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The Star Trek Blueprints (or Booklet of General Plans) are a detailed "Complete Set of 12 Authentic Blueprints" (sized 9 × 30 inches) of the USS Constitution (NCC-1700), a ship of the same class as the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). (The cover claims the blueprints are "of the Fabulous Starship Enterprise".)


Star Trek blueprints, sheet 1

Sheet 1

The reader is warned in the General Notes that begin with Sheet 4 that the "Booklet Of General Plans" of which these blueprints consist are for familiarization purposes only, and are not to be confused with detail working plans of the actual on-board systems they depict.

Sheet 1[]

  • Outboard Profile (Port Side View) with NCC registrations of fourteen Constitution-class vessels

Sheet 2[]

  • Outboard Top Plan (Port Side Looking Down) with Ship's Complement listings, specifying the minimum grade needed to hold each post

Sheet 3[]

  • Outboard Bottom Plan (Port Side Looking Up) and additional view of Starboard Side registration

Sheet 4[]

  • Outboard Bow and Stern Elevations (Forward & Rear Views) with Overall Size Particulars and General Notes

Sheet 5[]

  • Inboard Profile (Port Side Cutaway View) with additional General Notes

Sheet 6[]

  • Deck Plans 0-1-2-3-4-5 (Top Side Views) as follows:
    • Deck 0: Upper Sensor Platform
    • Deck 1: Bridge (with enlarged detail)
    • Deck 2: Science Laboratories – High Energy, Geology, Ion Study, Chemistry, Biology, Science Officer's Office, Physics [Upper Level]
    • Deck 3: Science Laboratories – Botany, Communications, Special Studies, Cosmology, Physics [Lower Level]; Photon Torpedo Banks
    • Deck 4: Junior Officers' Quarters; Fresh Water Tanks & Pumping Machinery
    • Deck 5: Officers' Quarters; Saucer Section Emergency Battery Rooms; Upper Phaser Bank Rooms

Sheet 7[]

  • Deck 6 Plan - Crew's Quarters and Engineering/Impulse Engines Power Units – Upper Section

Sheet 8[]

  • Deck 7 Plan - Main Deck featuring:
    • Ship's Computer and Emergency Bridge
    • Impulse Engines Power Units – Lower Section
    • Main Engineering (Impulse Engineering), Engineering Computer Banks and Maintenance Shops
    • Medical Section (Sick Bay/OR/ICU/etc.)
    • Standard Transporter Rooms 1-4

Sheet 9[]

  • Deck Plans 8-9-10-11-12-13-14 as follows:
    • Deck 8: Entertainment/Recreation Facilities: Gymnasium, Entertainment Center (Arboreum), Recreation Area; Emergency Transporters 1-3; Ship's Computer Core; Fresh Water Tanks; Ship's Laundry; Basic Food and Beverage Preparation Facility; Main Dorsal Saucer Section Attachment (for emergency Saucer Separation)
    • Deck 9: (Saucer) Materials Fabrication & Reclamation Facilities (Organic, Metallic and Other); (Dorsal) Auxiliary Machinery Room
    • Deck 10: (Saucer) Cargo and Supplies Storage; Cargo Transporter 1; (Dorsal) Observation Lounge
    • Deck 11: (Saucer) Auxiliary Fire Control; Lower Sensor Platform; Forward Phaser Banks; (Dorsal) Observation Lounge
    • Deck 12: (Dorsal Only) Observation Lounge
    • Deck 13: (Dorsal Only) Observation Lounge
    • Deck 14: (Dorsal Only) Observation Lounge

Sheet 10[]

  • Deck Plans 15-16-17-18-19 as follows:
    • Deck 15: Secondary Hull Strongback: Visicoms, Air Conditioning Machinery
    • Deck 16: Medical/Warp Drive Engineering: Secondary Hull Backup Medical Facilities, Warp Drive Engineering, Engineering Computers, Turbolift Repairs, Support Pylons, Upper Shuttlecraft Hangar
    • Deck 17: Crew's Quarters; Shuttlecraft Hangar Upper Central Level Observation Gallery; Hangar Control Towers; Botany Hi-Bay
    • Deck 18: Crew's Quarters; Botany Section; Hydroponics Lab; Shuttlecraft Hangar Lower Central Level
    • Deck 19: Auxiliary Bridge; Ship's Aux. Computer Banks; Security Section; Shuttlecraft Lower Level/Hangar Deck/Turntable/Elevator

Sheet 11[]

  • Deck Plans 20-21-22-23 as follows:
    • Deck 20: Recreation Facilities: Regulation Pool and Sun Deck, Gymnasium, Recreation Area, Showers and Locker Rooms; Shuttlecraft Maintenance Shops; Emergency Battery Rooms
    • Deck 21: Food Preparation Center; Backup Materials Fabrication and Reclamation Facilities; Backup Food Prep. Facility; Bowling Alley
    • Deck 22: Backup Fabrication Facilities
    • Deck 23: Lower Cargo/Storage Facilities; Cargo Transporter 2; Tractor Beam Machinery Room

Sheet 12[]

  • Tank Top - Miscellaneous featuring:
    • Hull Bottom Cargo Holds and Storage Tanks
    • List of Standard Abbreviations and Plan Symbols used in the Blueprints
    • Production Record of the Blueprints

Background information[]

  • While much of the information included on these plans might now be considered non-canonical or as apocryphal at best, they were used as a source and reference for the first three Star Trek films. Excerpts from these, predominantly deck plans, were used as on screen displays in Star Trek: The Motion Picture when V'ger was reading the Enterprise's on-board database. The onscreen excerpts at least, remain considered canon.
  • Based in part on a suggestion by Gene Roddenberry, an early, pre-publication version of these deck plans were donated to the Smithsonian Institution by Franz Joseph in April 1974. They were displayed along with the eleven-foot original model of the USS Enterprise in the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum later that summer. Mounted behind Plexiglas on a wall underneath the ship, visitors to the "Life in the Universe" display were encouraged to fill out a form indicating whether they would want to see these and similar works published, as at the time, no publishing deal had been worked out; Random House's Ballantine Books division subsequently did indeed work out just such a deal.

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