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Collector's tin and cards

Star Trek Collectors' Edition UNO is a specially-themed edition of the card game UNO. The game was released in 2009 by Fundex Games (under license from Mattel Games), timed to coincide with the release of Star Trek, although the game's theme and graphics are specifically based on Star Trek: The Original Series rather than the new movie.

This is the second such Trek-themed UNO game released, the first version having been released by Mattel themselves.

Game components

  • 112 game cards
  • Instruction sheet
  • Collectors' tin for storing the game


The game plays much like standard UNO, with the addition of four special "Beam Up WILD" cards that can negate the effects of any DRAW 2 or DRAW 4 WILD cards played against a player. That player can then call a new color, and play resumes as if they had played a regular WILD. (It can also be used as a regular WILD if desired.)

EXAMPLE: Player 1 plays a DRAW 4 WILD card and calls a new color. Instead of having to draw 4 additional cards, Player 2 plays a "Beam Up" card and doesn't have to draw ANY additional cards. Player 2 then calls a color, and play continues as normal, with the next player trying to play a card in the color called by Player 2.

NOTE: Unlike the four different types of "special WILDs" in the Mattel set, this is the only non-standard type of WILD card in this set. It does, however, mirror the effects of the "Beam Me Up, Scotty" card in the Mattel set.

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