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Star Trek Catan is a three- or four-player board game set during the era of Star Trek: The Original Series.

An adaptation of the publisher's renowned The Settlers of Catan, the game was created by designer Klaus Teuber, produced by Catan GmbH for Kosmos (Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co.), and debuted at retail in February 2012.

The game's English translation was released in August 2012 by Mayfair Games, the US licensee of all of the Catan games, and was distributed principally through North American Target stores. A year later, a map set expansion for the game was also released.

Base game


Box cover

From the publisher's website
On behalf of the Federation, you explore space with your starships and build outposts and starbases near valuable planets. There you extract important resources such as the coveted dilithium. But the Federation has also sent out other expeditions.
Therefore, you have to be wary of competitors - and of the Klingons, who want to give the players a hard time. With the aid of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, however, keeping the opponents in check and outperforming competitors should be an easy task.
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  • 19 × Hexagonal Sector tiles
  • 6 × Frame pieces
  • 60 × Starships (15 each in 4 colors)
  • 28 × Outposts (7 each in 4 colors)
  • 16 × Starbase Expansions (4 Habitat Rings in 4 colors)
  • 89 × Stands for the ships and outposts
  • 95 × Resource cards (19 each of Dilithium, Tritanium, Oxygen, Food, Water)
  • 25 × Development cards (14 Starfleet Intervenes, 6 Progress Cards, and 5 Victory Point Cards)
  • 10 × Support cards (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, Scotty, Chapel, Rand, Sarek)
  • 4 × Building Costs cards
  • 2 × Special cards (Longest Supply Run and Largest Starfleet)
  • 18 × Number tokens
  • 2 × Dice
  • Klingon ship
  • Rules sheet
  • Almanac

Federation Space expansion

Box cover

In August 2013, Mayfair Games released the Star Trek Catan Federation Space map set expansion for the game, inspired by the "The Explored Galaxy" star chart that was seen in a number of Star Trek productions.


  • 2 × Maps
  • 4 × Scoring Tracks (one for each player)
  • 4 × Scoring marker sets (two for each player)
  • 18 × Additional Victory Point tokens
  • New rules sheet and twenty pages of planet and episode descriptions
  • Almanac

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