a parlance with which you are familiar, I can confirm your theory to be "horseshit"."

- McCoy, after removing shrapnel from Spock and cauterizing his wound

"Come now, Montgomery Scotty."

- Jaylah, to Montgomery Scott

"Leaving me behind will significantly increase your chances of survival, Doctor."
"Well that's damn chivalrous of you, but completely out of the question."
"It is imperative that you locate any surviving crew."
"Here I was thinking you cared."
"Of course I care, Leonard. I always assumed my respect for you was clear. The dialogue we have had across the years has always..."
"It's okay, Spock. You don't have to say it."
[McCoy and Spock are surrounded by three of Krall's drone ships]
"Well, at least I won't die alone!"
[Spock is beamed out from behind McCoy]
"Well that's just typical."

- Spock and Leonard McCoy

"This is where the frontier pushes back."

- Krall, to Nyota Uhura

"You're part of something bigger now, lassie. Right? Dinnae give up on that. 'Cause we'll sure as hell never give up on you. That is what being part of a crew is all about."

- Montgomery Scott, urging Jaylah to help the Enterprise crew

"What happened to you out there, Edison?"
"Ed-i-son? I have to say, Kirk, I missed being me. We lost ourselves, but gained a purpose! A means to bring the galaxy back to the struggle that made Humanity strong."
"I think you're underestimating Humanity."
"I fought for Humanity! Lost millions to the Xindi and Romulan wars. And for what? For the Federation?! To sit me in a captain's chair and break bread with the enemy!"
"We change. We have to. Or we spend the rest of our lives fighting the same battles."

- James T. Kirk and Krall

"You lost. There's no way for you to make it back there! Give up!"
"What, like you did?! I read your ship's logs, Captain James T. Kirk. At least I know what I am! I'm a soldier!"
"You won the war, Edison. You gave us peace!"
"Peace... is not what I was born into."

- James T. Kirk and Krall

"You... can't stop it. You will die."
"Better to die saving lives, than to live with taking them. That's what I was born into."

- Krall and James T. Kirk

"To the Enterprise... and to absent friends."

- James T. Kirk's toast at his birthday party

"You really want to head back out there, huh?"

- Leonard McCoy, to James T. Kirk and Spock while viewing the USS Enterprise-A under construction at Yorktown

"Space. The final frontier."
"These are the voyages of the starship..."
"...Enterprise. Its continuing mission..."
" explore strange new worlds..."
" seek out new life..."
"...and new civilizations...
" boldly go where no one has gone before."

- James T. Kirk, Spock, Montgomery Scott, Leonard McCoy, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov, and Nyota Uhura

Background information[]


The film takes place two-and-a-half years into the characters' five-year mission, [1] when the USS Enterprise is attacked by the Swarm and the crew is marooned on an unknown world as a consequence. They gain an ally in Sofia Boutella's alien warrior, Jaylah. [2]

Idris Elba plays the Swarm's leader, Krall, who detests the Federation's philosophy and opposes its introduction to the wider galaxy. [3] Elba said, "There's definitely an opposing argument to the good that the Federation think they do. There are purists that believe in independence, and believe that we're all made differently for a reason, and will fight tooth and nail to defend that. There's massive relatability to modern world politics in that sense." [4]

J.J. Abrams had stated he would like more female characters in the sequel. [5] He also mentioned the sequel could fall back on abandoned story ideas for the characters. "There was [an idea] implying the sexuality of one of the characters, a back story for another character that was pretty intense, a really funny story we wanted to do with yet another. Hopefully, if there are future films, those other stories will get their moment," he said. [6] Roberto Orci has voiced support for having a gay character. [7]

William Shatner was contacted about a possible role in the film. Along with Shatner, Leonard Nimoy had been rumored to appear, in a scene with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, as the future alternate reality versions of the characters. [8] In the wake of Nimoy's death on 27 February 2015, Simon Pegg mentioned there would be some tribute to the late actor in the final film. [9] On 27 May 2015, Pegg mentioned that it was possible Shatner could portray Kirk again at some point, [10] but Shatner confirmed he would not appear and he never discussed it. [11] Shatner's Kirk and Nimoy's Spock appear in the film in a still handled by the actor Zachary Quinto.

Zoë Saldana stated she would dislike it if Spock and Uhura broke up, describing that possibility as potentially "heartbreaking" for her. Concerning the film's action quotient, she speculated, "I'm pretty sure that for this third installment, we'll be able to sort of [...] be more hands-on." [12] Lin said their relationship will be consistent and acknowledge what came before. [13]

Bruce Greenwood expressed hope that Christopher Pike could return, which he referred to as a "deep, deep wish to come back." Although Pike dies in Star Trek Into Darkness, Greenwood suspected Khan Noonien Singh's revitalizing blood could be used to bring Pike back to life. As a result, he confirmed, laughing, that he would be interested in reprising the role in "Star Trek III: The Search for Pike", an in-joke reference to the title of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. In a serious manner, Greenwood related he would be interested in further resolution to the relationship between Pike and Kirk. (Star Trek Magazine Special 2015, p. 21) In reference to Kirk, he concluded, "Whatever happens in the third film, it will give the audience a sense of progression and change; an arc and a character that's really growing with them." (SciFiNow, issue 80, p. 26)

On 2 February 2015, the on-line movie and television news site reported that, for the new Star Trek film, three new major female roles would be cast. One of them would be the President of the United Federation of Planets, one would be a starship captain, and the third would be an ex-wife of Doctor McCoy, who was to be depicted as having several former wives. The male villain would be a Bryan Cranston-like type and the website also stated that Cranston was in talks with the studio. All this proved to be false. [14]


The working title for this sequel was "Washington" and "Washington Project". [15] [16] [17] On 21 April 2015, announced that Star Trek Beyond "may be the title" of the film. [18] The title was later confirmed by Director Justin Lin. [19]


Under Roberto Orci[]

Producer Bryan Burk commented that Paramount wanted the third film to take less time to produce than Star Trek Into Darkness took, and that 2016 – the 50th anniversary of Star Trek – would be a logical year to release it. [20] Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman added that Paramount insisted on a 2016 release date. [21]

J.J. Abrams, who directed Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, chose to direct Star Wars Episode VII, and accordingly only produce this film. [22] Abrams noted, "Having directed pilots and movies and then having seen subsequent directors work on those shows or do their own versions of those films – time and again I have seen it done better." [23] Patrick McKay stated, "Bad Robot, J.J., and his team are really at the heart of this movie's development. They are the guiding light by which we all do our work. J.J.'s been a key part of helping us spin this tale from the beginning, and if there are people who think that we've lost him to Star Wars this time around, that’s not the truth as far as we see it." [24]

In an interview published on 6 May 2013, Michael Giacchino expressed he was open to return to score the film, saying, "I’d be happy and honored to do another if that was in the future." [25]

In August 2013, then-writing partners Zack Stentz and Ashley Edward Miller pitches to J.J. Abrams a story with an antagonist who "...was more a 'noble adversary' a la Balance of Terror than another Khan. There was also Dyson Sphere [sic] and an ancient, Lovecraftian menace to the galaxy." [26][27]

In September 2013, J.J. Abrams acknowledged rumors that Rupert Wyatt could helm the sequel, stating, "He's incredibly talented, and we'd be lucky to have someone as talented as Rupert. But there are things we're focusing on right now before the director, which is just sort of the fundamentals of where the story is gonna go." [28]

On 2 November 2013, it was reported that Attack the Block director Joe Cornish was Paramount's choice to direct the film, though reports differed as to whether or not he had already begun negotiations to join the project. According to Variety, Cornish was offered the film once before, in May 2013, but had turned it down. [29] [30] [31] Abrams voiced his support for Cornish, stating, "I don't know if [he] is the guy. My guess is that's up in the air. I adore him and love him and can't wait to see what he does next. Hopefully, it will be Star Trek." [32]

On 6 December 2013, it was announced that up-and-coming screenwriters J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay would be writing the script alongside Roberto Orci. It was also announced that Alex Kurtzman would not be involved with the project, due to work on The Amazing Spider-Man movies and other projects. [33]

In February 2014, J.D. Payne explained they were trying to come up with a classic Star Trek storyline, where "You should respond to this opportunity that the crew has that also has some pitfalls to it [....] It's sort of the Adam and Eve thing, where should we eat the fruit or not eat the fruit? Well, there are some very compelling reasons why they should and why they shouldn't. So, [there are] similar kinds of things here that really give the whole movie an opportunity to sort of play with that, and have people come down on different sides and wrestle with it." [34]

In April 2014, it was revealed Roberto Orci had been lobbying to direct the film, but Paramount was reluctant to allow him, as he had never directed before. However, Bad Robot and Skydance Productions were supportive. [35]

At the US premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness on 2 May 2013, Damon Lindelof hinted that the prospect the Klingons would declare war on the Federation would come to fruition, and that Benedict Cumberbatch would return as Khan Noonien Singh. [36] However, Lindelof was not involved with the sequel.

Later in May 2013, Paramount relented to Roberto Orci's appeals, offering him the director's chair. [37]

In an interview published on 29 June 2014, Patrick McKay implied the film may not have a villain, explaining that, while he loved Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, he also loved the other films "that have a little bit more of the character relationships and the humor and some more of the speculative sci-fi elements." [38]

In July 2014, Roberto Orci clarified that he was not technically directing the film until Paramount approved the script. [39] On 9 August 2014, Orci proclaimed he had finished a first draft of the script. [40] On 27 August 2014, he revealed that the casting process for other characters had begun. [41]

On 18 September 2014, Zachary Quinto stated he expected the film to start shooting within the next six months. [42] The next day, it was confirmed that shooting would begin in February 2015, with a summer 2016 release date. An official announcement was to be made soon thereafter with a specific release date. [43]

As the domestic gross of Star Trek Into Darkness (which stood at US$228.5 million) was less than the first film, Paramount made the decision to film the sequel outside Los Angeles to save money. "We're making it for what it should have been shot for last time if we had made it outside of L.A., which we would have done except that [J.J. Abrams] didn't want to," a studio source told The Hollywood Reporter. "That was a $20 million issue." [44]

On 29 September 2014, Mayor Park Wonsoon confirmed he had met with the producers, including Jeffrey Chernov, and confirmed Seoul in South Korea as one of the filming locations for Star Trek Beyond. [45] According to, the film would be shot primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, which would also be used for outside filming locations. [46]

Roberto Orci officially stepped down from directing the film on 5 December 2014. Orci remained attached the project as an in-name producer, but ceased to by involved in production. [47] While the film was without a director, Jonathan Frakes lobbied to be given the opportunity to direct the movie. (SFX, issue 270, p. 63)

Under Justin Lin[]

On 22 December 2014, it was announced that Justin Lin had been hired to direct the film. [48] Two days later, it was announced that Roberto Orci would only produce the film and will no longer be involved in the writing process. [49]

A childhood fan of Star Trek: The Original Series, Lin was called by J.J. Abrams while filming the second season of True Detective. [50] After learning he was not beholden to any previous script, Lin decided to go "new and fresh. The Klingons, Romulans and other species are great, but it's time to go further. It has been fun to focus on creating whole new worlds and species." [51] Simon Pegg coined the title when he recognized Lin was trying to take Star Trek "beyond". [52]

On 21 January 2015, it was announced that principal filming would start on 15 April 2015 at Vancouver Film Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. [53] It was also announced that Simon Pegg and Doug Jung would help write the film. [54] Jung came to stay at Pegg's house to co-write the script; whenever they felt they completed enough of the rewrite, they would pass time by watching episodes of the original show. [55] They also consulted Memory Alpha, with Pegg claiming "We actually wrote to the Memory Alpha guys and got them to name a certain device in the movie. I sent them a letter saying, 'Can you come up with this for me?' In two hours, they came back with an entire etymological history of what the thing was. It's beautiful. It’s fantastic to have that support network." [56]

Simon Pegg commented Paramount felt Roberto Orci's script was "a little bit too Star Trek-y. Avengers Assemble [the release title of The Avengers in the United Kingdom], which is a pretty nerdy, comic-book, supposedly niche thing, made $1.5 billion. Star Trek Into Darkness made half a billion, which is still brilliant. But it means that, according to the studio, there's still $1bn worth of box office that don't go and see Star Trek. And they want to know why." Pegg described the rewrite as being akin to "mak[ing] a Western or a thriller or a heist movie, then populate that with Star Trek characters so it's more inclusive to an audience that might be a little bit reticent". [57]

Pegg also explained they wanted to mark the 50th anniversary by deconstructing the franchise. "I felt like it was important to really deconstruct the idea of Star Trek, the idea of the Federation and why it's special. We'll really be poking at a lot of different things." He also said, "We're gathering a great community within the galaxy, but to what end? What does it all mean?" [58]

The character of Jaylah was inspired by Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal of Ree in the 2010 film Winter's Bone. Pegg and Jung referred to her by Lawrence's nickname "J. Law", eventually inspiring the name "Jaylah". [59]

On 24 February 2015, it was reported that filming was pushed back to begin on 1 June 2015 and continue on until September. [60]

In March 2015, Stephen F. Windon was confirmed as the film's cinematographer, replacing Roberto Orci's choice of Claudio Miranda. [61] It was also confirmed that Nick Satriano had replaced the previously announced First Assistant Director Kim H. Winther. [62]

With the release of the official casting call, it was confirmed that shooting in Vancouver, B.C. would be starting on 15 June 2015 and continuing through 15 October 2015. To be considered being an actor, extra, or crew member on the new film, a legal eligibility for working in Vancouver was a requirement. Extras casting would get underway in May 2015. [63]

On 2 June 2015, it was reported that the first draft of the script had been finished. [64]

On 13 June 2015, Michael Giacchino said he had not yet talked to the makers of Star Trek Beyond about the prospect of him returning to Star Trek in order to compose this film. The reason no contact had been made was partly because Giacchino himself had been extremely busy but also "because they're in such a crazy schedule crunch [....] But I imagine that I will be talking to them soon about all of this, and we'll figure out what’s going to happen next," he said. [65]

Deep Roy was confirmed to be returning as Keenser on 8 July 2015, having canceled a convention appearance for filming on Star Trek Beyond. [66]

On 11 July 2015, Michael Giacchino announced his participation in the movie by tweeting, "So thrilled to be working with Justin Lin and the rest of the Enterprise crew on Star Trek Beyond! Let's boldly go!" [67] [68] He commented that Beyond is not as gritty and earthbound as the previous two films, so the score would feel different. [69]

It was announced on 24 July 2015 that Joe Taslim had been cast in a key role opposite Idris Elba. [70]

On 7 August 2015, Joseph Gatt confirmed that the character he played in Star Trek Into Darkness, Science Officer 0718, would not be returning for Star Trek Beyond, due to script rewrites eliminating his role from the story. [71]

The Italian press reported on 24 October 2015 that former Chelsea, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti had been cast to play a doctor. [72]

Bryan Burk observed, "In the beginning, you could see a palpable sense of excitement as the cast started to work with [Justin Lin]." (SFX, issue 270, p. 71)

Addressing the involvement of Roberto Orci and his co-writers John D. Payne and Patrick McKay, Justin Lin said on 14 December 2015 "The WGA has to figure it out, because I don’t know who those writers are, I never met them. I came on, I had an idea and then Simon and Doug came on. I had one conversation with Orci after I came on, and that was it." [73]

While the first trailer credited Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, it also credited Roberto Orci, John D. Payne, and Patrick McKay. The second trailer only credited Pegg and Jung.

Due to Warner Bros. Pictures becoming Paramount Pictures, the copy of the Paramount logo that came from the film was replaced with a new copy of the logo on the DVD.


Sofia Boutella and Justin Lin

Boutella and Lin on set

Justin Lin with Kirk in transporter

Lin and Pine on the set of the Franklin's transporter

It was reported that filming was pushed back again and was to begin on 25 June 2015. [74]

On 25, 26, 29 and 30 June 2015, the production filmed scenes in Squamish Boulders, Squamish, British Columbia. Filming took place around the Kacodemon Boulder and Cave Boulder for the first three shooting days. On the fourth day, filming took place south of the Black Dyke Boulder. [75] The filming schedule was updated on 26 June 2015 and the first set photos as well as a sixteen-page filming permit contract went online. [76] [77]

On 26 June 2015, Executive Producer David Ellison revealed Dubai as a filming location. [78] [79] Three days later, Director Justin Lin revealed that the title was officially Star Trek Beyond, as well as releasing the first officially released set photo. [80]

On 19 July 2015, TrekCore reported some set photos from a large green screen build-up located at Kent Hangar Field, west of Vancouver International Airport. In addition, an enormous wooden construction was also spotted. [81] This location was later revealed as a filming location for War for the Planet of the Apes. [82]

Between 11 August 2015 and 13 August 2015, an open casting call for background roles was held by Miranda Davidson Studios at Dubai City Studio Soundstage, Building B, Ground Floor. [83] [84]

On 14 August 2015, several more set photos were published on the internet, backing the claim that a Federation starship crash landed on a planet. [85]

On 20 August 2015, the first set photos from the filming were published by Several shots gave a detailed view of Sanja Milkovic Hays' newly designed Starfleet uniforms and also several shots of an alien character played by Sofia Boutella. [86]

On 22 August 2015, the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) announced an internship program which would run from 13 September until 15 October 2015. The organization meanwhile also confirmed Dubai was to be used as a filming location for Star Trek Beyond, in October 2015. [87]

On 27 August 2015 and 29 August 2015, Twitter users reported that Star Trek Beyond was filming at Triangle Road in Richmond, B.C. and at the Pitt River Quarries in Red Deer, B.C. [88] [89]

In October 2015, filming started in Dubai. Filming locations included the desert reserve Platinum Heritage and the Dubai Central Park Towers ground in front of the Central Park Tower and the Platinum Tower. [90] [91][92] [93]

During their filming in Dubai, several set photos were posted on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites, including several images and videos of new alien species. [94] [95] [96] [97] [98] [99]

Principal filming wrapped in Dubai on Thursday 15 October 2015. [100]

On 11 March 2016, it was announced that reshoots would occur the following week. It was also announced that Shohreh Aghdashloo would be playing the "High Command of the Federation". [101] Reshoots wrapped up on 17 March 2016. [102]


Green hand - STB end credits

The "giant green hand" seen in the credits

  • One of the many stories of the Franklin's fate involved a "giant green hand". This could be an homage to TOS: "Who Mourns for Adonais?". A giant green hand also appears in the end credits of the film.
  • The ripping of James T. Kirk's shirt at the beginning of the film is an homage to various Original Series episodes such as "Where No Man Has Gone Before", "Shore Leave", "Court Martial", and "Amok Time" in which Kirk gets into fights and his shirt is ripped.
  • This movie marks the third time an Enterprise is destroyed in a Star Trek film. The original USS Enterprise was destroyed in 2285 in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and the Enterprise-D was destroyed in 2371 in Star Trek Generations.
  • This film marks the second time a ship captained by Kirk has crashed into an ocean, the first time being in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and the third time it made contact with the water, the second time being in Into Darkness, when it was hiding on Nibiru.
  • Kirk mentioning the Enterprise being on its 966th day in deep space is a reference to the month that Star Trek: The Original Series first aired: September 1966.
  • This is the second Star Trek film not to feature any scenes taking place on or near Earth. (Star Trek: Insurrection was the first.)
  • The photograph of the prime USS Enterprise-A crew Spock views while looking through Ambassador Spock's belongings near the end of the film is a publicity photo for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Terry J. Erdmann commented: "When Spock opened the kit at the end and sees that picture of the original crew, Paula [M. Block] and I just looked at one another. I arranged that photo shoot, getting all the actors together after the fact. They had only shot together as a full cast for a few days, so I had to get the wardrobe, set, lighting, etc. to make that moment happen. I was so pleased to see it on screen when the picture flashed in front of me in the theater. I thought, that photo shoot still has legs". [103]
  • This marks the third movie to feature Kirk's birthday. The first was shown at the beginning of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and the second was the opening scene of Star Trek.
  • Kirk having a drink with McCoy as he discusses his life is reminiscent of many such scenes in The Original Series where Kirk sought Bones' counsel, often over a drink, as seen in episodes such as "The Corbomite Maneuver" and "The Ultimate Computer".
  • The drink that McCoy dismisses when he finds Kirk drinking is Saurian brandy, the preferred drink of Kirk and McCoy in The Original Series.
  • This is the second film – the first being The Wrath of Khan – where Kirk ponders his future on his birthday.
  • The toast McCoy offers to Kirk while sharing Saurian brandy, "To perfect eyesight and a full head of hair", is interesting considering that in the prime universe, Kirk requires corrective lenses, being allergic to Retinax V.
  • The toast Kirk gives at his birthday party in honor of the fallen crewmembers was also spoken by his counterpart in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek Nemesis, and Kor in DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach". His toast to the Enterprise also echoes the toast Montgomery Scott raises to the original Enterprise in TNG: "Relics".
  • Commodore Paris could possibly be a distant relative to Admiral Owen Paris and his son, Lieutenant Tom Paris, from Star Trek: Voyager. Simon Pegg later confirmed that Commodore Paris was a nod to Tom Paris from Voyager and stated that the commodore "probably" could have been his grandmother. [104]
  • Simon Pegg stated that the names of the two crew members killed by Krall were taken from "Balance of Terror", Martine and Tomlinson. [105]
  • Chekov states that Scotch whisky was invented by an old woman in Moscow. It is reminiscent of Chekov's dialogue about Scotch from TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles".
  • Shortly before the Franklin lifts off from Altamid, Kirk asks Sulu if he can fly it. Sulu turns and says, "You kidding me, sir?". In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior similarly turned toward Janice Rand and said "Are you kidding?", when she asked if they should report to Starfleet that Praxis had exploded.
  • Given that the film opens on the 966th day of the five-year mission (2 January 2263), it can be extrapolated that the five-year mission began on 12 May 2260.
  • Spock Prime's date of death is listed on screen as stardate 2263.02, ostensibly the same day as 2263.2, when Kirk records his Captain's log early in the film.
  • This is the third Star Trek film after Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek in which no Klingons appear on screen. While Klingon ships appeared in both other films, this is the first where there is no reference to them at all.
  • Karl Urban has said that the medallion he wears at the end of the film, as well as his shirt being open, is an homage to DeForest Kelley's similar first appearance as McCoy in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. [106]
  • Spock's pondering leaving Starfleet to return to New Vulcan (to dedicate his life to completing the late Ambassador Spock's work) is possibly a reference to the fact that in the prime universe, he left the service soon after the end of the five-year mission (as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture) to dedicate himself to the kolinahr discipline. By the end of the events of that film, he had resolved his internal conflicts and had decided that his initially reluctant return to Starfleet was now a permanent one. In this film, Spock ultimately decides, after looking at a photo of Ambassador Spock with his fellow aged Enterprise comrades, that he also belongs with his own Enterprise family.
  • This is the first on-screen use of saucer separation since Star Trek Generations, and the first on-screen use by a ship other than the Enterprise-D.
  • This film establishes that Kirk's mother, Winona, is still living, as McCoy asks the captain if he will be calling his mother on his birthday.
  • With a release at Star Trek's 50th anniversary, this film includes fifty new alien species. [107]
  • In one line, Krall refers to the Federation's "centuries of expansion"; according to ENT: "These Are the Voyages...", by the events of the film, the Federation was just over a century old (Although, considering the unknown circumstances of the Franklin's arrival on this planet, it may be that Krall was the victim of a time dilation effect or Krall has simply lost track of time after so long trapped on Altamid with no awareness of the date on Earth).
  • When Scotty beams Spock and McCoy onto the Franklin separately, he explains that it's so they wouldn't become spliced by the cargo transporter, a prospect that McCoy finds horrifying. This references the Voyager episode "Tuvix" – one of the two people put together by the transporter is a Vulcan, Tuvok.
  • The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Ascent" also features two characters who are often at odds being stuck with each other (Odo and Quark) being separated by a one-at-a-time beam-out, with the one initially left behind, Odo, believing Quark has abandoned him (due to death).
  • This is the second time in the alternate reality that equipment originally created for mining was used as a weapon (against the Enterprise); the first was Nero's ship, the Narada.
  • In his intercom address during the Enterprise's mission to Altamid, Kirk states to his crew that "There is no such thing as the unknown, only the temporarily hidden." His prime timeline counterpart similarly stated to his crew, "there's no such thing as the unknown. Only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood," in the episode "The Corbomite Maneuver".
  • In Star Trek: The Original Series, the opening tagline ended with "where no man has gone before", a wording that could be seen as sexist, so in Star Trek: The Next Generation it was changed to "where no one has gone before". In Star Trek Beyond, the line is spoken (using "no one") by a woman, Uhura.
  • Thasus is mentioned in the film. Thasus was the homeworld of the non-corporael Thasian species. It was home to Charles Evans after a transport ship crash-landed on the ship.
  • Spock quotes Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, Act 3, Scene 1 - "The miserable have no other medicine but only hope."


Star Trek Beyond international titles

International title cards: English, Castilian Spanish, Chinese (traditional), French, Spanish, Portuguese

In October 2015, Allociné, a French site for the dates of movie releases, reported that, in France, Star Trek Beyond will be released on 24 August 2016 and will be titled Star Trek sans limites. [108] In January 2016, Paramount Pictures France advanced the release date to 17 August 2016. [109] The release date in Belgium, Switzerland, and French-speaking communities in Europe was also 17 August 2016. The release date in Quebec and New Brunswick provinces and French-speaking communities in North America was 22 July 2016, the same date as the United States. [110]

Despite not being permitted the chance to direct this film, Jonathan Frakes has nonetheless made supportive comments about it. For example, in the lead-up to the movie's release, he has remarked, "I think Justin Lin is going to do a great job. I'm looking forward to that." (SFX, issue 270, p. 63)


Star Trek Beyond cast Omaze

The Star Trek Beyond cast in the July 2015 Omaze campaign announcement video

Washington Code Name

Filming of an Omaze video using the codename "Washington"

On 14 July 2015, the cast of Star Trek Beyond announced "To Boldly Go", a charity campaign in partnership with Omaze to benefit nine different children's charities:

  • Brave Beginnings (Zoe Saldana)
  • Camp Sunshine (Anton Yelchin)
  • Direct Relief (Zachary Quinto)
  • Heaven Homes (Idris Elba)
  • KidsCan (Karl Urban)
  • Koreatown Youth & Community Center (John Cho)
  • Make-A-Wish (Chris Pine)
  • Time is Precious (Simon Pegg)
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (Susan Nimoy in honor of Leonard Nimoy)

Those who donated would receive prizes, as well as a greater chance of winning a walk-on part in the film for them and a friend, depending on the amount they give. J.J. Abrams previously announced a similar campaign, "Force for Change", for Star Wars Episode VII. [111] Each week, two of the cast members announced a winner. [112] The winners included Audrianna Davis and friend Summer, [113] Amy and Karen Ackerman, [114] Steven and Nick, [115] Steve Lamb, Linda, and several others. [116]

Omaze reported on the set visit in late September 2015 [117] and announced Adam Horwitz as the winner of the walk-on role. [118]

A trailer for the film was released online on 14 December 2015, and premiered in theaters before Star Wars: The Force Awakens. [119] The trailer, which was set to the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" as a callback to the 2009 film, drew a mixed response from fans as well as George Takei and Wil Wheaton. [120] Simon Pegg admitted to being surprised by the trailer, speculating "the marketing people [were] saying, 'Everyone come see this film, it's full of action and fun.' When there is a lot more to it than that. I didn't love it because I know there is a lot more to the film." [121]

A full-length trailer was released on 20 May 2016, to mixed reviews, but was better received than the teaser.

There is a four-issue comic book series titled Star Trek: Manifest Destiny, though it is not branded as an official prequel to the film like previous IDW Publishing comics Countdown and Countdown to Darkness.

Star Trek Beyond is the first film in the franchise not to have a novelization.

Collectible miniatures of starships from the film have been produced by Snapco and more are slated for release by Hallmark and Quantum Mechanix. Ben Robinson, the project manager of the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection partwork magazine, has announced that Eaglemoss Collections will be producing a USS Enterprise and a USS Franklin from the film as special issues. Another Beyond starship design will also be produced. Additional starship miniature premiums will be included with Paramount Pictures' and Walmart home video releases.

Concept art showing the Franklin has been posted at TrekCore. [122][123]

On 13 March 2016, it was reported that Paramount had announced the film's international release dates. Thailand would be the first country to show the film, on 19 July 2016, and Argentina the last, on 1 September 2016. [124] [125]

Jaylah and scott

A still from the movie

On 27 March 2016, the first official still photo from the movie was released as part of USA Today's summer film preview. [126] [127] More photos were released later, including after the film's second trailer was released. [128]

A promotional single was released for the film in America, "Sledgehammer", by Rihanna. In China, a different track, "Lost in the Stars" was released by Chinese pop star Zhang Jie (aka Jason Zhang). [129]


The first official teaser poster for the film was released alongside the second trailer. [130] Soon after, character posters started being released. [131] The posters featuring Sulu and Uhura had to be re-released following a gaffe that placed their insignia on the wrong side of the uniform. [132]

Box office[]

Despite receiving reviews as positive as its two predecessors, Beyond underperformed at the US box office. It opened with US$59.2 million, behind the last two films, and almost a month after its release it only grossed US$196.9 million worldwide, compared to its US$185 million budget. [133] Beyond ultimately grossed US$158.8 million in North America, the lowest total of the three current Star Trek film series, though overseas it made approximately US$183 million, ahead of the first film. At a total gross of US$341.9 million, it was the least successful of the trilogy financially speaking. [134] Not only that, the total gross pitted against its production budget, made Beyond the second all-time worst performing film of the entire Star Trek film franchise in terms of profitability, only surpassed by Star Trek Nemesis. Ironically though, and unlike the latter, Beyond was well received by critics and fans alike, making it as of 2020 the fourth best-received film of the franchise, even beating out, albeit by the slimmest of margins, fan favorite Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – that is, only in this regard as that film was a financial success for the studio.

The substantial loss suffered by the studio on the account of Beyond, played a major part in the cancellation decision in January 2019 of the fourth alternate reality film. [135]

The dismal box-office performance reflected itself in its resultant domestic sales of DVD and Blu-ray Disc home video formats, equally disappointing. According to the professional industry site The Numbers, the Beyond domestic home video sales (excluding the three-film combo releases) had by June 2020 totaled up to US$42.5 million in contrast to Star Trek's US$200 million and Into Darkness's US$80.5 million with an additional US$3.8 million for combo releases of the latter two titles. [136]


Forbes magazine argued that Paramount should have given the film a lower budget: "The thing that made [Beyond] most appealing to the fans, that it played like a smaller-scale 50th anniversary homage to the spirit and tone of the original show, was the thing that arguably doomed it in terms of blockbuster success. Star Trek Beyond was what its fans wanted it to be. There is value in that over the long run. But Paramount and friends need to realize that Star Trek is never going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy-level success and plan accordingly." [137] The Forbes commentary touched upon the circumstance that while "old guard" Star Trek fans did show up at the theaters, "new", and non-fans alike failed to do so, they at the time being offered a plethora of apparently more attractive (block buster) alternatives, those stemming from The Walt Disney Company by then owned properties in particular. These not only included the cited Guardians of the Galaxy and others from the Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise, but the productions from the in the meantime revived rival Star Wars franchise as well, as detailed in a later Forbes editorial. [138]

Additionally, the alternate reality film franchise had started to cause a rift between the "old guard" fanbase and newcomers to the franchise, with the former expressing their reservations about the alternate reality (re)incarnation, especially for its lack of "the Roddenberry factor", as Star Trek production staff veteran Doug Drexler had put it, [139](X) but which was present in Beyond, courtesy Director Justin Lin and Writer Simon Pegg, making it the trio's best received one by the [old guard] fanbase. Whereas newcomers on the other hand had flocked to the first two action packed films, precisely because it was fast paced fun and in line with similar fare offered to them by other franchises which catered to the current tastes of contemporary cinema goers (being coined "fun, popcorn movies" by former Star Trek production staffer Roger Lay, Jr. [140]), they apparently deemed Beyond as "too Trekkie" to their tastes. [141] [142]

Simon Pegg commented two years after the film's release that Paramount had poorly marketed the film, stating they had waited too long to release a full trailer and that they were afraid of mentioning the 50th anniversary. He also expressed anger at how the teaser ruined the use of "Sabotage" in the movie. [143](X) Pegg did not deviate from his opinions as he reiterated them in March 2020 to IndieWire in an even more outspoken fashion. [144] Incidentally, the studio appeared to have deemed the film "too Trekkie" as well, explaining their marketing decisions regarding the heavy emphasis on action and fun, as related above. Furthermore, Pegg himself came by and large to agree with the Forbes assessment when he at a later point in time – in the process expressing his own personal doubt on the continued existence of the alternate reality and/or the film franchise as a whole for that matter – stated to Collider,

"The fact is, the appeal of Star Trek is slightly more niche than the appeal of, say, the Marvel movies, which make huge amounts of money, and have this really, really broad appeal and they do very well. I think Star Trek is just a little bit more niche, so it isn’t gonna hit those kind of numbers. So yes, the obvious thing to do would be to not go for that massive spectacle, go for something a little bit more restrained in the vein of the original series. Yes, that would be a brilliant thing to do, and I’m sure it probably has been discussed… You specialize a little bit more. (...) Maybe TV is a better place for [Star Trek] now. Television has evolved so much. It's become something which is very much a contemporary, a peer of cinema. It's simply viewed in a different way. It isn't a reduced scope anymore. You can still do masses of interesting things, and it can still look modern and not inexpensive. Maybe television is a better format for Star Trek. That's where it started, you know." [145]

What Beyond, or rather its poor box office performance, had abundantly and conclusively demonstrated though, was that the reliance on the traditional Star Trek fanbase alone for a motion picture production to become financially viable, was not enough due its relatively small numerical size of potential cinema visitors, especially from the 1990s onward when production costs exploded from double to triple digit millions of dollars, and arguably never had been. Any new Star Trek motion picture production, be it a film or a television production, especially those conceived from the 1990s onward, needed to attract a viewership that extended well beyond "Trekdom" alone, and which was something Paramount was actually already acutely aware of since Berman-era Star Trek. (A Vision of the Future - Star Trek: Voyager, pp. 139-140) It is this circumstance in particular that explained the ponderous and sluggish development of a projected fifteenth film; Paramount needs a film that is appealing to an audience as broad as possible, [146] the aforementioned Forbes admonishment notwithstanding – hence the resurfacing of the "too Trekkie" qualifier in regard to that projected film.

Merchandise gallery[]

Awards and honors[]

Star Trek Beyond received the following awards and honors.

Year Group Award Nominee(s) Result
2016 Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot Nominated
Best Hair and Makeup
Golden Trailer Award Best Teaser The AV Squad, Paramount Pictures
2017 Academy Awards Best Makeup and Hairstyling Joel Harlow, Richard Alonzo
VES Awards Outstanding Model in a Photoreal project Andreas Maaninka, Rhys Salcombe, Daniel Nicholson, Chris Elmer
Saturn Awards Best Science Fiction Film -
Best Actor Chris Pine
Best Supporting Actor Zachary Quinto
Best Make-Up Joel Harlow, Monica Huppert Won
Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards Feature Motion Picture: Best Special Makeup Effects Joel Harlow, Richie Alonzo

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Andrei Mahankov
Rick Moore
James Redoy
Ross Wahl
Ken Diamond
Jean-Luc Grenier
Kevin Kasper
David Manske
Graeme Morgan
Shane Wanless
Elena Dresser
Rupert Hancock
Patrick Kearns
Nick Mather
Denyse Nelson
Leah Wiebe
Electronic Props Set Wireperson
Keith Brookes
Electronic Props
John Adams
Simony Bayley
Steve Holland
Don Kazakoff
Graeme Klein
Christian Rayner
Les Wilson
Electronic Props Carpenters
Ken Laderoute
Marco Buttignol
Assistant Costume Designers
Summer Dietz
Irena Stepic-Renduli
Costume Supervisors
Nava R. Sadan
Jim Tyson
Costume Coordinator
Jessica Lythgoe Green
Background Costume Coordinator
Corinne Mameli
Key Costumers
Antonio Almaraz
Dawn Line
Costume Set Supervisors
Susan O'Hara
Lise Hache
Anne Burke
Natasha Gale
Susanne Milka
Amy Schilbe
Pamela Cameron
Silke Guglielmo
Heather Osborne
Sandra Collier
Betsy Glick
Zina Richardson
Lucas Comstock
Lana Krause
Meghann Rogers
Breakdown Artists
Lanny Campbell
Christina Dietterle
James Knight
Ellie Schultz
Samantha Stroman
Bridget Catchpole
Head Cutter
Kieu Nguyen
Head Textile Artist
Rebeka Roberts
Savino Peragine
Nu Quian
Katri Tahvanainen
Romaulda Wnuk
Amy Yang
Patrice Yapp
Costume Illustrators
Phillip Boutte Jr
Christian Cordella
Allan Villanueva
Specialty Costume Fabrication By
Film Illusions, Inc.
Specialty Costume Fabrication Supervisor
Russell Shinkle
Key Makeup Artist
Monica Huppert
Makeup Artists
Rebeccah Delchambre
Meghan Harkness
Hair Department Head
S. Anne Carroll
Alisa MacMillan
Thom McIntyre
Creature Designers
Carlos Huante
Allen Williams
Neville Page
Makeup Effects Artists
Richard Alonzo
Michael Fields
Sarah Graham
Marlow MacFarlane
Geoff Redknap
Werner Pretorius
Leonard MacDonald
Suzie Kilmack
Patricia Murray
Holland Miller
Felix Fox
Maiko Gomyo
Toby Lindala
Charles Poirlier
Frida Norman
Makeup Effects Sculptors
Joey Orosco
Lee Joyner
Matt Rose
John Wrightson
Don Lanning
Marc Opdycke
Mike Rotella
Norman Cabrera
Erick Rodriguez
Miles Teves
Makeup Effects Lab Technicians
Matthew Aebig
Christopher Evitt
Tracy Lai
Shelagh McIvor
Chris Baer
Joshua McCarron
Charles Trent
Steve Buscaino
Bryan Blair
John Halfmann
Jeff LeBlanc
Crissy Renaud
Roland Blancaflor
David Mosher
Pedro Valdez
Rob Hinderstein
Brittney Bolzan
Kyle Huculak
Gilbert Liberto
Amelia Smart
Harry Blom
Alex Noble
AJ Venuto
Tim Ralston
Tegan Colby
Kaylynn Kallweit
Ray Mariathasan
Corinne De Berry
Scotty E. Fields
Johnny Saiko
Caitlin Groves
Khanh Trance
Contact Lenses
Debra Szteina
Cristina Patterson
Marcine Peter
Makeup Effects Coordinators
David Heffler
Cynthia Edner
First Assistant Editors
Laura Yanovich
Meghan L. Noble
Dave Cory
Second Assistant Editors
Jesse Chapman
Tyler Ruocco
Post Production Supervisor
Jessica Parks
Post Production Coordinator
Patrick Correll
Post Production Assistant
Sam Sher
Visual Effects Editor
Craig Smith
Assistant Visual Effects Editors
Britni Peters
Jesse Goldsmith
Second Assistant Visual Effects Editor
Andrew Rivard
Supervising Dialogue & ADR Editor
Daniel S. Irwin
Assistant Supervising Sound Editor
Paul Aulicino, M.P.S.E.
Sound Design
Stephen P. Robinson, M.P.S.E.
Eliot Connors, M.P.S.E.
Sound Effects Editors
Ann Scibelli
Lee Gilmore
Joe Ozuban
Supervising Foley Editor
John Sanacore, CAS, M.P.S.E.
Dialogue Editor
John C. Stuver, M.P.S.E.
ADR Editor
Chris Jargo
ADR Mixers
Tom O'Connell
Adam Smyth
Nick Kray
Jason Oliver
Jeff Gomillion
Mike Greenberg
Wendy Czajkowsky
ADR Recordist
Ryan D. Young
Foley Provided By
One Step Up
Foley Artists
Dan O'Connell, M.P.S.E.
John Cucci, M.P.S.E.
Foley Mixers
James Ashwill
Richard Duarte
Foley Provided By
Skywalker Sound
Foley Artists
David Fein
Andrea Gard
John Roesch
Shelly Roden
Foley Mixer
Scott Curtis
Sound Editorial Services Provided By
Formosa Group
Sound FX Recordist And Librarian
Charlie Campagna
Engineering Support
Donnie Little
David Young
Re-Recording Sound Services Provided By
NBCUniversal Studiopost
Re-Recording Mix Tech
Bill Meadows
Studio Network Engineer
Gary Gorman
Stage Engineers
Dave Bergstrom
Mike Morongell
Dave Tourkow
Loop Group Coordinator
Caitlin McKenna
Production Coordinator
Jason Zorigian
Travel Coordinator
Darron Leiren-Young
Assistant Production Coordinators
Byron Fudge
Jerry Pender
Kim Sutton
Katey Ha
Production Secretaries
Mark MacDonald
Christina Seog
Trevor Johann
Wilson Virkler
Alan Michnoff
Second Assistant Directors
Rhonda Taylor
Ashley Bell
Third Assistant Directors
Ben Cairns
Joel Kennedy
DGC Trainee
Brian Maxwell
Art Directors
Dan Hermansen
Andrew Li
Harry E. Otto
Jeremy Stanbridge
VFX Art Director/Senior Concept Designer
Sean Hargreaves
Art Department/VFX Researcher
Jeanne Jo
Assistant Art Directors
Peter Bodnarus
Mira Caveno
Sean Goojha
Aja Kai Rowley
Travis Witkowski
Art Department Coordinators
Lisa Leung
Jenne Lee
Casting Associate
Yesi Ramirez, CSA
Casting Assistants
Kara Revel-Jarzynski
Jesse Lafferty
Location Casting By
Corinne Clark, CSA
Jennifer Page, CSA
Location Casting Associate
Jessica Cameron
Location Casting Assistant
Marley Poniedzielnik
Background Casting
Andrea Brown
Unit Publicist
Carol McConnaughey
Still Photographer
Kimberley French
Production Accountant
Anne Jacobsen
First Assistant Accountants
Janine Schiro
Michele Lee
Assistant Accountants
Mike Aichholz
Jacqueline Dallamore
Jennifer Giannone
Jodi Mitchell
Suzanne Smith
Dave Wenzel
Payroll Accountants
Sophia Tapia
Selena Ginger
Construction Accountant
Leona Atkinson
Accounting Clerks
Megan Irvine
James Fantin
Janet Lane
Visual Effects Production Supervisors
Kim Doyle
Shelly Lloyd-Samson
Visual Effects Coordinators
Virginia Wilson
Matthew Magnolia
Ilene Kim
James Cochrane
Visual Effects Assistant Coordinator
Marshall Rainey
Visual Effects Production Assistants
Antonia De Barros
Melissa Ng
On-Set Match Mover
Ondrej Kubicek
Visual Effects Data Wranglers
Samuel Kim
Shandy Lashley
Neal Melancon
Visual Effects On-Set Assistant
Andrew Walter McAldon
Flame Artist
Brian Battles
Nuke Artist
Bonjin Byun
Visual Effects/Lidar PA
Veera Ovaska
Visual Effects/Stills PA
Nechteh Apelian
Visual Effects Floor PA
Bellal Anteple
Data Wranglers
Jason Chen
James Dornoff
Witness Camera Operators
Hagen McGill
Kevin McGill
Assistants To Mr. Abrams
Morgan Dameron
Amir Mojarradi
Assistant To Mr. Orci
Katie Chilson
Assistant To Mr. Chernov
Camille Benton
Assistants To Mr. Ellison
Nancy Reid
Christina Dunlop
Assistant To Ms. Goldberg
Ashley Johnson
Assistant To Ms. Weber
Becca Perry
Assistant To Mr. Pine
Erin Fahey
Assistant To Mr. Quinto
Ben Owens
Assistant To Ms. Saldana
Finnley Kirkman
Assistant To Mr. Pegg
Claire Finbow
Assistant To Mr. Elba
Claire Dobner
Production Assistants
Suzie Fox
Victor Matanawi
Magdalena Kaczorowska
Kory Orban
Justin Slade McClain
Michael Hauka
Nicholas Baxter
Kate Landels
Vincent Stander
Wayne Toews
Steve Bors
Drew Martin
Troy Eirich
Nikki Elek
Angel Foisy
Anna McBarron
Scott Riddell
Music Editors
Stephen M. Davis, M.P.S.E.
Paul Rabjohns
Assistant Music Editor
Warren Brown
Music Orchestrated & Conducted By
Tim Simonec
Score Coordinator
Andrea Datzman
Additional Orchestrations By
Jeff Kryka
Music Preparation
Booker White
Orchestra Contractor
Reggie Wilson
Vocal Contractor
Bobbi Page
Music Recorded And Mixed By
Joel Iwataki
Scoring Engineer
Denis St. Amand
Tim Lauber
Scoring Stage Managers
Tom Steel
Damon Tedesco
Pro Tools Engineer
Vincent Cirilli
Music Recorded And Mixed At
Newman Scoring Stage
20th Century Fox
Assistant To Mr. Giacchino
David Coker
Set Designers
Kris Bergthorson
Liz Goldwyn
Jim Ramsay
Bryan Sutton
Rob Woodruff
Nancy Brown
Joe May
Douglas Scott
Callum Webster
John Glenn Burke
Andrew Lee McConnell
Peter Stratford
Joe Wolkosky
Senior Model Builder
Carlos Cosio De La Torre
Model Builder
Joe Parker
Brian Cunningham
Romek Delimata
John Eaves
Warren Flanagan
Hugh Sicotte
Daphne Yap
Milena Zoravkovic
Graphic Artists
Tara Arnett
Loree Cameron
Storyboard Artists
Robert Consing
James Doh
Construction Coordinators
Jan Kobylka
John Dale
Construction Forepersons
Bill Forster
David Fukakusa
Tim Battle
Bob Nicholson
Bruce Timko
Metal Fabrication Foreperson
Eric Langstroth
Head Sculptor
Jack Gauvreau
Construction Buyers
Dan Miller
Mary Van Eeten
Standby Carpenter
Johnny Kobylka
Scenic Carpenters
Brian Jansen
Mark Ennis
Alain Rousseau
Tyler Radonich
Thomas J. Gaudet
Brian Sammartino
Kerry Soames
Marc Giroux
Rodger Schultz
Perry Baycroft
Todd Handel
Paint Coordinator
Jason Claridge
Paint Forepersons
Stephen Coutu
JJ Mestinsek
Standby Painter
Derek Bobroff
Sign Fabricator
Wallace B. Cross
Scenic Artists
Jack Guppy
Karin Kent
Mark Tompkins
Rohan Lyal
Roger Smith
Erich Hepnar
John Chaschowy
Andrew Thompson
Jana Kelly
Matthew Campbell
Hesham Abahmed
Mike Siver
Transportation Coordinator
David Holm
Transportation Captains
Ron Irvine
Caroline O'Bray
Dialogue And Movement Coach
Andrew McIlroy
Political Consultants
Richard Klein, McLarty Associates
Marc Okrand
Brianna Daku
Craft Service
Katie Lawrence
Ron Grey
Catering By
Twice A Night

Second Unit[]

Second Unit Director
Mike Gunther
Second Unit Director/Visualization Supervisor
Alexander Vegh
First Assistant Directors
Misha Bukowski
Douglas Plasse
Second Assistant Director
Gordon Piper
Third Assistant Director
Beth Welch
Director Of Photography
Robert Bruce McCleery
Camera Operator
Dean Heselden
First Assistant Photographers
Dave Lourie
Chris Gibbins
Triston Nelson
Second Assistant Photographers
Spencer Ennis
Boris Martens
Digital Imaging Technician
Mitch Bax
Digital Utility Technician
Thomas Walker
Script Supervisor
Ana Sebal
Assistant Location Manager
Sean Patrick Finnan
Chief Lighting Technician
David McClung
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
James McMurachy
First Company Grip
Michael McLellan
Second Company Grip
Carl Jensen
Dolly Grips
James Kohne
Lee Wagner
Terri Willan

Dubai Unit[]

UAE Production Services Provided By
Filmworks FZ LLC
Unit Production Managers
Scott Thaler
Leigh Clarke
Key Second Assistant Director
Heather Wusterbarth
C Camera Operator
Riki Butland
C First Assistant Photographer
Andrea Quaglio
C Second Assistant Photographer
Graham Almeida
Digital Utility Technicians
Saul Barran
William Ferguson
Video Playback Assistant
Ethan Schaeffer
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
Andrej Arnatov
Chief Rigging Technician
Simon Cave
Console Operator
Jason McKinnon
First Company Grip
Ian Mussell
Second Company Grip
Boris Olomi
B Dolly Grip Operator
John Balbi
Crane Grips
Claude Fortin
Chris Harker
Special Effects Coordinator
Rodolphe Saleh
Special Effects Technicians
Ceasar Macaya
Mohammed Ali
Supervising Location Manager
Steve Woroniecki
Location Manager
Lyall Gardiner
Assistant Location Managers
Rico Bailey
Rochard Kamel
Gareth Thomas
Robert Bova
Scott MacAuley
Sam Johnston
Nuwan De Zoysa
Simon Riley
Peter Gluck
Kevin Spring
Facilities Manager
Diederick Appelcryn
Base Camp Captains
Kenneth Fletcher
Bheki Shusha
Abrian Witbodi
Property Buyer
Tareq Abukalam
Assistant Set Decorator
Pranali Diwadkar
Set Dressing Buyer
Alice Pargiter
Set Dressers
Reynaldo Bit Bit
Richard Del Rosar
Maxim Molchanov
John Santos
Lindsay Welff
Costume Supervisor
Deborah Zimmerman
Costume Coordinator
Angela Schnoeke-Paasch
Set Costumer
Sean Haley
Lisa Sass
Irma Lotosova
Pradukonaje Jagannatha
Bhagat Pariyar
Production Supervisor
Stephanie Walker-Wells
Production Coordinator
Carole Prentice
VFX Production Coordinator
Bettina Lyster
Travel Coordinators
Oksana Shumylo
Tania Baaklini
Assistant Production Coordinators
Eira Katrine Sletbak
Mayra Garcia
Production Secretary
Kareen Akber
Production Assistants
Kurt Barretto
Amer Abi-Chahine
Andy MacGregor
Camille Van Wessem
Third Assistant Directors
George Trummler
Jimmy Alfred
Art Director
Salim Al Razouk
Assistant Art Director
Uzair Merchant
Background Casting
Miranda Davidson
Production Accountants
John Whitley
Alida Rubens
First Assistant Accountants
Faldela Issel
Kay Di Rezze
Assistant Accountants
Mandy Raubenheimer
Estelle Vockerodt
Christo Streak
Juhlene Moller
Amanda Kotze
Sive Xesha
Deo Stemela
Aerial Coordinator
Khaled Zaazouh
Helicopter Pilots
Andrew Masterson
Andy Nettleton
Drone Pilot
Dionys Frei
Drone Camera Operator
Davide Tiraboschi
Set Designer
Sonia Savova
Construction Coordinator
Brian Shell
Construction Foreperson
Sam McMaster
Construction Buyer
Sandrina Sacco
Transportation Coordinators
Henry Dray
Ailine Harjani
Iraida Villegas
Transportation Captain
Neville O'Souza
Don A. Orolfo
Ian Javellana Balan
Rommel Rodriguez
Julius Cezar C. Ligerio
Deborah C. Cruzada
Wesam Saeed
Catering By
Full Monty Dubai
Government Liaisons
Faisal Al Kaabi
Yousef Al Kaabi
Ali Al Kaabi
Mohammed Al Kaabi
Visual Effects By
Double Negative Visual Effects
Visual Effects Producer
Andy Taylor
Visual Effects Supervisors
Raymond Chen
Sean Stranks
CG Supervisors
Rick Leary
Stuart Farley
Daniel Paulsson
Compositing Supervisors
Ian Z. Simpson
Mike Brazelton
Sebastian Emil Von Overheidt
CG Effects Supervisors
Mark Hodgkins
Shaun Roth
May Leung
Animation Supervisors
Michael Lum
Nick Symons
CG Environment Supervisor
Nick Marshall
Layout Supervisor
Iacopo Di Luigi
CG Sequence Supervisors
Ahmed Yousry
Amanda Johnstone-Batt
Bernhard Kerschbaumer
Joel Prager
Mike Stillwell
Rhys Salcombe
Tom Bracht
Compositing Sequence Supervisors
Abishek Nair
Jelena Stojanovic
Milos Milosevic
Nik Brownlee
Stephen James
Tom Rolfe
Visual Effects Associate Producer
Katrina Navassartian
Visual Effects Production Manager
Sara Khangaroot
Visual Effects RPM Production Manager
Vivek Pundir
Visual Effects Line Producers
EE Jien Chan
Genevieve Claire
Jeen Yee
Katy Mummery
Raphael Fernandes
Rosie Mennear
Sharna Hackett
Valdone Koronczi
Visual Effects Coordinators
Ashleigh Yu
Max Rees
Ryan Basaraba
Austin Aplin
Nicole Nonis
Saadd Abou-Khazaal
Carine Ong
Richard Leo Cook
Shoshanah Wall
Visual Effects Production Assistant
Alice Cicchetti
Production Support
Fay Hancocks
On-Set Data Wrangler
Ellie Chiang
Concept Artists
Dave Freeman
Seungjin Woo
Build Leads
Andreas Maaninka
Jeremy Mooney-Somers
Michael Smith-Kennard
Christoph Matthiesen
Malcolm Watts
Mladen Jovicic
Hae Jung Chun
Marco Menco
Tosh Elliott
Build Artists
Adam Elkins
Daniel Nicholson
Derek Gillingham
Jan Schubert
Michael Prince
Phil Young
Shinichi Rembutsu
Anna Yamazoe
Daniel Prentice
Francisco Alvarez
Katerina Dzolganovski
Neil West
Samira Esmaeili
Steven Chan
Babak Bina
Daniele Chindamo
Gregory Coelho
Luke Wakeford
Olivier Dubard
Sara Hansen
Steven Moore
Jim Su
Remi Cauzio
Layout Leads
Kristin Pratt
Robert Brumby
Tom-Lilly Burton
Layout Artists
Alex Macieira
Carolina Jimenez Garcia
Digger Jensen
Lawrence Zalasky
Melvyn Polayah
Nick Smolyn
Sandra Murta
Zsuzsanna Erdei
Animation Leads
Jeremy Stewart
Stephen Painter
Adam Slater
Alexander Melville
Aysha Madina
Ben Goerlach
Benjamin Kousholt
Benoit Terminet Schuppon
Evan Clover
Francois-Xavier Nhieu
Justin Henton
Matthew Boston
Nigel Rafter
Suvi Jokiniemi
CG Effects Leads
Enrico Selmi
Jordan Walsh
Mattias Engstrom
Menno Dijkstra
Michael Cashmore
Adam Vanner
Aleksandar Chalyovski
Anton Nazareth
Carlos Guzman
Chaitanya Medithi
Chris Mangnall
Christopher Phillips
David Hyde
Dimitrijs Cernagovs
Eduard Schulze-Battmann
Felix Chan
Frederick B. Vega
Gavin Thomas
Hector Ortiz-Mena
James Charles
Joe Phoebus
Kaushik Pal
Keyhyung Lee
Markus Bruland
Matt Sadler
Matthew Pearson
Muhittin Bilginer
Nicholas Papworth
Pablo Gimenez
Roberto Domeneghini
Tim Jones
Timo-Pekko Nieminen
Tosin Akinwoye
Valerio Tarricone
Vladimir Popovic
Zhaoxin Ye
CG Leads
Anthony Chadwick
Chris Elmer
Graham Houston
John Seru
Kai Pedersen
Keanan Sean Cantrell
Russell Bowen
Sean Schur
Shaun Scott
Sonny Sy
Stephen Borneman
Yak Hong Yung
CG Lighting Artists
Alex John Tan
Alice Miggiano
Baptiste Lebouc
Chris Arnott
Chris Walker
Christopher James Ford
Damien Delaunay
Emily Yang
Fitra Nagara
James Roberts
James Tomlinson
Jason Hue
John Lipskie
Marc Toscano
Mark Harrison
Matthieu Floury
Nicolas Fillion
Ouirich Bounthavy
Philip Hartmann
Robert Hennings
Roger Tortosa Aras
Ryan Woodward
Sam Gunn
Sotiris Georghiou
Yanti Suryati
CG Environment Leads
Melaina Mace
Oleksiy Golovchenko
CG Environments Artists
Alec Geldart
Alejandro Hernandez
Paul Fedor
Paul Rodgers
Raymond Lei Jin
Robin Konieczny
Romain Joly
Romain Simonnet
Tom Hiebler
Compositing Leads
Ben Taylor
Ciaran O'Connor
Cleve Zhu
Eric Chan
Farhad Mohasseb
Francesco Dell'Anna
Joel Delle-Vergin
Kunal Chindarkar
Nicolas Rigaud
Po Yan Chan
Remko Kram
Tony Lyons
Vikram Kulkarni
Adam Kelway
Alan Stucchi
Alvaro Bataller
Angie Valadez
Ben Outerbridge
Chad Meire
Daniel Bigaj
Danny Lee
Djordje Milasinovic
Eric Ponton
Fangfei Li
Gabriel Mandala
Gautama Murcho
Hayley Brazelton
Ignacio Caicoya
Joshua Goetz
Juan Salazar
Jules Lister
Kamelia Chabane
Kazumasa Shibata
Kris Anderson
Lia Ioanniti
Mag Sarnowska
Manuel Perez
Marco Engelmann Santos
Marco Leone
Pau Viladot
Per Moerk-Jensen
Perrine Michel
Rich Grande
Sean Coonce
Thomas Steiner
Matchmove Supervisors
Alex Hurst
Richard Hayward
Simon Pynn
Souvik Mitra
Weikian Ang
Matchmove Leads
Dax Chew
Kathir Manickam
Kenzo Tee
Matchmove Artists
Daniel Ryan
Moises Gomez
Philip Kilshaw
Rahul Pokharkar
Zechari Lye
Lynn Tan
Rotoscope Supervisors
Mike Hill
Sam Horgan
Shane Meehan
Sourav Thakkar
William Dao
Rotoscope Lead
Jai Prakash Parmar
Rotoscope Artists
Jack Jenkins
Josiah Nathan
Tim Tobin
Bhojarajan Balan
Amol Wategadnkar
Shraddah Kate
A Srihari Reddy
Paint Supervisors
Catarina Ferreira
Chacko Philip
Megan Hutchison
Paint Artists
Bobby Kuhl
Wanda Kwok
Therese Johansson
Sanjoy Biswas
Head Of Editorial
Leanne Young
James Fisher
Joseph Farrant
Tarn Huynh
Xinyi Puah
Aurora Shannon
Colour Scientist
Jerome Dewhurst
Pipeline Supervisors
Andrew Palmer
Jacob Telleen
Pipeline Lead
Robert John Davies
Render Lead
Makoto Tanaka
Pipeline Support
Carlos Garcia
Craig Bates
Jamie Tomlinson
Josh Huitema
Timothy Stam
Yi-Min Fan
Head Of Studio
Pete Hanson
Studio Assistants
Ian Berg
Joe Shrestha
Technology Support
Robert Blanchfield
Russell Knight
Stephen F. Willey
R&D Supervisor
Andrew Bunday
R&D Support
Christopher Kerr
Emmanuel Turquin
Jonathan Stroud
Visual Effects By
Atomic Fiction, Inc.
Visual Effects Supervisors
Ryan Thudhope
Kevin Bailie
Digital Effects Supervisor
Jonathan Harman
Additional Supervisors
Jim Gibbs
Mike Janov
Visual Effects Executive Producer
Marc Sadeghi
Visual Effects Producers
Annie Normandin
Jenna Kerr
Associate Visual Effects Producer
Dale Taylor
Art Director
Brian Flora
Compositing Supervisor
Woei Hsi Lee
CG Supervisor
Laurent Taillefer
Environment Supervisor
Seth Hill
Production Manager
Alexandra Gunter
Visual Effects Coordinators
Marie-Eve Baron
Lucas Glashoff
Jacqueline Hagerty
Lea Irlanda
Soujanya Pentyala
Alizee Plourde
Barbara Lopez Saenz
Visual Effects Production Assistants
Alex Carruthers
Peter Luypaert
Production Support
Elexis Coleman
Geraldine Morales
Concept Artist
Marc Gabbana
CG Animators
Adam Klein
Julie Jaros
Mike Dacko
3D Generalists
Alexandre Robitaille
Jonathan Fleming-Bock
Benoit Bourgoin
Textures Lead
Seth Cobb
Texture Artists
Manuel Huertas
Melissa Boily
Matte Painters
Daniel Giron
Sean Samuels
Simon Hetu
Olivier Deveux
Look Development Artists
Seth Cobb
Jonathan Fleming-Bock
Brian Fukushima
Jason Funk
Mike Song
Michael Palleschi
Robin Lamontagne
Nicolas Duchesneau-Tsimiklis
Melanie Sauve
Lightning Lead
Bruno Gagne
Kevin Couture
Jason Funk
Biaglio Figliuzzi
Brian Fukushima
Kate McFadden
Francisco Robles
Deb Santosa
Nico Sanghrajka
Adam Klein
Casey Dame
FX Lead
James Kirk
FX Artists
Guillaume Duchaussoy
Maxime Beliveau
Christine Liu
Todd Dufour
Mike Huang
Compositing Leads
Viviane Levesque-Bouchard
Jed Smith
Jason Arrieta
Michael Baula
Patrick Bergeron
Matthew Duvall
Aidan Fraser
David Ferron
Saul Galbiati
Sharon Johnson
Mike Kwan
Jimmy Lavallee
Manuel Llamas
Hiroki Lijima
Patrick Louie
Delta Manzano
Jesse Meler
Sean O'Connor
Prashant Raj
Andres Rascon
Sandra Roach
Laurent Srey
Marc Taganas
Adam Tamel
Antoine Wibaut
Sarah Young
Roto Artists
Kate Black
Christiane Caya
Sarah Kfoury
Tirza Oudolf
Annie Patenaude
Match Move Supervisors
Jesse Kin
Kenny Yong
Match Move Artists
Chen Kuang Hsu
Guillaune Charron
James Tavet
Senior Visual Effects Editor
Ayse Dedeoglu Arkali
Visual Effects Assistant Editors
Leo-Patrick Houde
Robin Lamontagne
Erick Leos
Cindy Lin
Render Wranglers
Jonathan Llewellyn
Nicholas Duchesneau-Tsimiklis
Pipeline Leads
Chris Martin
Marc-Antoine Paquin
Pipeline TDS
Will Muto
Amber Playle
Senior Systems Engineer
Shawn Wallbridge
Systems Engineers
Patrick Cardin
Sean Whitacre
Senior Staff
Russ Dube
Carl Walters
Marc Ostroff
Penny Peroff
Visual Effects By
Kelvin Optical, Inc.
Visual Effects Producer
Chrysta Marie Burton
Visual Effects Supervisors
Pauline Duvall
Stefano Trivelli
Compositing Supervisor
John Bowers
CG Supervisor
Gee Yeung
Art Director
Nick Hiatt
Lighting Supervisor
JT Lawrence
Animation Lead
John Kim
FX Lead
Youxi Woo
Previs Supervisor
Christopher Batty
Consulting Visual Effects Supervisor
Luke McDonald
Heads Of Production
Cory Bennett Lewis
Michael Silver
Visual Effects Production Manager
Jessica Smith
Visual Effects Coordinators
Ali Lowndes
Diane Coote
Assistant Visual Effects Editor
Kristofer Cross
Assistant Visual Effects Coordinator
John Hockaday
Production Assistant
Eboni Price
Digital Artists
Andrew Kramer
Brady Doyle
Brandon Kachel
Brandon Fayette
Brock Stearn
Curtis Carlson
David Sudd
Daniel Bayona
Daniel Fiske
Donna Lanasa
Eddie Martinez
Miro Skandera
Emerito Trevino
Eric Keller
Eva Flodstrom
Federico Rivia
Huey Carroll
Hunter Athey
James Little
Jared Broddle
Jason Bidwell
Jennifer German
Jeremiah Forkkio
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Main Titles Designed By
Prologue Films
End Titles By
Scarlet Letters
Ben Schoen
Josh Schoen
Soundtrack Album On
Varése Sarabande


Theme From "Star Trek" TV Series
Written By Alexander Courage & Gene Roddenberry
"Fight the Power"
Written By Carlton Ridenhour, Hank Shocklee, Keith Shocklee & Eric Sadler
Performed By Public Enemy
Courtesy Of Def Jam Recordings
Under License From Universal Music Enterprises
Written By Adam Keefe Horovitz, Adam Nathaniel Yauch & Michael Louis Diamonds
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Written By Sia Furler, Jesse Shatkin & Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Produced By Jesse Shatkin
Performed By Rihanna
Courtesy Of Westbury Road Entertainment, LLC/Roc Nation
Filmed Partially On Location With The Permission Of The
Parks Canada Agency, In Nahanni National Park Reserve Of Canada
Filmed In
Stawamus Chief Park, British Columbia, Canada
The Producers Wish To Thank The Following
Canada Film Capital
Daniel C. Carlson
Harry Doddema
Special Thanks To
Jamal Al Sharif
Saeed Al Janahi
Fiona Garland
Rana Osman
Ruqaya Ahmed
Phil Alberstat
Khalid Al Awadi
Burj Al Arab
Burj Daman
Dubai Studio City
Central Park Plaza
Meydan Racetrack
Dubai Multi Commodities Centre
Dubai Creative Cluster Authority
Dubai Department Of Tourism And Commerce Marketing
Dubai Police
Dubai Civil Defense
Dubai Corporation For Ambulance Services
Dubai Ministry Of Defense
Dubai Civil Aviation
Dubai Roads And Transport Authority
Dubai Customs
Dubai Media Office
Tecom Group
Dubai Municipality
Dubai Land Authority
Paramount Pictures Corporation Did Not Receive Any Payment
Or Other Consideration, Or Enter Into Any Agreements,
For The Depiction Of Tobacco Products In This Film.
Kodak Motion Picture Film
Cameras By Otto Nemenz
Dolby Atmos
Filmed With Arri Cameras And Lenses
With The Support Of The Dubai Film And TV Commission
EXPO 2020
Dubai Film And TV Commission
Dubai Studio City
Dubai Film
With The Participation Of
The Province Of British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit
The Canadian Film Production Services Tax Credit
Funded By The Government Of Canada
Produced In Association With
Perfect Storm Entertainment
© MMXVI Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
The Persons And Events In This Motion Picture Are Fictitious.
Any Similarity To Actual Persons Or Events Is Unintentional.
This Motion Picture Is Protected Under Laws Of The United States
And Other Countries. Unauthorized Duplication, Distribution Or
Exhibition May Result In Civil Liability And Criminal Prosecution.


Stunt department[]

  • Andrew Emilio DeCesare – Pre-Production stunt performer
  • Alice Ford – Pre-Production stunt performer
  • Jake Huang – Stunts


  • Philip Chang – Stunt Performer
  • Paul Lazenby – Stunt Performer/Stunt Rigger
  • Don Lee – Stunts
  • Brian Lydiatt – Stunt Rigger
  • Dave Phillips – Utility Stunts
  • Hugo Steele – Stunt Performer



  • Omar Adam – Production Assistant: Dubai
  • Mike Aichholz – Assistant Accountant
  • Faisal Al Kaabi
  • Richie Alonzo – Creature Sculptor
  • Francisco Alvarez – CG Artist: Double Negative
  • Chyla Anderson – Film Score Vocalist
  • George Antzoulides – Previsualization Artist: Proof Inc.
  • Brandon Aquino – Camera department
  • Chris Arnold – Art Department Assistant
  • Jyoti Arora – Roto Artist: Double Negative
  • Anoushka Babur – Production Intern: Dubai
  • Chris Baer – Mold Maker
  • Rico Bailey – Location Assistant: Dubai
  • Kurt Barretto – Production Assistant: Dubai
  • Heather W. Barth
  • Alvaro Bataller – Digital Compositor: Double Negative
  • Todd Bates – Mold Maker
  • Ashley Bell – Second Assistant Director
  • Dave Benediktson
  • Babak Bina – 3D Artist: Double Negative
  • Bryan Blair – Mold Maker
  • Gerald Blaise – Concept Artist: ILM
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  • Jacob Bond – Best Boy Electric/Lighting Technician
  • Phillip Joseph Boutté, Jr. – Costume Concept Artist
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  • Lee J. Buckley – Techno Dolly Crane Operator
  • Steve Buscaino – Silicone and Foam Casting Artist
  • Norman Cabrera – Creature Sculptor
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  • Brad Carlson – VP Physical Production: Paramount Pictures
  • Stephen Carr – Personnel Driver: Chris Pine
  • Michael Cawood – Previs Supervisor: Proof Inc.
  • Jordane Chedotal – Art Department Assistant: Dubai
  • Jason Claridge – Head Scenic Paint Coordinator
  • Leigh Clarke – Unit Production Manager: Dubai
  • Philip Coleman – Technocrane Operator
  • Siobhán Condon – VFX Production Coordinator: Double Negative
  • Robert Consing – Storyboard Artist
  • Hamza Darbar
  • Greg D'Auria – Editor
  • Miranda Davidson – Extras Casting Director: Dubai
  • Andrew Del Rosario – Set Decorator/Swing Gang Boss
  • Francesco Dell'Anna – Digital Compositor: Double Negative
  • Natasha Denis
  • Nuwan de Zoysa – Key Assistant Location Manager: Dubai
  • Kay Di Rezze – Assistant Accountant: Dubai
  • Pranali Diwadkar – Assistant Set Decorator: Dubai
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  • Olivier Dubard – Gerealist TD: Double Negative
  • Denny Dugally – Art Director
  • Matthew Duvall – Compositing Lead: Atomic Fiction
  • Katerina Dzolganovski – CG Artist: Double Negative
  • John Eaves – Concept Designer: Props
  • Scotty Eugene Fields – Mold Maker
  • Mohammad Ahmed Fikree – Intern
  • Rob Fisher
  • Warren Flanagan – Concept Illustrator
  • Tim Flattery – Concept Designer: Ships
  • Christopher Ford – Generalist Technical Director: Double Negative
  • Jeremiah Forkkio – Previs Artist: Bad Robot Productions
  • Dave Freeman' – Concept Artist: Double Negative
  • Dionys Frei – Aerial Drone Pilot: DediCam
  • Christopher Friend – Photogrammetry Cyberscanning Service: Clear Angle Studios LTD
  • Natasha Gale – Costume Production Assistant
  • Caroline Jimenez Garcia – Layout Technical Director: Double Negative
  • Mayra Garcia
  • Lyall Gardiner – Location Manager: Dubai
  • Natasha Gerasimova – Art Director
  • Paul Giordano – Assistant Location Manager
  • Peter Gluck – Key Assistant Location Manager Overseas Pre-Production
  • Ruslan Goj – Production Assistant: Dubai
  • Liz Goldwyn – Set Designer
  • Catarina Gonçalves – Rotoscopr Artist: Double Negative
  • Ann Goobie – Location Manager
  • Mike Gunther – Second Unit Director
  • Kevin Haaland – Stand-in: John Cho
  • John Halfman – Mold Maker
  • Rupert Hancock – Set Dresser/DMX LED Lighting Technician
  • Rod Haney – Rigging Grip
  • Sean Hargreaves – Special Effects Aerial Unit Director/Senior Concept Designer
  • Dan Hermansen – Art Director
  • Earl Hibbert – Previsualization Supervisor: Proof Inc.
  • David Holm – Transportation Coordinator
  • Chen Kuang Hsu – Matchmove Artist: Atomic Fiction
  • Dwight Huet – Construction Foreman: Dubai
  • Daniel Ibeabuchi – Grip Assistant: Dubai
  • Gregory Irwin – First Assistant "A" Camera Operator
  • Mohammed Ismail – Electrician
  • Faldela Issel
  • James Jackson
  • Jack Jenkins – Roto Artist: Double Negative
  • Romain Joly – Visual Effects Artist: Double Negative
  • Lee Joyner – Sculptor
  • Doug Jung – Original Screenplay Writer
  • Rochard Kamel – Location Manager: Dubai
  • Pradeep Kankara
  • Jenna Kerr – VFX Associate Producer: Atomic Fiction
  • Sara Khangaroot – Visual Effects Production Manager
  • Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein – Roto/Prep Artist: Double Negative
  • Vikram Kulkarni – Digital Compositor: Double Negative
  • Josh Lange – Previsualization Artist: Proof Inc.
  • Don Lanning – Creature Sculptor
  • Jenne Lee – Art Department Coordinator: Dubai
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  • Eric Lemay – Special Effects Technician
  • Andrew Li – Assistant Art Director
  • Gil Liberto – Head Mold Maker
  • Peter Lliev
  • Kew Lin – Rotoscope Artist: Double Negative
  • Irma Lotosova – Wardrobe Stylist
  • Don Macaulay – Supervising Art Director
  • Abdulrahman Al Madani – Intern
  • Garry Maddison – Colorist: Double Negative
  • África Aguirre Martin – Studio/Data Management: Double Negative
  • Victor Martinez – Concept Illustrator
  • Patrick Mashaba – Camera and Electrical Department
  • Alecia Maslechko – Production Assistant
  • Josh McCarron – Silicone and Foam Casting Artist
  • Robert Bruce McCleery – Second Unit Director of Photography
  • Patrick McKay – Writer
  • Michael McMullen – Set Security
  • Uzair Merchant – Assistant Art Director: Dubai Unit
  • Milos Milosevic – 2D Sequence Supervisor: Double Negative
  • Regan Mitchell – Grip
  • Andreas Maaninka – Lead Modeler: Double Negative
  • Maxim Molchanov – Set Dresser
  • Jeremy Mooney-Somers – Effects Technical Director: Double Negative
  • David Moreau – Digital Set Designer
  • Eva Morgan – Production Coordinator
  • Tim Moshansky – Location Scout
  • Andrew E.W. Murdock – Additional Photography Production Designer
  • Ian Mussell – Grip
  • Amit Narwani – Matchmove Artist: Double Negative
  • Katrina Navassartian – Visual Effects Associate Producer: Double Negative
  • Kane Nelson – SAE/Assistant to Movement Coach
  • Michael Nickiforek – Special Effects Makeup Artist
  • Alex Noble – Silicone and Foam Casting Artist
  • Aaron Noordally – Prep/Paint Artist: Double Negative
  • Brian Oberquell – Special Effects Artist: Center Forward Productions, Inc.
  • Marc Opdycke – Creature Sculptor
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  • Peter Pacula – Best Boy Rigging Grip
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  • Philip Pendlebury – Visual Effects Artist: Double Negative
  • Manuel Perez – Digital Compositor: Double Negative
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  • Mandy Raubenheimer – Assistant Accountant
  • Dominic Ridley – Photogrammetry Cyberscanning Service: Clear Angle Studios LTD
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  • Erick Rodriguez – Creature Sculptor
  • Matt Rose – Creature Sculptor
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  • Raju Sadekar
  • Johnnie Saiko – Mold Maker
  • Rhys Salcombe – 3D Sequence Supervisor: Double Negative
  • Rodolphe Saleh
  • Janine Schiro – First Assistant Accountant
  • Scott Schneider – Specialist Set Designer
  • Benoit Terminet Schuppon – Layout Artist: Double Negative
  • Melissa Shafiq – Makeup Artist: Dubai
  • Daniel Sheridan – Location Assistant: Dubai
  • Oksana Shumylo
  • Andrew M. Siegel – Property Master
  • Romain Simonnet – Generalist TD/Environment TD/Digital Matte Painter: Double Negative
  • Miro Skandera – Previsualization Artist: Bad Robot Productions
  • Craig W. Smith – VFX Editor
  • Sean Stranks – Visual Effects Supervisor: Double Negative
  • Peter Stratford – Set Designer
  • Christo Streak – Accounts Assistant
  • Alan Stucchi – Roto and Prep Site Supervisor-Compositor: Double Negative
  • Marius Swart – Best Boy Grip: Dubai
  • Raghav Tandon – Production Assistant: Bad Robot Productions
  • Andy Taylor – Visual Effects Producer: Double Negative
  • Rhonda Taylor – Second Assistant Director
  • A.J. Teshin – Off-Camera Singer
  • Miles Teves – Creature Sculptor
  • Gareth Thomas
  • Sarah Jane Thompson – Makeup Artist: Dubai
  • Ty Thomson – Previz Artist
  • Davide Tiraboschi – Aerial Drone Camera Operator: DediCam
  • Roger Tortosa – Lighting and Senior Generalist TD: Double Negative
  • George Max Trummler – Third Assistant Director: Dubai
  • Pedro Valdez – Mold Maker
  • Rebecca Valente – Editor: Bad Robot Productions
  • Amy Vatanakul – Previsualization Artist: Bad Robot Productions
  • A.J. Venuto – Mold Maker
  • Karina Villagrana – Makeup department
  • Cameron Ward – Previsualization Artist: Proof Inc.
  • Callum Webster – Set Designer
  • Lindsay Welff – Assistant Property Master: Dubai
  • Neil West – Lookdev and Lighting Technical Director: Double Negative
  • John Wrightson – Creature Sculptor
  • Plamen Yosifov – Art Department Staff
  • Lawrence Zalasky – Layout Technical Director: Double Negative
  • Milena Zdravkovic – Concept Designer
  • Monislav Zhelyazkov – Set Dresser


  • Mohamed AbouAhmed – Scenic Artist: Dubai/Set Plasterer: Vancouver
  • Brandon Allen – Special Effects Technician
  • Samuel Allison – Extras Casting Assistant
  • Anthony Almaraz – Key Costumer
  • Salim Alrazouk – Art Director: Dubai
  • Adam Al-Samarae – Location Assistant: Dubai
  • Marcos Arias – Writer
  • Scott Andrew Armstrong – Rigging Grip
  • Tara Arnett – Graphic Designer
  • Leona Atkinson – Construction Accountant
  • Tania Baaklini – Hotel and Visa Coordinator: Dubai
  • Eric Bachtiar – Data Operations
  • Kristian Bakstad – Stand-in
  • Kurt Barretto – Office Production Assistant
  • Christopher Batty – Pre-visualization Supervisor: Kelvin Optical
  • Bill Baxter – Electrician
  • Eric Benedict – Previsualization Artist
  • Richard Bennett – Storyboard Artist
  • Kris Bergthorson – Concept Designer
  • Justin Bertges – Costumer: Quantum Creation FX
  • Uttham Bhalaykar – Roto Prep
  • Jacob Bond – Rigging Electric Lighting Technician
  • Jeff Bonny – Best Boy Rigging Grip
  • Cole Boughton – Key Production Assistant
  • Peter Boyer – Orchestrator
  • Becky Brake – Supervising Location Manager
  • Michael Brazelton – Compositing Supervisor
  • Keith Brookes – Set Wireman
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  • Shaun Bullied – Digital Asset Manager
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  • Riki Butland – "C" Camera Operator
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  • Leslie Cairns – Cutter
  • Loree Cameron – Graphic Designer
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  • Jesse Chapman – Assistant Editor
  • John Chaschowy – Lead Greensman
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  • Clem Chen – Painter
  • Tom Chen – Video Assist Assistant
  • Michael A. Cheng – Photo Double/Stand-in
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  • Stephen Cholakis – Driver: Set Decorations
  • Steve Christensen – Art Director
  • Genevieve Claire – Visual Effects Line Producer
  • Kelly Coe – Special Effects Fabricator
  • Steve Collins – Special Effects Fabricator
  • Joey J. Cook III – Second Unit "A" Camera Operator
  • Christian Cordella – Costume Concept Artist
  • Dave Cory – First Assistant Editor
  • Marcela Coto – Previs Coordinator: Proof Inc.
  • Brian Cunningham – Concept Illustrator
  • John Dale – Construction Coordinator
  • Joe Datri – Hydrascope Technician
  • Nicholas Dent – Grip
  • Olivier Deveux – Digital Matte Painter: Atomic Fiction
  • Allison Dillard – Production Safety
  • Nick Diomis – Unit Driver
  • Daren Dochterman – Prop Concept Artist
  • James Doh – Storyboard Artist
  • Whitney Donald – Researcher
  • David Dowling – Property Master
  • Kim Doyle – VFX Production Supervisor
  • Cameron Drinkle – Video Coordinator
  • Kirsten Dumont-Aubrey – Sculptor
  • Rhonda Earick – Costumer Ager/Dyer
  • Troy Eirich – Props
  • Spencer Ennis – 2nd Unit 2nd Assistant "A" Camera Operator
  • James Fantin – Accounting Clerk
  • Lisle Fehlauer – Set Dresser
  • Suzie Fox – Production Assistant
  • Kimberly French – Still Photographer
  • Jeff Frost – Concept Model Maker
  • Jack Gauvreau – Head Sculptor
  • Chris Gibbins – Second Unit First Assistant Camera Operator
  • Selena Ginger – Payroll Accountant
  • Betsy Glick – Costumer
  • Sean Goojha – Assistant Art Director
  • Dan Gorval – Best Boy Grip
  • Dave Greenbaum – Driver: Hair and Makeup
  • Caitlin Groves – Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Geoffrey Haley – Steadicam Operator: "A" Camera Operator
  • Rupert Hancock – Set Dresser/Set Wireman
  • Rod Haney – Rigging Grip Best Boy
  • Michael Hanna – Lighting Technician/Set Wireman
  • Tommy Harper – Executive Producer
  • Melissa Harrison – Assistant Property Master
  • Chris Hatchwell – Special Effects Assistant
  • James L. Head – Grip
  • David Heffler – Makeup FX Coordinator
  • Chris Henderson – Animator: Props
  • Amy Hetland – Set Costumer
  • Rob Hinderstein – Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Steven Hoffart – Set Dresser
  • Eliza Hooker – Set Decoration Coordinator
  • David Husby – Sound Mixer
  • Ron Irvine – Transportation Captain
  • Elsey Israel – Trainee Assistant Director/Production Assistant
  • Annie Jackson – Social Media Specialist: Bad Robot
  • Anne Jacobsen – Production Accountant
  • M. Faraz Javed – Production Staff
  • Trevor Johann – Production Assistant
  • Cameron Johnson – Assistant Colorist: Double Negative
  • Meaghan Irene Johnson – Additional Trainee Assistant Director
  • Dave Joshi – Video Coordinator
  • Tex Kadonaga – Set Designer
  • Kevin Kasper – Set Dresser
  • Leon Keegan – Facilities Captain: Dubai
  • Joel Kennedy – Third Assistant Director
  • Daniel Castle King – Production Secretary: Los Angeles
  • Richard Klein – International Political Advisor
  • Scott Kozak – Grip Rigger
  • Scott Kukurudz – Additional Third Assistant Director
  • Tracy Lai – Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Janet Lane – Payroll Clerk
  • Vince Laxton – Set Wireman
  • Ken Lebre – Senior Dailies Producer
  • Michelle Lee – First Assistant Accountant
  • Sarah Lemmon – Lighting Data Coordinator
  • Terry Lewis – Lead Dresser
  • Sandy Lindala – Prosthetics Coordinator
  • Stephen Richard Lofstrom – Stand-in: Zachary Quinto
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  • Mark MacDonald – Office Production Assistant
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  • Curtis McParland – Special Thanks
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  • Juhlene Moller – Payroll Accountant
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  • Aaron Stewart – Lighting Technician
  • Bryan Sutton – Set Designer
  • Sophia Tapia – Payroll Accountant
  • James Tavet – Matchmove Artist: Atomic Fiction
  • Chris Tilton – Orchestrator
  • Khanh Trance – Special Makeup Effects Hair Artist
  • Stacy L. Tyson – Costumer
  • Alex Van Nieuwkuyk – Dailies Operator
  • Alexander Vegh – Pre-Visualization Supervisor: Proof Inc./Second Unit Director
  • Spencer Village – Rigging Lighting Technician
  • Alan Villanueva – Costume Concept Artist
  • Estelle Vockerodt – Assistant Accountant
  • Paul Wagner – Props
  • Thomas Walker – Second Unit Digital Utility
  • Stephanie Walker-Wells – Production Supervisor
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  • Randall D. Wilkins – Set Designer
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  • Amos Wong – Special Effects Electronics
  • Sauyan Wong – Data i/o Manager
  • Steve Woroniecki – Supervising Location Manager
  • Jane Wu – Storyboard Artist
  • Gary Young – Set Sculptor
  • Khaled Zaazouh – Aerial Coordinator: Dubai
  • Mariela Zapata – Set Costumer/Stand-in
  • Lye Zechari – Matchmove Artist: Double Negative
  • Brad Zehr – Special Effects Set Supervisor
  • Jason Zorigian – Production Coordinator: Los Angeles




2164; 2204; 2263; acid; Akima's species; Ancient Ones; Abronath; Altamid; Armstrong-type (starship); Attack on Krall's base; Attack on Yorktown; away team; backseat driver; barn dance; base of operation; Battle of Altamid; Beastie Boys; bed; bedside manner; bee; birthday; birthday party; Book (device); bread; camouflage; Federation cargo shuttle (cargo shuttles); cauterization; classical music; cliff; closed network; closet; coat hanger; Code 1-Alpha-Zero; color; commodore; compression chamber; Constitution-class (starship); Co-Co's species; crash landing; critical alert; dark ages; dilithium chamber; distress call; Earth-Romulan War; EPS; EPS conduit; Enterprise, USS; Enterprise-A, USS; enhancement sequencing unit; environmental processor; episode; escape pod; excellency; excrement; fan; favoritism; Fibonan; Fibonan High Council; Fibonan Republic; Federation archive; "Fight the Power"; fire; five-year mission; Franklin, USS; Freedom-class; Gagarin Radiation Belt; General Council; gift; Glenfiddich; goggles; goo; green; headband; hell; Hewlett Packard Enterprise; horse; horse and buggy; horseshit; IFF; image refractor; inertial dampener; Jaylah's drinks; Jaylah's family; Jaylah's species; Jaylah stick; Kalara's crew; Kalara's escape pod; Kalara's ship; Kelvin pod; Kevin; Kirk, George; Kirk, Winona; Krall's base; Krall's command ship; language analysis; locker; Lordy; Magellan probe; Manas' language; manual override; manual release room; medical school; megahertz; memorial; military; military service; Military Assault Command Operations; monorail; monstrosity; mortality; murder; Natalia; nebula; Necro Cloud; Necro Cloud sector; New Vulcan; Non-Federation; optimism; Park; polarized hull plating; police; protoplaser; Public Enemy; pulse phaser cannon; puncture; PX70 motorcycle; Quarantine (device); quarters; radio; refractor belt; renting; roasting; romance; Romulan ale; Russia; "Sabotage"; Salcombe, USS; San Francisco Fleet Yards; safety area; saucer; saucer separation; Saurian brandy; Scotch; Scott's grand nanny; Shakespeare, William; Schlerm; shrapnel; shuttlepod; sneeze; snow globe; space lane; spatial torpedo; Spock (prime); stabilizer; star cocktail; Starfleet Academy; Starfleet Charter; Starfleet uniform (mid 2160s); Stargazer, USS; Starship-class; subspace link; Swarm drone; Swarm gun; Swarm ship; Takayama-type shuttlecraft (unnamed 1, and 2; ; survival kit; Teenax; Teenaxi; Teenaxi Delegation; Teenaxi symbols; Thasus; theft; thief; toast; tracking device; train; treaty; turbolift; uncharted space; United Earth Military; United Federation of Planets; universal translator; unnamed plants; vein; VHF; vice admiral; vodka; vokaya; Vulcan; Vulcan; warp coil; welcome mat; Wilbur's species; workbee; wormhole; wristwatch; Yorktown; Yorktown Central Plaza; Yorktown database; Yorktown Headquarters; Yorktown satellites; Yorktown sentry ship; Yorktown tree; Xindi wars

Graphic references[]

Altamid system; ångström; Federation database; gray mode; Kelvin, USS; Medical shuttle 37

Balthazar M. Edison's personnel file[]

2255; boot camp officer; captain; carrier; corvette; cruiser; derelict vessel; diplomatic vessel; escort vessel; frigate; Ginwald, T.; hospital ship; inventory log; Iowa; maintenance log; mining vessel; missing in action; Murrysville; Pennsylvania; Pine, T.; Riverside Shipyard; science vessel; Scott; scout; Starfleet Administration; Starfleet Communications; Starfleet Diplomatic Corps; Starfleet Engineering; Starfleet Intelligence; Starfleet Medical; Starfleet medical courier; Starfleet Operations; Starfleet Research; Starfleet Science, Starfleet Security; Starfleet Tactical; supply vessel; support vessel; survey vessel; transport vessel; United Earth Military

Diagnostic wrap display[]

cellular collapse; critical alert; foreign substance; organ failure

Public transporter menu[]

Arts/Culture; Attractions; Bars/Nightclubs; Gardens; Museums; Parks/Nature; Restaurants; sightseeing; zone

Starbase Yorktown memorial wall (unseen material)[]

Al Kaabi, Faisal; Al Razouk, Salim; Bailey, Rico; Barretto, Kurt; Barth, Heather W.; Benediktson, Dave; Bitbit, Reynaldo; Chedotal, Jordane; Clarke, Leigh; Darbar, Hamza; Davidson, Miranda; Denis, Natasha; de Zoysa, Nuwan; Di Rezze, Kay; Diwadkar, Pranali; Esmaeili, Samira; Fisher, Rob; Gale, Natasha; Garcia, Mayra; Gardiner, Lyall; Gluck, Peter; Goj, Ruslan; Haley, Sean; Haney, Rod; Heimer, Mandy R.; Hermansen, Dan; Huet, Dwight; Ibebuchi, Daniel; Ismail, Mohammed; Issel, Faldela; Jackson, James; Johnston, Sam; Kamel, Rochard; Kankara, Pradeep; Kozak, Scott; Lee, Jenne; Lliev, Peter; Lemay, Eric; Lotosova, Irma; MacAuley, Scott; Mashaba, Patrick; McMaster, Sam; Mitchell, Regan; Molchanov, Maxim; Mussell, Ian; O'Souza, Neville; Pacula, Peter; Riley, Simon; Sacco, Sandrina; Sadekar, Raju; Saleh, Rodolphe; Schiro, Janine; Shumylo, Oksana; Swart, Marius; Thaler, Scott; Thomas, Gareth; Welff, Lindsay; Yosifov, Plamen; Zhelyazko, Monislav

Spock Prime's holophoto – Senior staff of the USS Enterprise-A[]

Chekov, Pavel; Enterprise (prime), USS; Enterprise-A (prime), USS; Kirk, James T.; McCoy, Leonard; Scott, Montgomery; Sulu, Hikaru; Spock Prime; Uhura, Nyota

Spock Prime's obituary[]

2230; 2263; ambassador; executive officer; second officer; stardate; Enterprise, USS; Enterprise, USS

Unreferenced material[]

Andorian herpes; Chapel; Cialis; Deep C-Zar; gangorian clap; Hilts; jumper; Romaine

Deleted graphics references[]

744; 752; Acamar I; Acamar III; AF006; AF014; Alpha Cygni; Andoria; Andorian; Andorian embassy; Andorian system; Arcturus; argon; bathymetry; BDR-258; BDR-529; Bolarus; Bolarus II; carbon dioxide; Centauri; CGM-852; Cygnus II; Cygnus VII; Cygnus system; exobase; FGNI-592; GHD-258; Habitability Index; helium; JL006; JL008; KE091; Kepler-22; magnetosphere; mesosphere; NCV-1248; NCV-1539; NCV-1690; neon; nitrogen; Organian; oxygen; Rigellian; Risian; Sol; student officer; Tellarite; thermosphere; Translink; troposphere; Xindi

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