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Star Trek Discovery: Official Collector's Edition is a hardcover reference book, published by Titan Books in November 2017, in conjunction with the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.


The official behind-the-scenes guide to the hit new Star Trek television series!
This essential guide to the highly anticipated new Star Trek television series takes fans behind-the-scenes and into the strange new worlds of Star Trek: Discovery, and is packed with amazing images, including production artwork and exclusive prop photography.

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Background information[]

  • The book is a repackaging of Titan's Star Trek Magazine Discovery Collector's Edition.
  • The first official and fully licenced reference book that concerned itself with the new Star Trek live-action production, written by regular Star Trek Magazine authors.
  • Intended as an introduction guide to the new series, contents are primarily focused on the two prologue episodes "The Vulcan Hello" and "Battle at the Binary Stars", though main characters, only to later appear in the regular series run, are already introduced in the book as well.
  • Likewise, the book is written from a dual point of view as an in-universe reference work, interlaced with realworld production background information sections.

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