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Star Trek Comic was a comic magazine published by Titan Comics. Aimed at a younger audience, and announced to tie-in with the release of Star Trek, Star Trek Comic included reprints of previously released comics, as well as features and puzzles. The comic was cancelled after three issues.

Issues Edit

Issue # Released Cover Contents
1 8 May 2009 Star Trek Comic issue 1 cover Bumper 68-page issue.

Comics: "Countdown, Number One", "Countdown, Number Two"
Features: Beginner's guide to Star Trek, meet the crew of the USS Enterprise.
Free gift: Star Trek-related stickers.

2 4 June 2009 Star Trek Comic issue 2 cover Comics: "Countdown, Number Three"

Features: Meet the crew of the USS Enterprise, part two, Romulans.
Free gift: Star Trek-related temporary tattoos and badges.

3 16 July 2009 Star Trek Comic issue 3 cover Comics: "Countdown, Number Four".

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