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Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry


"This is a fascinating and eye-opening book full of previously-unpublished details about Gene's life and Star Trek. It filled in a lot of blanks for me."
- Richard Arnold, Star Trek archivist
Star Trek's creator, Gene Roddenberry, remains one of our culture's most beloved icons. His imagination took millions where none had dared go before – on voyages that roamed the farthest reaches of space, yet spoke to the inner depths of heart and mind.
Roddenberry lived a life filled with adventure and tragedy, joy and heartbreak, irony and contradiction. He was a child of the South who fought racial bias, a vigorous man who sought sexual equality, a war hero who envisioned a future free of armed conflict.
By design, Gene Roddenberry was two people, both an open, public figure and a private intellectual. For the first time, one book fully explores both sides of this complex man. With unprecedented access to his files, friends, associates, and Roddenberry himself, author David Alexander has written the definitive biography – one that gives the reader the truest picture of the man, "warts and all."
Among the galaxy of fascinating revelations and anecdotes Star Trek Creator provides:
  • The genesis of Mr. Spock, Star Trek's most popular character, and how two men Roddenberry knew in flight school contributed to Spock's looks and personality.
  • Roddenberry's unknown appearance in an episode of the original Star Trek series.
  • Exactly who was the "original" Klingon.
  • A detailed account of his "unsurvivable" desert plane crash and its lasting effect.
  • Exclusive stories from a former LAPD co-worker who went on to be a world-famous producer himself.
  • The launch of his career: his first script sale and how it happened from an eyewitness.
  • The real, untold influence Roddenberry had on the stories used in the extremely popular TV cop series Dragnet.
  • The personality quirk that cost him millions.
  • Women and the troubles they caused him.
  • The inside story behind the breakup of his first marriage, and his affair and subsequent second (and life-long) marriage to actress Majel Barrett.
  • Plus 16 pages of photographs, many never before seen.
Gene Roddenberry's influence is still felt worldwide and across generations – not just because of his creation, but for the man he was. Now at last there is a book for his legions of admirers, a book to let one and all view the many-sided man and his multifaceted life.

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